April 21, 2024
Nintendo Switch vs OLED: differences and which one to choose

Nintendo Switch vs OLED: differences and which one to choose

Always extremely sold and with a constantly expanding video game library, in 2021  Nintendo Switch also saw the  OLED model arrive on the market , a new variant that has changed some hardware equipment of the console – without changing the computing power .

In short, this is not an operation similar to those we saw in moving from Nintendo 3DS to the more powerful New Nintendo 3DS: in this case, in fact,  the two consoles maintain the same power , but OLED has some  additional features that could make you comfortable.

If you are approaching the world of the Kyoto home and are experiencing your doubt between  Nintendo Switch vs OLED , let’s see in this article what are the  differences ,  what changes  between the two models and which one you should choose for your needs.

In white Switch OLED, in red and blue Switch. Notice the display bezels

Nintendo Switch vs OLED: technical specifications

As we said, the power of the two consoles is unchanged. However, the  display changes, which on the new model is larger and is obviously OLED. Below is the full list of side-by-side specs for Switch vs OLED.

SwitchSwitch OLED
 Display6,2″ LCD7″ OLED
 Resolution1280 x 7201280 x 720
 Dimensions102 x 239 x 13,99 mm102 x 242 x 13,9 mm
 Weight297 grams320 grams
 Archiving32 GB (expandable)64 GB (expandable)
 ChipsetNvidia Tegra X1 CustomNvidia Tegra X1 Custom
 ConnectivityUSB-C, jack audio 3,5 mm, microSDUSB-C, jack audio 3,5mm, micro SD, porta LAN
 BatteryBetween 4.5 and 9 hoursBetween 4.5 and 9 hours
 Removable Joy-Con
 Connection to TV

The most obvious differences in specifications between one model and another are, therefore:

  • Display : Switch OLED has a slightly larger OLED display (more vivid colors, deeper blacks), with more refined bezels.
  • Storage : Internal storage doubles on the Nintendo Switch OLED compared to the standard model.

Switch vs OLED: differences and what changes

There are actually other differences, not immediately visible in the data sheet, between the base model of Nintendo Switch and the new OLED version.

Specifically, we talk about:

  • Rear stand : the normal Nintendo Switch has a small leg on the back that allows you to support it to rest it perhaps on a table while playing. On OLED, this becomes a real support that extends along the entire horizontal axis of the console, allowing it to be placed in a very comfortable way even on one’s own legs.
  • LAN port : if you also play online, know that Switch OLED has a LAN port in its base dock, which is absent in the standard model, with which it is possible to connect online only in Wi-Fi.
  • Improved audio : Among other things, OLED is equipped with stereo speakers that make the audio rendering more crystal clear. If you are not playing with headphones plugged into the 3.5mm jack port, this may be an important feature for you.
SwitchSwitch OLED
Display6,5″ LCD 1280×7207″ OLED 1280×720
Archiving32 GB expandable64 GB expandable
Internet connectionWi-FiWi-Fi and LAN port
StandSlim on the back, two positionsAll along the back, more inclinations

What games we play

The answer in this case is very simple:  the games on Switch and OLED are exactly the same . The game library that you can access is exactly the same on both consoles, so don’t worry about losing any games because you had chosen one model over another.

Moreover, both Switch and Switch OLED allow you to disconnect the Joy-Con from the body of the console (the controllers on the sides of the screen), so it is also possible to play with both titles that use motion sensors, such as  1-2-Switch or  Nintendo Switch Sports .

Prezzo: Switch vs OLED

As for the  list price , OLED has a slightly higher cost than the regular Nintendo Switch. In particular:

  • Nintendo Switch : 299.99 euros ( you can find it on Amazon )
  • Nintendo Switch OLED : 349.99 euros ( you can find it on Amazon )

The difference in price is due to the differences we have already analyzed: the superior storage, the finishes in finer materials on the edges of the screen and, of course, the larger and significantly better looking OLED display than that of the standard model.

Why choose Switch

There are several reasons why, having taken note of all the differences and peculiarities of the two models, you should choose to buy Nintendo Switch.

Let’s start with the  price . The model is cheaper, but it does not detract from the experience you can have with the games you decide to buy. By saving some money, you can enjoy titles like  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the exact same way on both the Switch and the OLED model.

The console in this version, however, is especially recommended  if you don’t play a lot in portable mode and  don’t need ethernet . If your idea is above all to play games with the console connected to your television, it makes no sense that you spend more money on an OLED display than you would practically never use.

You would benefit from the LAN port on the console base in case you play online, which is missing on the standard model: however, if you play mostly offline it is a plus that is irrelevant to your choice.

Why choose it

  • It’s cheaper
  • It is lighter
  • For those who play mainly on TV
  • For those who don’t play a lot online and are therefore not interested in the LAN port
Nintendo Switch OLED in our editorial office

Why choose Switch OLED

Without going around it,  Nintendo Switch OLED is the best Switch model on the market , with no fear of denial. Its finishes, the attention paid to its design and above all  the splendid OLED display make it an object of desire especially  for those who also play in portability  and therefore would enjoy the improved screen.

In addition,  the new rear stand makes a significant leap forward compared to that of the standard model: it is stable, robust, allows you to disconnect the Joy-Con, lean the Switch on your legs and play comfortably even in bed, without ever straining your arms to hold. above the console. It means that the problem of the heavier weight, compared to the standard, disappears.

In this model you will also find  an improved stereo sound , useful for those who do not play with headphones connected. Finally, if you also play online titles, such as  Splatoon 2 or  Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , the presence of the LAN port on the base (which is more elegant in design than the standard one) allows you to have a stable connection and to play without the concerns that sometimes WiFi can give instead.

Why choose it

  • It’s the best Switch on the market
  • It has an amazing display
  • The new rear stand is very comfortable
  • Improved stereo sound
  • It has a LAN port on the base

We hope our handy guide has helped you choose which Nintendo Switch model is best suited to your needs. If you have any further doubts, do not hesitate to ask our editorial staff in the comments!

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