April 21, 2024
FIFA 22: Are the "FUT 23 Warmup" and "Pre-Season Batch 1 Player Pick" SBCs worth it? + Solution

FIFA 22: Are the “FUT 23 Warmup” and “Pre-Season Batch 1 Player Pick” SBCs worth it? + Solution

After a few hours of announced delay , the Pre-Season event has finally arrived at FIFA 22 Ultimate Team . Last night we got to know the complete list of special cards returning to FUT 22 and the rewards that we can get for FIFA 23 during this holiday . In turn, a couple of SBC ‘s made an appearance in the current game, so we now detail them, give them a solution and comment on whether it pays to do them or not.

SBC “FUT 23 Warmup”

We will be able to carry out this challenge until  Friday, August 26 at seven in the afternoon (Spanish peninsular time). The prize will consist of  a player’s choice between three cards of average 84 or higher . We can repeat it once every 48 hours , but the player we choose  will be non-transferable . With this SBC, we will progress through the “Warm up to FUT 23” objective block , which will give us certain rewards for both FIFA 22 and FIFA 23.

  • Player Quality: Min. Bronze
  • Min Team Chemistry: 30
1 101
2,200 coins on PS, 2,200 on Xbox, and 2,200 on PC

We clearly recommend it because it can be done very easily and we receive rewards for both FIFA 22 and FIFA 23. So we advise doing it whenever it is available .

SBC “Pre-Season Lot 1 Player Pick”

The other DCP will be available until  Saturday, August 27 at seven in the afternoon (Spanish peninsular time). The reward will be a player pick among three players from Lot 1 of the Pre-Season event . It can be repeated as many times as we want , although the player we select  will be non-transferable .

  • Min Star Value of the team: 83
  • Min Team Chemistry: 70
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC Warmup FUT 23 Player Pick  batch 1 preseason
29,150 coins on PS, 25,900 on Xbox and 31,100 on PC

It has a low price, so it’s no problem if you decide to try your luck a couple of times. But due to the current market situation, it seems difficult to end up happy with the result because only some of those cards are expensive right now .

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