April 16, 2024


We already have available the first Snapshot of the future version 1.16 of Minecraft called the Nether Update because the vast majority of improvements are related to the Nether or Underworld of Minecraft .

Among all the news; The one that has surely stood out the most, in addition to the new Nether biomes, is the appearance of a new mineral that will give a lot to talk about for its incredible value and properties: Netherite .

And it is that the arrival of the Netherite means that the Diamond is no longer the best mineral for our Weapons, Armor and Tools; Well, Netherite is even better! Although it is true that this works more like a kind of improvement of diamond objects.

Anyway! Below I will show you absolutely everything you need to know about Netherite!


Ancient Debris in Minecraft

The Ancient Debris is the name that the Netherite ore has at the moment, this will surely be translated later; but the fact is that the first step we will have to take will be to find this ore that can only be found in the Nether, so first of all you will have to access this .

Once there, the process will be very similar to Diamond. We will simply have to mine low and cross our fingers to find the precious Ancient Debris ore.

Finding it will obviously not be an easy task, as this block will have a very low appearance rate and will now become a more difficult material to obtain than Diamond itself ; so nothing, you will have to carry out long days of mining until you find the ore to be able to chop it. Anyway, I’m sure you’re an excellent miner by now and won’t have any major problems.

In any case, I leave you a series of data that can help you find it more quickly:

  • It spawns mostly between height 8 and 24. Height 16 is where it is most likely to appear followed by 15 and 17, so I recommend mining these three heights for the highest chance.
  • It is usually near the lava. Take advantage of this fact, but very carefully because you already know how lethal this is.
  • The Ancient Debris does not appear if it has contact with air. That is, we will never see it with the naked eye, it will always be completely buried.
  • You can find the ore higher than 24 height, but then it will be much rarer to find.
  • I recommend that you carry a Diamond Pickaxe enchanted with efficiency to go faster in mining.
  • I also recommend that you be very careful with the lava and take Fire resistance potions with you just in case; It is almost certain that you will end up burning yourself.


Now that you have the Ancient Debris, you will simply have to put the ore in the furnace ( the Blast Furnace would be more efficient ) with fuel and wait for it to process. Doing so will give you a new material: Netherite Scrap; which could be translated as “Netherite Remnants”, or something like that.

However, this is not the Netherite Ingot ; Anyway, we have little left to achieve it. To make it we will need a crafting table and the following materials:

  • 4 Gold Ingots: How to get all Minecraft Minerals .
  • 4 Netherite Scrap.

And as always, here is the recipe:

Netherite Ingot Recipe

As you can see, there are a lot of rare materials to obtain a single Netherite Ingot; but you will see that we will need very few to create our new and improved equipment.


Now that you have the Netherite Ingot, I will tell you how you can create the Netherite armors. This is the recipe and it will be applied to all the pieces, more than a creation as such, we could say that it is an improvement of the Diamond Armor.

Netherite Armor Recipe in Minecraft

The recipe is the same for all armor pieces, you just put their Diamond version and a Netherite Ingot next to it. If you use an already used and worn Diamond equipment, it will be repaired; so the truth is that it is a great boost to extend the life of Diamante’s team, which in itself is already very good.

But as I have already commented, the Netherita team is even better ; Let’s make a comparison:

  • Diamond Breastplate: Armor Toughness +2, Armor +8.
  • Netherite Breastplate : Armor Toughness +3, Armor +8, Knockback Resistance +1.
  • Diamond Greaves : Armor Toughness +2, Armor +6.
  • Netherite Greaves : Armor Toughness +3, Armor +6, Knockback Resistance +1.
  • Diamond Helmet : Armor Toughness +2, Armor +3.
  • Netherite Helmet : Armor Toughness +3, Armor +3, Knockback Resistance +1.
  • Diamond Boots : Armor Toughness +2, Armor +3.
  • Netherite Boots : Armor Toughness +3, Armor +3, Knockback Resistance +1.

So you see, in terms of defense it is true that they are the same; so we will receive the same damage from the hits. What is an addition is that we will resist the push better (when an enemy hits us, or an arrow) and that the Netherite Armors will last longer before breaking.


The Netherite Tools will be the same as the Armor Pieces; the creation will be exactly the same (join the Diamond version with a Netherite Ingot), doing so will obtain its fully repaired Netherite version and we will also obtain even better tools in most cases.

Let’s see in the same way the comparison between the Diamond Tools with respect to those of Netherita:

  • Diamond Sword : Attack Speed ​​1.6, Attack Damage 7.
  • Netherite Sword : Attack Speed ​​1.6, Attack Damage 8.
  • Diamond Shovel : Attack Speed ​​1, Attack Damage 5.5.
  • Netherite Shovel : Attack Speed ​​1, Attack Damage 6.5.
  • Diamond Pickaxe : Attack Speed ​​1.2, Attack Damage 5.
  • Netherite Peak : Attack Speed ​​1.2, Attack Damage 6.
  • Diamond Ax : Attack Speed ​​1, Attack Damage 9.
  • Netherite Ax : Attack Speed ​​1, Attack Damage 10.
  • Diamond Hoe : Attack Speed ​​1, Attack Damage 4.
  • Netherite Hoe : Attack Speed ​​1, Attack Damage 4.

You see that in all cases the Netherite tools are more efficient except for the Hoe , which I don’t know if it will be a mistake or if it will stay that way; so you better not waste a Netherite Ingot on the Hoe (which you can see too hahaha).


And this would be the extra detail of the Netherite that makes it, if possible, still much better than the Diamond. And it is that this material has a resistance to Fire at another level.

In fact try to destroy any Netherite item by throwing it into the lava. You will see that it is impossible and on top of that this object will remain floating in the lava . This is extremely useful as if you happen to die in the lava with your full Netherite set… you won’t lose it! it will just stay there floating.

In the same way, your objects will not lose any type of durability when being in the lava or when burning; another very positive point that this peculiar material has.


Netherite Block

And to finish with the Netherite, let’s talk about its block, which is really brutal and I think it will go a long way to create a Dark Castle or something like that because it is a black block that frankly looks very good.

What is certain is that given the rarity of this mineral, it will be a real madness to get this block ; Whoever manages to create a tremendous fortress with this material in survival mode is the god of Minecraft hahaha.

Let’s see your recipe, you’ll see what fabric:

Netherite Block Recipe

9 Netherite Ingots for a single Netherite Block; so nothing, good luck.

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