April 21, 2024


Well, as I told you in the post about Minecraft Pigs , today I bring you a Pig House design or Pig habitat if that is better understood. Come on, a kind of mini-farm created to keep your Pigs inside.

As you can see in the photo above, the design is very much based on Adobe and Mud due to the fact that Pigs tend to be very cool with mud and others and since we now have these materials, it seemed to me the best time to create a construction of this style.

And as I always say in this type of post before entering what would be the tutorial on how to build it, materials and others… say that you should take this as a guideline, change its size, shape, add things, remove it… adapt it to your tastes / needs we go.


Pig House: View from Above

Let’s start with this view since we can see very well what the design of the exterior and the roof of the shed would be. Let’s start with the outside.

As you can see, it does not have much mystery, it tries to simulate a kind of mud puddle . We have an area with water, an area that surrounds the water and expands downwards with Mud and the next layer is Adobe (the normal one) since it gives that sensation of dry land and this pretends that it is an area of ​​land and that On the one hand, we have the hydrated land near the water (Mud) and the drier land that is far from the water.

On the right we have grass with herbs, flowers and others. Here do not complicate your head too much, it is simply to put grass and give it bone dust; herbs, flowers and so on will appear in a way that looks natural. What I do recommend is that after this you eliminate the tallest herbs because they are quite ugly.

What would be the fence/wall is made of Adobe bricks and we must put Lanterns in the corners and on the fence gate (which is made of Fir) for lighting issues; you could put torches, but it didn’t suit me very much in this design.

Regarding the booth now we will see it in more detail in another angle.


Pig House

As you can see, what would be the structure of the shed is made of Adobe bricks . For the roof we will use stairs on the first level and slab on the second and to create the walls and pillars we will use Adobe Brick Wall; little mystery. We have on the left what is intended to be a bedroom and on the right the eating area (which is obviously fictitious, they are not going to eat from there).

The floor is made of hay placed so that the red threads are not visible, notice that in the feeding area I have also added hay as a background. What simulates being the Pigs’ feeders are Composters, for greater realism I recommend that you fill them (with Carrots , Potatoes or whatever you have lying around) so that some are more full than others.


Pig House Lighting

And in case anyone wonders how the booth is supposed to be lit, well, as you can see in the photo, it is lit, only I hid the lighting because it seemed a bit shabby to me that you could see the lanterns hanging since the House of Pigs doesn’t have much height because it’s for Pigs after all and making it very tall would be pretty weird.

As you can see, it is a Lantern in the sleeping area and another one in the eating area. In fact, the roof is made on purpose by raising it one level with the stairs precisely so that we can put these lanterns in the hole that is created to illuminate the booth and that they cannot be seen from the outside (they really looked terrible). In fact, if you review the photos above, you will see that the Lanterns are not visible from the outside at any time, only when you are inside (which is not the idea that you get inside there either).

And to finish mentioning that if someone dares to make a design inspired by mine (be it traced, with modifications, hyper-improved, whatever…) upload it to our Discord, Twitter, Instagram or something and tag me, The truth is that I would be quite excited to see it.

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