April 15, 2024


We continue to thoroughly break down the news shown for the Minecraft 1.17 or Caves and Cliffs Update version and today we are going to get the most out of a new material that we will have available in the future that, frankly, is going to be very interesting for future constructions.

We are talking about nothing more and nothing less than Copper , a mineral that we all have well known for its conductive properties and for its peculiar oxidation process (which I will comment on below) and which, of course, will come to Minecraft. So nothing, we are going to see the peculiarities of this new mineral and all the uses that at the moment we know that it will have.


Well, we can find it in the same way that it happens with most minerals , basically mining… however, for the moment we don’t know the height at which it will appear, nor if it will be a rare material or not; so for now we can only wait for more information about it. And that day this information will be here, obviously.


Copper has a very interesting peculiarity (and here I am not referring to Minecraft, but rather to real life) and that is that this material acquires a greenish-bluish hue over time due to a reaction related to its oxidation .

The fact is that this peculiarity of Copper will also be added to Minecraft, because the materials that we create with this material will gradually take on that greenish hue as time goes by and as long as they are in contact with the air (for which should not happen if it is stored in our inventory or in a chest, but we cannot know that yet).

This process, as shown at Minecon 2020, will take days and will be gradual. That is to say that little by little the Copper will oxidize, it will not do it all at once.

Constructions such as the Statue of Liberty or the Berlin Cathedral (the roof in the latter case) are made of copper and that is why today we see them with that greenish tone, in their day they were copper! Did you know? I find it very interesting that they have added this mechanic to give realism to this new material.


Next I will list all the things that at the moment we know that can be done with Copper in Minecraft:

  • Lightning Rod : One of the new objects that will allow us, as its name suggests, to prevent lightning from falling in the area since the Lightning Rod will absorb them. This will allow us to make sure that this damn environmental phenomenon annoys us and destroys us or burns things, it will be ideal to place them in our house and buildings that we want to keep safe. Will the villagers have Lightning Rods?
  • Spyglass : It will allow us to see at greater distances by means of a zoom. Apparently he will ask us for Copper and Amethyst (another new mineral).
  • The Archeology Brush: I don’t remember its name now… but it is what will allow us to obtain the archaeological artifacts and because of the color it shows, it is also copper (there is also a version with a greenish tone, so very confirmed).
  • Copper Slabs : As usual, they will be created using Ingots, a line of three.
  • Copper Blocks : Gathering 9 Copper Ingots at the Crafting Table.
  • Copper Stairs : With 6 Ingots, creating the drawing of a staircase.

Given its conductive properties, it is likely that they are hiding more uses of this from us… will we have more objects related to electricity? The Redstone already does a bit of that function of electricity… so I don’t think there are copper cables or something like that, right?

And as for constructions, obviously it will give a lot of play. I will build a stone house with a copper roof as soon as possible, I love the color of oxidized copper… and come on, the community will surely create incredible things like the Statue of Liberty. The statues can be very well with this new material, so whether you like it or not, it will give a lot of play when it comes out. By proxy we can create any construction of all life, but now we will have this cool new greenish tone for them (remember that it will take a while to take on that particular color).


Well, at the moment it seems not , but it is still too early to confirm anything 100%, many things can happen between now and summer 2021… so nothing, to be patient and see how exactly this future update ends up being.

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