April 21, 2024


The Vestal is without a doubt one of those Darkest Dungeon characters that generally cannot be missing from your team since it is the best Healer in the game, something that is quite necessary in a game like this in which things are so difficult for us. difficult.

I know that the Occultist exists, which is not that he is bad as such, but it is true that he is a character that, although he has an incredible healing capacity, is also true that his way of healing is much more risky and in Darkest Dungeon it is better not to risk it too much… which is why I think the Vestal is much more worth it, it’s a safer option.

This character has individual heals, group heals, she can attack enemies from a distance while she heals herself and she can even stun enemies… which is something that is greatly appreciated. She of course doesn’t have high damage, but the healing and support input from her makes her an amazing character.


    These are the 4 abilities that we recommend (remember that you can only equip 4):

    • Judgment : It allows us to attack all enemy positions as long as the Vestal is in position 3 or 4. It doesn’t do great damage, but it is the best offensive option we have and it will also allow us to attack while we heal our own a bit in the process. Vestal. It is very effective if we need to heal ourselves, so we also damage enemies by the way. Another interesting factor in this is that it has a positive crit modifier and since both the hit itself and the healing can be critical, there is a greater chance of healing stress.
    • Dazzling Light : Negligible damage, we can use it in positions 2, 3 and 4, but the important thing is that it can stun enemies. This is especially important in the early turns as a stunned enemy is a non-damaging enemy and prevention is always better than cure. Also, in general terms, it is the best we can do both in the first turns and when we have our team with high health.
    • Divine Grace : We can only use it in position 3 or 4. It is a fairly powerful individual cure for the partner we choose. Ideal if we have a partner who is quite affected by health.
    • Divine Consolation : It can be performed in positions 2, 3 and 4 and unlike the previous cure, this one will heal our entire team. Obviously it has the drawback of being a less powerful cure because otherwise Divine Grace wouldn’t make much sense. This is a great option if you have multiple teammates on low health to heal them all at once. Also, each heal will have a separate crit chance, so it’s quite common for a crit to hit, which is handy when dealing with stress .


    It has interesting Camping Skills, but it is true that they are generally designed to enhance, above all, those characters that are considered Religious , which are the following: Vestal, Crusader , Leper and Flagellant.

    • Prayer : It has a cost of 3 and affects the entire group. Its effect will vary depending on whether the character is religious or not. It will spread especially if we carry this type of character, at least 2 on the team (the Vestal would already be one).
      • If they are Religious: Reduces effort (stress) by 15 and +15% Prot.
      • If they are not Religious: Reduce effort by 5 and +5% Prot.
    • Sanctuary : 4 cost. We will avoid night ambushes, only if we choose a religious character. In addition, we will also heal 50% health and 25 Effort to all characters that have mortality depletions. Very key when it is the case to help them get ahead.
    • Blessing : 3 cost. We will give a buff of +10 Pre and +10 Evasion to the character we choose. Very good option especially for the tank or character that we have in the first line.

    If you don’t have any other religious characters on your team, I would recommend that you replace Prayer with Encourage (to relieve stress on a character) or Heal Wounds (to heal the chosen character a bit and remove Bleeds and Infections), depending on what you need most.


    Man-at-Arms in Darkest Dungeon

    Given her role as a Healer, she really is a good partner for any character since healing is usually going to be needed by everyone. Anyway, we will highlight some characters in particular.

    • Religious Characters : As you have already seen, her camping skills are especially interesting for Religious characters, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all for her to be accompanied by a Crusader, Leper or Flagellant.
    • The Tanks – Tanks and Healers will always be the best of friends, so either one of them would be a good choice. See the Leper, the Crusader, the Man of Arms or the Devil.
    • Bounty Hunter : This is a DPS character that benefits from having enemies stunned, so they make a good team together.


    Regarding Trinkets, we should use above all those that increase the healing we do , that will be our top priority.

    Otherwise, we could use some stress reduction, increased health and some additional stun/movement protection would be nice as there is nothing more horrifying in a close game than having the healer stunned or moved to a place where it cannot heal; especially considering that we do not have movement skills.

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