April 21, 2024
WoW Dragonflight: ALL of the new race/class coming with the expansion, the Dracthyr Evoker

WoW Dragonflight: ALL of the new race/class coming with the expansion, the Dracthyr Evoker

And it hasn’t been months since Blizzard announced the new expansion for World of Warcraft, or WoW, as most of us know it. This is Dragonflight, and it was announced in April. I remember when it was announced, I was surprised that the game was still receiving new content so many years after its original release. But I also tell you that it is not for less, because it continues to move many around the world.

But now I am not going to talk about everything that this expansion brings with it, which is no small thing, but I am going to focus on the new race that it introduces, which is accompanied by a new class: the Dracthyr Evoker. Eager for WoW Dragonflight to come out so you can try it out? Well, in this post I will give you several details about the race and the class so that you can warm up your engines.

This is the Evocator Dracthyr, the new race / class of WoW Dragonflight

Who are the Dracthyr?

The new race introduced in this expansion is the Dracthyr. They are an ancient humanoid dragon race that was created by Neltharion . It was this one who designed the Forbidden Reach, which served as a training ground for the race until there was an intense battle and the island was abandoned.

What is it that has made them come back? Well, recently, an old enemy has returned causing the Dracthyr to stir and now they want to forge their own path, either joining the Alliance or the Horde.

They are, in short, dragons with the ability to obtain a humanoid aspect, although they can return to their dragon aspect to take flight and make the most of their powers as Evokers.

That is why you can find up to two appearances for the Dracthyr, depending on whether it is in humanoid mode (male or female) or in draconian mode. Below are the images of them.

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draconic form

Here is a summary with some additional details about the history of the Dracthyr:

  • It is a race created about 20,000 years ago ⏳
  • It was created to give them an intelligence that other dragon races did not have, even if they were strong and loyal ✅
  • They embodied the power of the five dragonflights, infused with the potential of the deadly races that had begun to spread ⚡️
  • The race is divided into four armies, two of them attached to the Horde and the other two to the Alliance ✌️

Information on Dracthyr Summoners

The Evoker class is one that is also introduced in the WoW Dragonflight expansion . The peculiarity is that it is a totally exclusive class of the Dracthyr, and it is the only one, moreover, that they can equip in this race. That is why they are called the Dracthyr Evocators.

But… who exactly are the Summoners? The question is because not all Dracthyr are Evokers. These are only those Dracthyr who have the ability to master all the specialties inherited from the weyrns and change roles at will, making them even better soldiers. These are the Summoners.

  • And what particularity do the Evocators have? ❓
  • They have the possibility of having one of two different roles ❗️
    • Havoc : Dracthyr Evokers of this type are ranged DPS ☠️
      • Here they will do it thanks to their claws and their breath of fire ?
    • Preservation : These Dracthyr Evocators are meant for Healing ❤️
      • Of course, they will do this through the use of magic ⭐️
  • Summoners can also empower their draconic abilities through magic. They can charge up their attacks and release them at the right time to increase the effects ✅
  • So far, the racial abilities of this race are unknown ❌
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