April 15, 2024


Sutej’s Worm is a world boss in Genshin Impact that hides under the sands during combat, much like the Chasm Ruins Serpent . Something curious about this enemy is that he will use the Anemo Release to imbue attacks on him.

We will not need to carry out any mission to unlock the fight against this boss, all we need is to reach the Hadramavet Desert and from the teleportation point that is located under its icon we can jump through the crack to quickly access its fight.

In general, the fight against this boss is quite simple and we can use many characters against him; Of course, since this enemy controls the Anemo Element, it also has a high Elemental Resistance to the Anemo Element , therefore it is not recommended to carry Main DPS or Sub DPS of this element, since we will produce less damage than usual.


    At the beginning of the fight, Sutej’s Worm will always start with its tail on the surface, making a three-attack combo in which it will alternate between projectiles that generate Anemo Damage and an area sweep with its tail; after this the Sutej Worm will bury itself and emerge from the sand constantly, but it will not always attack us when performing this action.

    Once a certain time has passed in combat or we have lowered a significant amount of life, it will enter Levitation mode and create multiple spheres of the Anemo Element around it, we have to hit two of these spheres with the Pyro Element, Hydro, Electro or Cryo to cancel his attack and stun him for a short time where he will be most vulnerable.

    If you haven’t managed to clear the spheres or you haven’t finished depleting its life bar after stunning it, the Sutej Worm will simply burrow back in and attack until you manage to defeat it.

    Yelan in Genshin Impact

    The Anemo spheres created by Sutej’s Worm are levitating in the air, which is why we will need an archer of the Pyro, Cryo, Electro or Hydro Element to perform a Charged Attack against them and we can stun the enemy; In my case, I really like taking Yelan in this fight because of his high mobility and the damage he does passively.

    As for Main DPS, you can really take anything except characters from the Anemo Element and characters like Cyno or Eula with a very durable Ulti on which their damage depends, since the time this enemy spends on the field is quite short; therefore I recommend fast characters like Kamisato Ayato , Yoimiya , Tignari , Keching or Kamisato Ayaka .

    As Support, characters like Yae Miko and Nahida who generate passive damage to the enemy for a long time are preferable, which will come in handy due to the short amount of time the enemy spends on the field.

    We won’t need much healing, but if we do need it, it’s better to take a character who heals with his Elemental Ability like Kuki Shinobu , Sangonomiya Kokomi or Yaoyao , since it will be difficult for us to generate Elemental Energy during this fight; We can also take a squire instead of a healer, such as Laila , Zhongli or Thoma .


    These are all the attacks that Sutej’s Worm can perform:

    • Elemental Combo : At the beginning of the fight it will always attack us using a 3-attack combo that will alternate depending on the distance we are from the enemy, if we are at a certain distance from the worm it will shoot 3 projectiles at us and if we are close it will sweep the area with its line.
    • Eroding Bullets : When Sutej’s Worm enters Levitation mode it will create a series of Anemo spheres that will later become Eroding Bullets that will explode throughout almost the entire field doing a lot of damage; To stop this attack we must destroy at least two of these spheres hitting them with Pyro, Hydro, Cryo or Electro.
    • Rain of Scales : When emerging from the sands, it will sometimes attack dispersing a lot of scales imbued with Element Anemo, each scale has its own trajectory and we will have to be careful to run in the opposite direction.
    • Aerolaser : Sometimes the worm will emerge from the sands by its tail and focus energy to hit us with a laser that deals Anemo Damage, sometimes it does this attack with a vertical trajectory and other times it does an attack that combs the field in a radius of 180 degrees. In the first case we only have to move to the side to avoid it and in the second we have to get as close as possible to avoid the blow.
    • Drill : Sometimes we will notice how an area forms under our character when Sutej’s Worm is hidden under the sand, immediately leave this area to avoid an attack.

    As you can see, it doesn’t have too many attacks and it’s not that it’s the most damaging boss in the game, the only annoyance this bug will give us will be the little time it spends on the field due to its constant coming in and out of the arena.


    To achieve this achievement, an archer character will come in handy to be able to hit the projectiles with greater precision.

    • Who Controls the Spice… : Causes a Whirlwind reaction against eroding projectiles to knock down Sutej’s Worm while it is levitating; to do this we will simply have to hit two of its projectiles with the Pyro, Cryo, Hydro or Electro element.


    These are the possible rewards for defeating the Worm of Sutej:

    • 200 points of Adventure Rank, Mora, Friendship Points… Wow, as usual.
    • Vayuda Turquoise : They are Anemo character ascension materials.
    • Pseudostambre : Ascension material from Alhacén .
    • Blue/Purple Artifacts : Berserker, Instructor, Ritual of Enlightenment, and Adventurer.
    • Purple/Legendary Artifacts : Gladiator’s Endgame and Wanderer’s Orchestra .

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