April 21, 2024
FIFA 23: Another six! More Ultimate Team FUT Heroes Revealed

FIFA 23: Another six! More Ultimate Team FUT Heroes Revealed

The FUT Heroes are being very protagonists this week. On Monday we discovered the appearance of Landon Donovan , on Tuesday they revealed four other players and today we have met six. These former footballers will also be part of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and EA Sports has shown them with this special design created through a collaboration with MARVEL. We leave you the list here and below you can see how they look .

FIFA 23 – New FUT Heroes Announced Today

  • Tomas Brolin (Serie A – Sweden)
  • Peter Crouch (Premier League – England)
  • Sidney Govou (Ligue 1 – France)
  • Harry Kewell (Premier League – Australia)
  • Dirk Kuyt (Premier League – Netherlands)
  • Jean-Pierre Papin (Ligue 1 – France)
FUT Heroes FIFA World Cup Small Cards Brolin, Crouch, Govou, Kewell, Kuyt and Papin FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

We have discovered the leagues of each one, but we do not know their averages, statistics and stars. So we can’t know who will be more interesting in FIFA 23 . Although by the cards that several received when they were active players, some of them are not very promising.

The meta should change in an exaggerated way for Peter Crouch to be an interesting striker . He was always very slow and his dribbling was too unbalanced. Plus, since he’s 2’01, the dribbling numbers could look a lot worse.

We also don’t have high hopes for Dirk Kuyt, as he was another player with poor stats during his time in Ultimate Team . If his Heroes FUT is similar to the cards he received during his time as an active player, we doubt he can stand out.

While the other signings are more difficult to predict. Brolin and Papin never appeared in FUT , and while Govou and Kewell did, they barely received any items in the early years of the game mode. We assume that they would show their best level before Ultimate Team started.

The logical thing is that there is variety between all the announced FUT Heroes, just like last season. Some should be among the most competitive cards in FIFA 23 , others should be correct and there will also be those who do not fit the gameplay. This is what usually happens in these types of cases.

And since new former players have been announced in the first three days of the week, it would not surprise us if on Thursday and Friday we also know more news for Ultimate Team . Whereas, if they keep up the pace of the previous campaign, the Icons could take longer to show up. Because Casillas, Van Persie, Cafú and Rooney were not revealed until September.

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