April 16, 2024


Aqua Simulacra is a 5-star arc of Genshin Impact that is actually very good but that continues with that trail that we see lately in the new weapons that HoyoVerse brings us, you know, weapons that are useful for the character that are conceived and if that for some loose more. A practice that the truth is that it is not very cool, but anyway, that is what it is.

I think it goes without saying that it’s tremendous for Yelan, but when it comes to other characters… well look, I’ll give you a little spoiler for the post, there is another character who does get to take advantage of her, but beyond that… well meh. This is mainly due to its passive effects, which are somewhat cumbersome and only characters that benefit a lot from health and dealing damage outside the field will take full advantage of it (and who carry a bow, of course; let’s just Yelan).

If it is true that the Main DPS can use it, but one of the passives depends on us being glued to the enemies and that in an archer is quite cumbersome to be worth it (Zhongli will help in that sense, but he follows me seems like a very annoying requirement). And since we have many very good bows without that but, well, what better way to shoot from those than from this one in this case.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 44.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 542.

Facing the Base Attack we started badly because among the 5-star bows, today, it is the bow that has a lower value. It would be more at the level of 4-star bows such as Mouun’s Moon or the Bow of Sacrifice . In that sense, it would be similar to the Redhorn Greatsword , a 5-star weapon with low Base Attack, but… at least it wins out when it comes to the passive attribute, which we will now see:

  • Critical Damage Level 1: 19.2%.
  • Critical Damage Level 90: 88.2%.

I often say that Critical Damage is generally the best stat a weapon can have and I stand by it. And well, you see, nothing more and nothing less than 88.2% Critical Damage , it’s a real outrage. I mention the Redhorn Greatsword again since it has exactly the same value, as you should already know, the lower the Base Attack, the higher the attribute of the weapon usually is; something that also happens in the opposite case ( Oda de los Pinos is a great example of the opposite case).

His passive ability gives us the following effects:

  • +16% Health. +32% on R5.
  • +20% damage when close to an enemy. It activates even if the character is not on the field. +40% on R5.

Life is generally a stat that isn’t that interesting except for those characters that do take advantage of it to deal damage, which aren’t too many ( Hu Tao is a clear example); but hey… it’s there, no more.

The second effect is more interesting because a +20% Damage (in R1) is something to take into account and the only requirement is that we have to stay close to the enemies (something that is not so cool for a archer), but it is good that the effect is maintained even if you are out of the field since if you use a Main melee DPS (the most normal, see Shogun Raiden  to mention some) the character carrying the bow will continue to benefit from the effect and therefore if it does damage outside the field then it will continue to receive the bonus.


Due to its operation, I consider it to be a perfect bow for DPS Supports that deal damage outside the field (and if they benefit a lot from Life, all the better); so the main options would be the following:

Yelan in Genshin Impact

It is Yelan ‘s weapon after all, no one will be surprised by this, she uses it to absolute perfection and no weapon will suit her better than this. The low Base Attack does not matter to her because she bases her damage on her Life and not on the Attack, the colossal Critical Damage goes without saying that it will be scary, she will take advantage of the increase in Life and since she does a lot of damage outside the field Well, he will be able to maintain that +20% damage as long as the teammate who is on the field is close to an enemy.

Fischl in Genshin Impact

It won’t take advantage of Life or the little Base Attack, but given the colossal Critical Damage that it gives and the +20% damage buff that it will maintain when being out of the field while your active character is near an enemy… well, it’s plenty say that Oz will hit some good thrashing. So yes, it is a very good option for Fischl , although of course he does not take advantage of it at the level of Yelan because of the issue that Fischl does not take advantage of Life more than that, having more Life.

What other character do I put it on?

  • Main Arc DPS : As long as you stay close to the enemies, something that is not usually very viable in archers, but if you go with a shield and others (especially if you go with Zhongli ) it should not be a problem (although it still seems somewhat upset). Yoimiya would be a bit of an exception because having to get close to enemies seems like a pain in her case and a waste of time; in the case of Ganyu , it would be more viable as long as you have a good shield, so between charging an attack you get closer to an enemy; but it still seems a bit cumbersome to me… better put another weapon on them and leave this one for the 2 characters mentioned above.

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