April 21, 2024
MultiVersus: the best characters

MultiVersus: the best characters

MultiVersus has now managed to establish itself on the competitive fighting scene, conquering the most casual audience interested in seeing a crazy crossover of charismatic characters, but also that of professional players thanks to well-designed mechanics that allow adrenaline and engaging games.

The new platform fighter by Player First Games and Warner Bros in fact offers a dynamic and rapid gameplay , where it is important to be able to analyze the battlefield and adapt to the best possible way to exploit the resources of your fighters.

Considering the extremely particular gameplay and similar to products like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (which you can find at a discount on Amazon) , with a roster in complete expansion, however, there are some fighters in particular who manage to have some advantages over the rest of the cast. So let’s try to find out together which are the best characters of MultiVersus .

What are the classes in MultiVersus?

Before starting our very personal analysis, it is important to start by explaining more closely what the MultiVersus classes are and what their differences consist of. The developers have in fact been inspired by typical RPG terminologies to divide the fighters into different categories, each of which has different strengths and possible weaknesses.

The characters of this new platform fighter can therefore be assigned to one of five categories , which we will explain in detail below:

  • Thumper:  This is the classic “standard” class of the game: the thugs are in fact perfectly balanced fighters, able to inflict a good dose of blows but also to collect as many adequately. It is certainly one of the ideal classes to start playing, but thanks to its balance it should never be underestimated.
  • Tanks:  Unlike hunters, Tanks are able to withstand enemy hits much longer and are able to take a greater amount of attacks. However, this class has reduced, but still effective offensive potential, and fewer options for throwing opponents out of the ring.
  • Assassin:  Assassins are the characters with the greatest offensive potential in the game – these fighters are capable of dealing a lot of damage in a short time and, if you are not careful, they may be able to launch you out of the ring with an incredibly quick combo. However, they are also the most fragile class in the game: they are in fact very light characters and they receive a greater amount of damage. We suggest using them with caution.
  • Mage:  Mages are the most complex and difficult characters to use in all of MultiVersus : they are fighters who make extensive use of tools, traps and a whole series of deceptions that can take their opponents off guard. They are therefore particularly effective in ranged combat, but their stamina similar to that of thugs and their large catalog of moves make them particularly dangerous opponents to face.
  • Healer:  As can be easily guessed from the name, healers are primarily a support class: their move set allows them to cast buffs on themselves and their allies, as well as being able to hurl debuffs and traps on their enemies. This means that their offensive potential is the worst of all MultiVersus, but that doesn’t mean they should be underestimated: thanks to a wide range of tricks at their disposal, they can turn the game in their favor at any time.

The classes are therefore not simply a secondary feature, but a real indicator capable of suggesting what type of moveset we can expect from our character: therefore choose your hero based on your favorite style of play, or adapt accordingly.

What are the best and strongest characters in MultiVersus?

Now that we know in detail how all the game’s classes work, it’s time to find out which are the strongest characters in MultiVersus , at least as far as the current state of the game is concerned. In fact, being a fighting game constantly updated with new balance patches and characters, the balance could change at any moment.

After having thoroughly tested the game and after having also analyzed the first official tournaments, we decided to point out the best character for each class: this of course does not mean that the other fighters are weak or unusable, but that the following heroes simply have some small advantage plus it will make their victories more likely.

Batman – Thumper

It is not surprising to learn that the Dark Knight quickly became one of the most popular characters in MultiVersus, but for fans it was a pleasant surprise to discover Batman’s great abilities: he is in fact one of the few fighters capable of having the best from any distance. Thanks to a series of close combos and his fundamental gadgets, such as batarangs and bombs, the Bat Man is in fact able to always have the best in any situation.

His kit is then completed by his famous long-range hook-grapple, to hook opponents and move quickly on the pitch: however, be careful not to abuse it so as not to risk finding yourself out of the ring by mistake. To be able to defeat him, force him to get close and use your fastest attacks to take control of the fight.

Superman – Tank

After having praised the Dark Knight, the time has come to move on to another famous hero of the DC Comics house: Superman has skills that can make him a threat in any position, however, preferring in particular air mobility.

In fact, many of his attacks have an armor effect able to resist the blows of his opponents, making it difficult to interrupt his combos: thanks to his special aerial moves he will also be able to grab enemies near the sides of the ring, allowing him to get points with extreme ease. His weaknesses are undoubtedly the speed and the lack of variety of attacks: if you want to hope to survive, you will have to adapt quickly and try to make yourself unpredictable.

Finn – Murderer 

We have already pointed out how dangerous it can be to use an assassin, but who does not seem to have been affected in any way by this balance is Finn the Human, protagonist of Adventure Time . His fragility is in fact more than adequately compensated for by an incredibly fast set of moves and with very large hitboxes , which make him a very difficult opponent to face.

Also, after collecting enough coins in battle, he can decide to speed up all team attacks or increase his armor, making it even more difficult to throw out. As if that weren’t enough, his high special move allows him to spin for an extended period of time, easily knocking out his enemies even at low percentages. In order to win against this opponent try to rely as much as possible on traps and ranged attacks, as well as being able to exploit as much as possible every possible mistake.

Bugs Bunny – Magician

While there are currently only two wizards in MultiVersus , we have no doubt in arguing that Bugs Bunny is not only the strongest character in this category, but most likely even the deadliest fighter in the entire game. The gameplay of him seems to come out of one of his famous cartoons: the famous rabbit will in fact be able to summon huge rockets, safes and even paralyze or slow down his enemies with kisses and cream cakes at will.

As if all this were not enough, Bugs Bunny has an offensive potential equal to that of the thugs: using clubs and hammers he can inflict damage and KO even at a short distance, making him an extremely difficult opponent to face. If you face him, always keep the pressure high and never get caught unprepared, otherwise you will go out of the ring faster than you can try to say ” What’s up man? “.

Velma – Healer

The famous investigator from Scooby Doo has proven that she is not only capable of solving bizarre mysteries, but also of being able to fend for herself on the battlefield of MultiVersus . Velma is in fact able to use multiple ranged attacks to its advantage and empower its allies , accelerating the reload time of special moves and helping to achieve combos with its quick moves and special abilities, such as the ability to make an icy part of the land.

He can also distract his enemies by calling the police to lock up one of his opponents, thus allowing his team to breathe and regroup. However, many of her moves require the right cooldown time: if Velma causes you difficulties, try to get as close to her as possible, don’t get caught up in her attacks and prevent her from escaping.

We hope that our selection has helped you to discover which character is best to start your adventure in the multiverse: of course we want to emphasize that what really matters is not the actual potential of the fighters, but your ability to know how to use them.

Consequently, don’t be afraid to experiment and get out of the box: you could also help change the community’s perception of part of the roster. Having said that, we can only wish you good luck and have fun!

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