April 21, 2024
List and dates of the events of the first part of version 3.1

List and dates of the events of the first part of version 3.1 in Genshin Impact

New version implies new events!

Let’s take a look at what events you can participate in after the September 28 update!

Precious travel memories

It’s been two years since the game was released. And on this occasion, we will be entitled to some rewards.

From the end of the update to 3.1 on September 28 until the end of the version, you can receive up to 1,600 primo gems, 4 fragile resins and two gadgets including a companion in your in-game mailbox. Get in the game for 4 days so you don’t miss a thing!

Combined with the usual compensation emails after the update, you will have enough to make a few wishes! You just need to be adventure level 2 to receive the messages!

Login Event: Sparkling Jade Path

We will also be entitled to 10 additional wishes from October 14 to 31. Log in for 7 days so you don’t miss out on this daily login bonus!

You must be adventure level 5 to claim this bonus!

Major Event: Ballads and Ambrosias

The main event of the version will be in the company of familiar faces from Mondstadt including Klee and Razor !

From September 29 to October 17, participate in the Weinlesefest festival to obtain a 4-star spear and its refinements.

You will need to be Adventure Level 21, have completed Archon’s Quest, Prologue – Act 3, and Razor ‘s Story Quest to access the event.

Hyakunin Ikki Event Return

The battle event with teams of two characters is back. It will take place from October 10 to 24. Think about your combos to get the highest score!

You’ll get the usual rewards of Prime Gems and Upgrade Materials.

To participate in the event, you will need to be AR 30 and have completed the Archon quest “Ritou’s Escape Plan” (Chapter II, Act 1).

New quests

If you are current in Archon quests and AR above 35, Acts 3 and 4 of Chapter III of Archon quests will be available:

  • Dreams, futility and deception
  • King Deshret and the Three Magi

After completing the above Archon quests, Cyno ‘s Story quest will be available for AR 40 and above. It is called “Lupus Aureus”.

Other novelties

  • You will have the possibility to obtain a copy of Collei in the abyss by completing stage 4 and having an AR greater than 20.
  • Reset primary crystal packs. They will be doubled again on the first purchase for those who have already purchased them.
  • Likewise, Adventure Aid Packs will be back.

The Battle Pass of this version, which is obviously back, will only require 900 points per level, to compensate for the shorter duration of the update. Purchasing the most expensive version of the pass will get you the “Returning Wind” theme and the “Amidst the Drifting Smoke” decoration blueprint.

The final word

That’s it for what awaits us at the start of 3.1… if we exclude a magnificent desert to explore!

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