April 16, 2024
How to unlock new characters for free in MultiVersus

How to unlock new characters for free in MultiVersus

When you start your first games on MultiVersus , you will immediately discover that not all characters are available immediately: most of the roster will in fact be unlocked.

Although the title offers the option of using Gleamium, the premium currency that can only be obtained with microtransactions, all the characters can be unlocked quickly without having to spend even a cent thanks to gold coins: it will therefore not be necessary to buy. any season pass, unlike other games belonging to the genre such as the recent Guilty Gear Strive.

So if you are curious to find out more, or if you simply need help to understand how to unlock your favorite fighter, in this guide we will explain how to unlock new characters for free in MultiVersus .

How much do the characters cost in MultiVersus?

Before explaining in detail how to unlock characters, it is important to make a clarification: the amount of gold coins needed to add a fighter to your arsenal will not always be the same.

All the characters are in fact divided into three distinct categories, which will also affect their final cost: the ” standard ” characters, ie without any particular wording, will cost you about 2000 gold coins ; the ” recommended ” characters, easier to learn, will be cheaper and will require 1500 gold coins ; finally, the ” expert ” characters, which include different movesets than usual and can be problematic for a novice player, will cost you 3000 gold coins.

Keeping this difference in mind is essential to understand how much virtual money you will want to save and which fighters you will want to give your main attention to.

How do you unlock characters in MultiVersus?

Unlocking a new character is a very simple operation: all you have to do is go to the left side of the screen and click on the « Collection » button: scroll the cursor on the fighter you want to add to your roster and select it.

If you have not yet purchased it, a confirmation screen will appear on the screen that will indicate the cost in coins or Gleamium: at this point, you just have to complete the operation and spend your coins.

Alternatively, you can choose to start a match and carry out the exact same operation directly from the game roster: select an unlocked fighter, specifically indicated by a padlock , and spend the right amount of gold coins to get it for free.

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