April 16, 2024
The Last of Us Part I: What is the origin of the pandemic?

The Last of Us Part I: What is the origin of the pandemic?

When you get in front of the console and the TV for the first time and start playing The Last of Us Part I , you just freak out as the story of the game begins. Suddenly and without eating or drinking it, they let you know that a pandemic has broken out and that you have to do whatever it takes to survive. WHATEVER!

You make the drastic decision to leave your home in search of a place to shelter from the misfortune that is happening. All this in the midst of a collective hysteria in which people run prey to chaos through the streets of the city.

What exactly is happening? What has caused the pandemic and where? Right now I’m going to talk about it. That yes, I am obliged that, if you do not know the game and you plan to play it for the first time in its remake version, what I am going to tell you now will contain SPOILERS.

What is the origin of the pandemic in The Last of Us Part I?

Well, first and at the beginning of the game, specifically at Joel and Sarah’s house, we find a newspaper in which the origin of the pandemic is reported. This was due to numerous infected crops in South America, which gave way to the outbreak of Cordyceps , a fungus that would soon spread to humans at the speed of light. This fungus was found in numerous food products that had to be withdrawn from establishments, since they were imported to South America, Central America and Mexico, which gave way to the expansion of the outbreak. A real barbarity!

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How does Cordyceps act and spread?

Although the existence of this fungus is real and only fatally affects insects, getting it in the game was a real danger, since it only attacks living people. When a person is infected with Cordyceps, it takes control of their neurological function, turning them into cannibals and causing physical mutations with different stages.

  • First stage: Corridor
  • Second stage: Stalker
  • Third stage: Snapper
  • Fourth stage: Swollen

This virus is transmitted through spores and bites of infected people , therefore, in addition to the use of masks to avoid inhaling them, it was vitally important to kill each and every one of the infected and even flee from them, avoiding at all costs. being bitten.


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