April 16, 2024


The spear that we are going to talk about today needs no introduction, since whether you want it or not, it will make you Gachapon in Genshin Impact over and over again; it is none other than the famous Spear of Favonius .

It is basically a spear that gives us a moderate Energy Recharge and a base Attack that is not bad at all; Characters more oriented to supporting the group will generally benefit from it.

However, it must be recognized that it is not a bad spear and that in some characters it can become a very good option that will complement our team; Next we will see your data.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 44.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 565.

His Base Attack is high within what we have in 4-star spears, as is also the case with the Lytic Spear or the Kitain Cross; It would only be outclassed by the Wavecut Fin (but because its secondary stat is very poor)

  • Energy Recharge Level 1: 6.7%.
  • Energy Recharge Level 90: 30.6%.

Well, a 30.6% Energy Recharge isn’t bad at all, much less since we got the Crest of Destiny set ; although there are certainly many spears with this secondary stat such as The Capture, Star Prototype, Celestial Spike , and Reaper’s Light .

Its passive effect is as follows:

  • When dealing a Critical Hit, there is a 60% (100% at R5) chance to spawn small elemental particles that will regenerate 6 Elemental Energy ; this effect can only occur once every 12 seconds (every 6 seconds if R5).

This passive will come in handy for a character to perform their battery role much better to help recharge expensive ults for their teammates or themselves.

Although honestly, if you don’t have it in a very high or maximum refinement, then it’s not worth much, since after all, the interesting thing is to ensure the particles and be able to generate them as soon as possible.


Well, in principle we will look for either a character that works as a battery, someone who needs Energy Recharge or a character who tends to have the Emblem of Destiny set equipped.

Rosaria in Genshin Impact

It is an excellent spear for Rosaria ; she already generates quite a few elemental particles by herself and with this spear equipped it will be a huge help to recharge the ults of characters like Ayaka or Eula .

The only thing that I would only carry with this spear in that case, since Rosaria, even without investing just in Energy Recharge, will have her Ultimate Ability after using the Elemental Ability at most twice (which also has a very low cooldown).

Also, remember that for the Passive Ability to work it is necessary to land a Critical Hit (so we will need to have a decent Critical Chance ) and Rosaria is a character that takes advantage of this attribute a lot, both with her skills, her talent that shares some of chance with his teammates and with Cryo Consonance will increase that chance by 15%.

Thomas in Genshin Impact

It is a spear that is not bad at all to help charge his Ultimate Ability that costs 80 Elemental Energy points and with this character what interests us most is to have it as soon as possible.

Certainly, Thoma also generates shields with his Elemental Ability, but he has a pretty high TOE and will need help to recharge his ulti and generate shields more quickly (which is usually what we are most interested in on this character because his abilities do not do much damage).

Yun Jin in Genshin Impact

A case somewhat similar to the previous one; What most interests us about Yun Jin is that he always has his last called Rockbreaker Banner ready, since it will boost the Normal Attacks of our characters.

Also, many times Yun Jin will be the only Geo character on the team (in fact, he benefits from being on a team with four different elements), which will require quite a lot of Energy Recharge so that he always has his last list.

Other characters that also take advantage of this spear:

  • Xiangling : If you usually use her, you already know that it takes a lot of work for her to recharge her Ultimate Ability and she also generates very few particles with Guoba (which on top of that, the poor thing never aims well), so it can be a good option for her.
  • Zhongli : Although there are many other better spears, it is an option to be able to throw his meteorite more times and help another Geo character to recharge their ultimates like Itto or Noelle .
  • Shogun Raiden : There are several weapons that are much better for him, but if you have nothing else and you take the Capture on another character to some bad ones you can equip this one.

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