April 21, 2024


As you can see I got Slime Rancher , specifically 1 (I say this because early access to 2 is currently available) since it’s a game that I hadn’t tried yet and when it was recommended to me it caught my attention. But we will leave that for a later review (then I almost never do reviews but well, let’s see if this time it does).

The case, as a first guide I have decided to make one in which I will teach you how to deal with one of the greatest threats that we will face in Slime Rancer: The Tar Slime (which are actually called Tar, but hey, less messy that way) .

These are black slimes, with a kind of colored reflections and with quite evil jaws whose terrifying appearance goes hand in hand with how dangerous they are. Be that as it may, in this post I will explain absolutely everything about this terrifying and, in a way, beautiful being (I kind of like the design of the bug, right?) so that it doesn’t give you any problems (they can mess you up quite well in a moment).


As is well said, prevention is better than cure; Therefore, I will start by talking about the process with which one of these slimes is created, since understanding it will be essential to avoid its appearance.

Well, you see, you know Long Slimes, right? It is when a Slime eats the Plort (the poop they throw when they eat and such that we can sell) of a Slime of another type and a very large Slime is created that is like the fusion of the 2 (in fact they are very lucrative Slimes, We’ll talk more about them later).

Having that clear, a Tar will appear when a Long Slime eats the Plort of a Slime that is not of any of the species that make up its fusion . So we could say that a Tar Slime is the fusion of 3 types of Slime in one, which for some reason become that aberrant being (it is still a cap that the developers have added so that there are no infinite fusions or something well, a very good way to implement it the truth).

For this reason you should avoid giving Plorts of other species to Long Slimes and also collect slimes of various types (except the 2 you specifically want to fuse) in your Slime farms. If you do the latter and feed them they will eventually turn into one of these slimes and you won’t be too happy about what will happen.


Why are they so dangerous? You’ll see:

  • They will eat whatever food they catch.
  • They will also eat some Slime.
  • Will turn other Slime into Tar Slime.

A plague and destructive in all its splendor come on. Therefore, you must be prepared to eliminate them when they eventually appear on your farm (if they appear from the outside you can ignore them, but be careful because they cause a lot of damage if they catch you).

Let’s see what methods we have to eliminate them:

  1. By themselves they die after a while, as if the oxygen damaged them , but if they are wrapped in slime and you don’t control them they will expand quickly in the same way.
  2. The most effective, shoot water at them with our cannon . It is one of the improvements of it and one of the first that you should take. Basically we will add a water tank to the cannon that we can recharge it with a kind of sources that are around the world. During the day you will kill them with a water cannon, but at night you will have to hit them twice with the water (the first time you hit it prevents it from transforming other slimes and the second time you kill it).
  3. Throw them into water/lava/fire . You can absorb them with the cannon and launch them towards any of these elements to damage them. A good method if we have the water cannon without charging (which is not recommended, obviously, always keep it full).


They serve for jo…rte alive, without more, they do not contribute absolutely nothing good , only dislikes. And in case you have any doubt… no, they do not generate plorts. So now you know, without fear, if you get one on the farm, quickly finish it and everything that has been generated because they are horrible (although beautiful in my opinion) and they only give a sack and not exactly little.

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