April 15, 2024
Which characters are free in MultiVersus?

Which characters are free in MultiVersus?

The great strength of MultiVersus , which has allowed this game to quickly establish itself on millions of consoles and PCs, is certainly its launch in the form of free-to-play: the production of Player First Games and Warner Bros is in fact playable totally free . .

This does not mean, however, that you can immediately access all the characters: players will have to complete several matches, or make an economic outlay, in order to unlock new characters . A procedure therefore similar to what has already been faced by Street Fighter V , with the advantage of being able to start without spending a cent.

But what are the characters available for free in MultiVersus right away? In this guide we will try to clarify how the roster works and its relative free rotation.

What are the free fighters in MultiVersus?

Currently there is only one free character that can be yours forever from the first start of the game: it is Wonder Woman , belonging to the Tank class. The heroine of the DC Comics universe will in fact be unlocked automatically after completing the initial tutorial , which will only last a few minutes.

In order to better familiarize yourself with the roster, MultiVersus offers a free rotation with 4 characters , which will last approximately two weeks. It means that, at least initially, you can always start with at least 5 fighters.

However, it is important to specify that these are not permanent gifts : if you want to continue using them even after the end of the trial, you will need to invest the right amount of gold or Gleamium coins.

But if you want to have fun with your friends on the same console, we have great news for you: local games will allow you to automatically access the complete roster , without any purchase. It is in fact a feature introduced to facilitate the organization of competitive tournaments, but which can be used simply to have fun.

In case you are undecided on which character to unlock first, the exact same functionality has also been introduced for the Laboratory : you can try all the heroes of the game and their sets of moves for free, so you can immediately understand what a fighter can do or not do. to your case.

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