April 14, 2024


With update 1.17 of Minecraft called Caves and Cliffs Update comes a new mob quite peculiar and interesting in many ways called Warden . Frankly, it’s one of the novelties that I liked the most in this future update of Minecraft and I really want to test it more thoroughly (let’s see when they release the first Snapshot).

In the post where I explained all the news of the Caves and Cliffs Update I already explained a little about this new enemy, but today in this post we are going to break it down in full.


The greatest peculiarity of the Warden is that this mob is completely blind , something that if you think about it… well, it makes a lot of sense if we take into account that it lives in deep caves where light is not very abundant. In these conditions, sight is not so important and for this reason this mob has developed its other senses much more (especially hearing). Something that also happens with the Bats.

This implies that even if he has visual contact he will not see us, so if we are careful we can avoid what would undoubtedly be a fierce battle, because we have already verified how tough this enemy is and unless you are very prepared for it; Better avoid the fight.


The Warden will only appear in the new cave biome currently called ” Deep Dark ” as soon as Minecraft 1.17 comes out, so for now we can only wait for summer 2021, which is when it has been announced that this new version will come out (which then can be delayed, but good). In the meantime they always take a snapshot, so surely we can try it much earlier and get much more information about it.


The Warden have another incredible and at the same time disturbing ability, they can manipulate the light of the area near where they are. In fact, apart from giving a lot of bad vibes, this is an indication that we have to know that there is one near us .

You’ll notice the lights start to dim and come back on. It seems that the closer it is to us this will happen more often.


What the Warden lacks in sight, it makes up for with an incredible ability to detect sound thanks to its large ears. If you look closely his whole body seems to be created by different Sculk blocks (which have an End feel) and his head and ears are very similar to Sculk Growths, hence his tremendous detection ability.

This will introduce a very interesting mechanic to prevent us from this enemy, since we will have to use stealth techniques to prevent us from his attacks. Here are some tips for you:

  • As soon as you see Sculk blocks you should be very alert and move very carefully, since there will probably be one nearby.
  • If the lights start flashing, be especially alert as you do have one near you (bad vibes).
  • Crouch so that the Warden has a much harder time detecting you, while crouching you will make less noise and move more slowly; this is going to be great.
  • If you want to mislead him, you can throw a throwable object such as Snowballs or Throwing Potions (better not waste them hahaha). Doing so will lead the Warden to the area where the object hit, giving you an escape route in a pinch. It will be better to have snowballs always at hand! In the snowy biomes you get them by kicking them, so no problem.


Its intimidating appearance honors how powerful this enemy is, because in the cinematic shown for Minecon we could see how it kills a character equipped with full Netherite with two blows , something that is not cool at all considering that it has a lot of life and although doesn’t look like it when he’s pissed off he scrolls pretty fast. In short, he’s super hot.

The downside is that we don’t know what difficulty mode the game was being played on at the time, but it’s probably normal, so imagine yourself on higher difficulties… I wouldn’t be surprised if the higher difficulty is capable of killing you in one hit.

The best strategy will be ranged combat (Bow, Trident …), melee is too risky against the Warden. It remains to be seen if while he is furious we can continue to mislead him with snowballs… but what will undoubtedly be an incredible strategy will be to attack him from a distance from a high and safe place, since so far he has not been shown to have attacks distance this new enemy.


A rather curious fact about this enemy is that if you look at his torso, under those disturbing ribs, he has souls (just like the ones you see on the Soul Sand blocks of the Nether ). We can theorize that it is the poor souls of those who have died before this terrible creature… will he have the ability to keep the souls of the dead? This bug is very cloudy, but cool fabric hahahaha.

In fact, these souls will start blinking when he’s enraged.

And that’s it! At the moment it is all we can deduce about the Warden in Minecraft , as soon as we can test it live we will surely get much more interesting data and in that case I will update this post. For the rest, you know, the usual: Do you know more important information related to the Warden? What do you think about this new enemy? Is it bad vibes or is it me? Leave your comment!

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