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Highlights of the month [July 2022]

Highlights of the month [July 2022]

July is here and traditionally it is usually the wettest month in terms of weather, even though the game releases normally offer drought. This year, you have unexpectedly many releases of new games to look forward to and I wonder if in several cases it is not pendemic delays that have ended up here. Some major games land in July, but the majority are new works from independent game studios.

Whether you are looking forward to new horror games, racing, puzzles or pure action, there is definitely something for you to do between swimming in the lake and resting in the hammock.

Time on Frog Island (PS4) – 12 juli

A brutal shipwreck in a wild storm strandes you on a mysterious island populated by frogs. Just the premise makes me want to see more of Time on From Island . The goal is to repair your ship and it will require exploration, solving puzzles and lots of barter in a network of frogs that have interesting items in exchange for their interests. It promises fishing, farming and brewing magic drinks and various items give you the ability to reach new areas of the island. And as if that were not enough, the game attracts with a super cute aesthetic.

Escape Academy (PS5, PS4) – July 14

Do you like escape rooms? Escape Academy offers that experience in digital form. You are accepted as a student at the school where you will learn to escape and the school will offer lots of secrets. I tested a demo version on PC and was impressed by how genuine the feeling of being in an escape room was. As a icing on the cake, it is possible to collaborate with a friend in a two-player mode. I am really looking forward to exercising my logical thinking and finding clues to take me further in this.

Stray (PS5, PS4) – 19 juli

Stray was one of the games presented at Future of Gaming in June 2020 where PlayStation 5 was presented and now it’s time to play the final result. You shoulder the role of a feral cat who, together with his robot companion B12, tries to traverse a cyberpunk city of the future to find his family. Exploration and puzzles are promised from a cat’s perspective. The French development team has been inspired by the office’s cats, their own and lots of cat videos to get realistic animations and situations. If you have PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, you will have the opportunity to download the game immediately when it is released, as it will be included in your subscription.

Other game releases

  • F1 22 (PS4) – 1 juli
  • Instant Sports All-Stars (PS5) – 1 juli
  • Arcadegeddon (PS5, PS4) – 5 juli
  • Yurukill: The Calumniation Games (PS5, PS4) – July 5
  • Matchpoint – Tennis Championships (PS5, PS4) – 7 juli
  • Eternal Hope (PS4) – 8 juli
  • Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series (PS5, PS4) – 8 juli
  • MADiSON (PS5, PS4) – 8 juli
  • Hellpoint (PS5) – July 12th
  • The Quest for Excalibur – Puy du Fou (PS4) – 12 juli
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed: Looney Tunes (PS5, PS4) – 14 juli
  • Mothmen 1966 (PS4) – 14 juli
  • Superola Champion Edition (PS5, PS4) – 14 juli
  • DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace (PS4) – 15 juli
  • Endling – Extinction is Forever (PS4) – 19 juli
  • DreadOut 2 (PS5, PS4) – 20 juli
  • Hazel Sky (PS4) – 20 juli
  • Severed Steel (PS5, PS4) – 20 juli
  • Arcade Archives: Chack’n Pop (PS4) – 21 juli
  • Hell Pie (PS5, PS4) – July 21
  • Post Void (PS5, PS4) – 21 juli
  • River City Saga: Three Kingdoms (PS4) – 21 juli
  • Wayward Strand (PS5, PS4) – 21 juli
  • Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium (PS4) – 22 joules
  • Mozart Requiem (PS4) – July 26
  • Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town (PS4) – 26 juli
  • Yuppie Psycho (PS4) – 29 juli
  • Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey (PSVR) – 29 juli
  • Digimon Survive (PS4) – 29 juli

What will you buy and play in July?

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