April 21, 2024
Xbox Series X vs Series S: differences and which one to choose

Xbox Series X vs Series S: differences and which one to choose

On November 10, 2020, Microsoft decided to launch two very different versions of its new next-gen console on the market: Xbox Series X and Series S are in fact variants of the same hardware platform , designed for different markets and users but both suitable for players who they want to play the latest generation titles.

There are therefore multiple factors that separate the two consoles: in addition to having a different storage capacity, unique designs and the presence or absence of an optical reader, what allows you to really distinguish the two platforms are certainly their performance , able to make the latest platform of the Redmond house accessible to the greatest number of users.

Therefore, if you are approaching the world of Microsoft video games and you do not yet know how to orient yourself, in this article we will discover all the differences together , thus indicating which console you should choose between Xbox Series X vs Series S.

Xbox Series X vs Series S: Technical Specifications

As we pointed out at the beginning, Xbox Series X and Series S have very different architectures , therefore making your final choice very important according to your needs. In fact, you will have to carefully observe all the technical specifications, keeping in mind what your needs are to understand which next-gen console is best suited to your style of play.

Xbox Series XXbox Series S
 CPU3.8GHz 8-core custom Zen 2
CPU (3.66GHz with SMT)
3.6GHz 8-core custom Zen 2
CPU (3.4GHz with SMT)
, 52 compute units at 1.825 GHz
Custom RDNA 2 GPU
4 TERAFLOP, 20 compute units at 1.565 GHz
 Die SOC. 360.45 mm197.05 mm
 Memory320-bit GDDR6 bus from 16GB 10GB to 560GB
/ s, 6GB to 336GB / s
128-bit GDDR6 bus from 10GB
8GB to 224GB / s, 2GB to 56GB / s
 Dimensions301 × 151 × 151 mm275 × 151 × 65 mm
 Weight4.45 kg1.93 kg
 Archiving1 TB (expandable)512 GB (expandable)
 ResolutionTrue 4K, up to 120 FPS1440p, up to 120 FPS
 Connectivity1x HDMI 2.1, 3x USB 3.1 Gen 11x HDMI 2.1, 3x USB 3.1 Gen 1
 Optical reader4K UHD Blu-ray

As you can see for yourself, the differences are therefore not few: the only real aspect that the two platforms have in common, in addition to sharing the same catalog of games , are the ports available for connectivity that will allow you to connect them to the best televisions. , thanks to the HDMI 2.1 input, and to have enough slots available for all your accessories with USB 3.1 Gen 1 inputs.

Xbox Series X vs Series: differences and what changes

The data sheet therefore brings out several aspects to take into consideration that makes the two consoles similar only in appearance : in reality, Microsoft’s platforms are incredibly different from each other.

So let’s go more specifically and discover together what changes between Xbox Series X and Series S:

  • Graphics and performance: The main difference is undoubtedly related to the computing power of both machines, intended for very different target audiences. If Xbox Series X was in fact openly designed for the most demanding public and to ensure the highest possible performance, Series S represents the right compromise for those who want to approach the latest generation of video games, giving up the graphic quality that, in any case, remains more which acceptable for next generation games.
  • Resolution:  Although both consoles can technically transmit images in 4K, only that of the Xbox Series X is a ” real ” resolution and more suitable for the latest generation of televisions. Series S in fact will limit itself to transmitting images in upscaling, since the maximum real resolution of the second console is only 1440p.
  • Storage:  The internal capacity plays a further difference not to be underestimated, especially for those who are more interested in buying games digitally. Xbox Series X guarantees 1TB of storage (802 GB effective), while Series S has had to make an important sacrifice by guaranteeing only 512 GB (but only 364 GB effective).
  • Design:  To further emphasize that these are two profoundly different consoles from each other, Microsoft has decided to adopt two very different designs, able to make the most of all their features. Xbox Series X has been designed to be positioned vertically, while Series S horizontally: however, in both cases you can decide to adopt alternative positions without giving up any functionality. It is also worth noting that Series X has a very impressive weight with its 4.45 kg: more than double that of Series S, which is lighter than expected with its 1.93 kg.
  • Optical reader:  Last difference, but not least, to be taken into absolute consideration before buying is definitely the optical reader, present exclusively in the Xbox Series X model. Series S is in fact a console designed to work only with digital games: none game purchased in the store in physical version, therefore, will be compatible with this model.

