April 21, 2024


The Amethyst is a new material introduced in version 1.17 of Minecraft that is quite beautiful (it is about violet crystals) that we can find in a new natural formation called the Amethyst Geodes.

This material will allow us to create a new quite cool decorative block and other quite useful elements that we will narrate in this post. And that without taking into account that Amethyst itself could already be considered as a decorative object in itself.

But well, in case I get confused, in this post I will explain the best methods to get the precious Amethyst and we will also see everything we can do with it, that the truth is that there are quite beautiful things. Hey, to the mess!


Amethyst is generated in a natural formation called Amethyst Geodes and therefore, to find it we will first have to find a Geode.

This formation appears randomly in the underground of Minecraft with the luck that many times we can see it appear on the surface (come on, it doesn’t necessarily have to be completely covered). It is not a formation that appears in a super strange way, but it is true that there is usually a lot of separation between one and the other and therefore if we play in survival we will have to use all the tools we have to find them.

These are all the tips that I can give you to find the Geodes, but first of all I need to tell you that the Geodes are made up of several layers and the outermost layer that would cover the Geode is made of Smooth Basalt (it’s like another rock throwing black), followed by a layer of Calcite (white rocks) and later we would run into Amethyst. Thus creating a kind of sphere structure with several layers (which can sometimes have a crack and therefore not be completely covered).

Layers of the Amethyst Geode in Minecraft

Clarified this we go with the methods to obtain it:

  1. The best method without a doubt is to investigate the floor of the oceans. You get on your little boat and you look at the bottom in search of these black rocks (Smooth Basalt), which really attracts quite a lot of attention and they are seen quickly. With a bit of luck, the structure will be quite deep in the ocean on top and it will be clear that there is an Amethyst Geode there. Something very important that you must take into account is that for this search to be really effective you will have to create Night Vision Potions (they also allow you to see better through water), I leave you a link with all the Minecraft alchemy recipes here in case you need it.
  2. While we are walking or mining it will be exactly the same, although in this situation it will be more difficult to see them. As soon as you see Smooth Basalt you start mining since it is very likely that behind that layer you will find the Amethyst Geode (if a Calcite geode appears when mining that layer, we’re on our way).
  3. The most punctual method and therefore the one that will be more situational, but everything adds up, is by sound. And it is that the Amethyst Blocks emit a peculiar musical sound when stepping on them (as if you hit a glass gently and it emits a note) and how mobs or enemies usually appear in these formations, when they step on the Amethyst Blocks they will emit that characteristic sound . So if you’re mining and you hear it, you’ll know there’s an Amethyst Geode nearby.

I recommend above all the method of the sea, but the others do not hurt to know them in case it happens to you.

Amethyst Geode in the Minecraft Ocean

Here you can see an Amethyst Geode in the Ocean, it is very easy to find them like this, but you will need a Night Vision Potion to be able to make it through the water well.


Once you are inside an Amethyst Geode, you will see that there will be lots of Amethyst Blocks (no loss, quite nice purple blocks) and you will notice that some of these blocks will grow Amethysts (which would be crystals). .

Well, it turns out that Amethysts don’t grow on Amethyst Blocks, but only on special blocks called Amethyst Sprouts , which are exactly like the others but have a kind of crack forming a cross in the block.

These blocks are less common than those mentioned above and are the only ones that interest us in order to obtain the Amethyst, in them the Amethysts will be generated, they will grow for each face of the Amethyst Sprout block that is not covered; so a good strategy is to find these blocks and clear all their faces by removing the surrounding blocks (remember that they are generated in the blocks that have a cross drawn).

Of course, the Amethyst will take a long time to be complete and keep in mind that it has 4 phases in its growth in which the crystal will be larger and it will only be in a last phase in which we can obtain the Amethyst Fragments. It is highly recommended to have a pickaxe with Silk Touch to obtain more materials in its extraction.

Once mined it will eventually grow another Amethyst, so have no fear.


And now let’s see everything we can do with the Amethyst:


Amethyst Block Recipe in Minecraft

We will have to create a square with 4 Amethyst Fragments and it is about that violet block that we find in the Amethyst Geodes. As a decoration it’s pretty cool, but be careful because later on the way back we won’t be able to convert the Block into the 4 fragments.


Spyglass Recipe in Minecraft

We will need an Amethyst Fragment and 2 Copper Ingots and as a good Spyglass, it will allow us to see more clearly in the distance (which amounts to zoom lenses). Ironically, it will make it easier for us to find the Geodes in the ocean.


Opaque Crystal Recipe in Minecraft

It is a quite handsome crystal block that we can make with a Crystal Block and 4 Amethyst Fragments. It is like a variant of black tinted glass but with a peculiarity that makes it quite unique. And it is that the Opaque Glass allows us to see through, but nevertheless, it does not let light pass through (although it would rather be that it does not let almost any light pass through). This is going to come in handy for farms and others as it will allow us to create areas where enemies will spam and we will be able to continue seeing through.

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