April 14, 2024


Wandering Star is a 4-star Catalyst introduced in Genshin Impact version 3.1 that is just like a copy-paste of the Claymore we reviewed yesterday: The Aquamarine Majaira .

It’s the same in absolutely all aspects: Base Attack, Secondary Stat and Passive, but anyway I’ll list all the effects here since you don’t have to know the ones of the Claymore by heart (that Májaira).

To say that the Catalyst seems very good to me and that it can be a very good option for several characters if we focus them on Elemental Mastery, something that is increasingly present in the Genshin Impact meta since the inclusion of Dendro. Oh, and nothing can be confirmed at the moment, but it smells like a hell of a Catalyst for Kusanali .


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 42.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 510.

Its Base Attack is the same as that of the Májaira Aquamarine (it seems very strange to me to write that name) as I have commented and in everything else it is also literally the same so we will get to the point a bit. The same thing I said about the Claymore, it’s a medium Base Attack, no more.

Let’s take a look at his secondary stat:

  • Elemental Mastery Level 1: 36.
  • Level 90 Elemental Mastery: 165.

Elemental Mastery again and again also 165 points, an amount that is really so good and a stat that is increasingly appreciated to use, especially due to the inclusion of Dendro and other buffs that Elemental Mastery had in the past .

The Passive Skill grants the following effect:

  • Every 10 seconds the character will gain 24% of their Elemental Mastery (48% at R5) as Flat Attack. Teammates gain 30% of that effect. It activates even when you are off the field.

The same passive effect as the Claymore too, everything is the same, they could have changed some detail but good. Total, I’ll pass you again the calculations that I already did:

  • At R1 (400 Mastery):
    • 96 Attack for the character.
    • 28.8 Attack for the team.
  • At R5 (400 Mastery):
    • 192 Attack for the character.
    • 57.6 Attack for the team.
  • At R1 (1000 Mastery):
    • 240 Attack for the character.
    • 72 Attack for the team.
  • At R5 (1000 Mastery):
    • 480 Attack for the character.
    • 144 Attack for the team.

The passive is quite cool, only that, as you can see , it spreads especially in characters that have a lot of Elemental Mastery and in high refinement . Characters that have values ​​like 400 and so on (which isn’t much) don’t take advantage of it as much anymore, I see it better for typical characters that go with Elemental Mastery in their entire kit.


Especially in characters with a lot of Elemental Mastery and who are obviously characters that benefit a lot from it. Also that they also take advantage of the extra Attack that we will obtain in the process. I am anticipating that it will surely be very good for Kusanali, but it is too early to confirm anything.

Sucrose in Genshin Impact

Sucrose is a character that builds full Elemental Mastery because the more Mastery she has, the more she will share this stat with the whole team and therefore this catalyst is good for her because by the way she will get a good amount of Attack for her and will share a little with the group. I still find Memories of Sacrifice better to be able to make more elementals and generate more energy, but the truth is that the Wandering Star is a very good and interesting option for her.

Yae Miko in Genshin Impact

Since Dendro has given us powerful new reactions, it could pay off quite a bit on a Yae Miko that has a lot of Elemental Mastery to focus on Elemental Reaction damage. In addition, Elemental Mastery also boosts the damage of Yae Miko’s totems and of course the extra Attack will come in handy.

Lisa in Genshin Impact

Lisa would be a similar case to Yae Miko only without that damage bonus for Elemental Mastery, but although she is a character that is not currently used much, it is true that she applies a lot of Electro in a fairly large area and with constellations she also hits quite fast and in compositions with Dendro where we put a lot of Elemental Mastery on it, it can be a real damage party and of course it will also take advantage of that extra Attack.

Other recommended characters (but less):

  • Kokomi : For a Bloom build in which what is common is that she has a lot of Elemental Mastery, it is very good, but it is true that it is merely because of the Elemental Mastery that the weapon gives us, the Attack will not take advantage of it almost at all.
  • Barbara : Exactly the same case as Kokomi.

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