What games we play

Your final choice will not affect in any way the titles you can try on your new console: as far as the catalog of compatible games is concerned, the Xbox Series X and Series S are literally identical. All the titles designed for the new Microsoft consoles are in fact optimized to work properly on both consoles, whether they are next-gen games or backwards compatible titles.

The only thing to consider, in the case of backward compatibility , is that the Xbox Series S is only able to run versions optimized for the previous Xbox One consoles, and not the advanced Xbox One X models: in other words, the Previous console titles, unless they have been properly updated for next-gen support, will still have lower performance than Series X.

Of course, as we pointed out in the section dedicated to the differences, on Series S you will not be able to start physical games due to the lack of an optical reader , but you can still buy the exact same titles in digital version without problems.

Price: Xbox Series X vs Series S

Given the multiple differences between the two platforms, Xbox Series X has a considerably higher cost, while that of Series S is more accessible for those who want to approach Microsoft video games for the first time. In particular:

  • Xbox Series X: 499.99 euros
  • Xbox Series S: 299.99 euros ( you can find it on Amazon )

As we mentioned earlier, Series X’s nearly doubled price is mainly due to superior computing power and significantly improved graphics processors, allowing you to enjoy the best graphics and performance possible. Series S has instead decided to reach multiple compromises to be able to keep the price as low as possible, starting with the renunciation of the optical reader and offering a 4K resolution only in upscaling.

Why choose Xbox Series X

If you consider yourself particularly demanding users, you do not want to be satisfied and you always want to have the best , the choice between the two consoles seems practically obvious: Xbox Series X should be your reference platform.

With this console you will always have the certainty of being able to enjoy the best possible versions of the new masterpieces coming out, thanks to an output in native 4K with maximum 120 FPS and a higher computing power than its counterpart.

It is also a particularly suitable choice for those who already have a rich catalog of games on Xbox 360 and Xbox One: thanks to the presence of the optical reader, you can in fact continue to use your physical games in backward compatibility with next-gen resolutions and performances, thus making this model a real upgrade for your needs. The internal storage capacity of 1 TB will also prove to be more than enough for the purchase of new digital games, leaving you therefore only the pleasure of playing.

Why choose it

  • Superior graphics performance
  • Native 4K resolution
  • Includes optical reader
  • Greater storage capacity

Why choose Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S, unlike its counterpart, is a platform dedicated mainly to the casual audience, or to all those players who are willing to make sacrifices to access the next-gen more easily. The price , needless to hide it, is in fact the main strength of this console: at almost half the cost of Series X you will be able to access the exact same catalog of games.

If you use a Full HD TV or a 2K monitor for gaming, the absence of a native 4K resolution should not be a problem, as the console is able to perfectly reach true 1440p , albeit with some small sacrifices on a technical level.

It is also a much lighter model and easier to place or transport, making the Xbox Series S the right choice for those who need to continually modify their gaming station. The platform is particularly suitable for supporting the subscription of free Xbox Game Pass games (which you can find on Instant Gaming at a discount ) since, given the absence of the optical reader, you will only use digital games .

Why choose it:

  • It’s cheaper
  • Lighter and easier to handle
  • For those not interested in native 4K
  • For those who prefer to buy games digitally

We hope that our guide has helped you to understand in detail what are all the main differences between the Xbox Series X and Series S and that you are now able to choose the console that best suits your needs. If you have any further doubts or questions, do not hesitate to ask our editorial staff in the comments!

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