April 15, 2024
Tower of Fantasy: August 18, 2022 Patch Notes

Tower of Fantasy: August 18, 2022 Patch Notes

Lately I see the gaming community very divided when it comes to Tower of Fantasy . On the one hand, there are all those gamers who have marveled at the Hotta Studio title , while on the other there is a large group of gamers disappointed by any of its elements. It doesn’t matter if the story hasn’t filled them up, if they’ve gotten tired of the queues or if the bugs seem annoying, the fact is that they ‘ve left the game .

Despite this, Hotta Studio will continue working to improve the game and, with it, the experience of all the players who have decided to stay despite adversity. Just yesterday they announced a series of changes , such as the publication of the name of the cheaters or a cooldown in the chat to avoid spam. Some of the announced changes have already arrived with today’s patch , and it’s time to see the most important of it.

Tower of Fantasy Patch Notes (Aug 18)

Tower of Fantasy has shared a new entry on the official website with the patch notes that have arrived today, August 18, 2022 , to the game

Experience improvements

  • Optimized queue time display as it was displayed longer than real time
  • Improved server recommendation logic when queuing. Other servers from the same region will now be recommended

Error correction

  • Fixed the issue that a blank popup would appear when launching or updating the game
  • Fixed crash issue on iOS devices when canceling login
  • Fixed the issue that the Japanese character name in the server selection interface is displayed as “?”
  • Recoded and fixed the teleportation issue on the world map
  • Fixed issue with water surfaces disappearing in some scenes
  • Fixed crash issue when operating the Matrices system in the Portuguese version

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