April 15, 2024


The Lithic Spear is a four-star spear in Genshin Impact that will greatly empower its wielder based on how many Liyue characters we have on our team.

In general terms, it is a spear with a good Base Attack that gives us Attack % with its secondary stat, but what interests us about it is its Passive Ability, which is quite good and curious (but at the same time it will reduce the chances of time to form a team if we want to get the most out of it).

Also, the good thing about this weapon is that in Liyue there are countless characters that carry a spear and therefore we will have many possible candidates to equip it.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 44.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 565.

It has a good Base Attack within what we have in the four-star spears, it is not as high compared to that of the Wavecutter Fin , but it is equal to that of the Spear of Favonius and the Crescent Moon Pike.

  • Attack % Level 1: 6%.
  • Attack % Level 90: 27.6%.

Although it seems strange there are not many spears that have Attack % as a secondary stat while in greatswords almost all have it; the truth is that it is a somewhat low amount due to the fact that his Base Attack is relatively high.

Its passive effect is as follows:

  • The weapon bearer’s Attack will increase by 7% (11% at R5) and his Critical Chance by 3% (7% at R5) for each Liyue character we have in the team, this effect can be accumulated a maximum of four stacks.

Considering that we have this spear at R5 and we have a team made up entirely of Liyue characters, this spear will give us a total of 44% Attack and 28% Critical Chance , we would have even more chance than the one that the Falcon gives us of jade .

The drawback is that it will force us to form a team using many Liyue characters and that will restrict us a lot and in the best case we will have three Liyue characters in our team; Also, this spear doesn’t appear much in the banners and it will be difficult to have a high refinement of it.


If the character we equip it to is from Liyue, it will be better, since that way we will have a standard stack and we will also seek to make good use of the Attack % (since it is what this spear will give us the most).

Shenhe in Genshin Impact

Shenhe is probably the best candidate for this spear, as she is the character most interested in having high Attack due to her party-buffing abilities relying on it.

It is a good alternative for her if we do not have the Disaster Peacemaker and in a team where she boosts Ganyu it will come in handy because we will already have two Liyue characters as standard to receive the Attack and Critical Chance increases.

Xiao in Genshin Impact

Obviously the amount of Attack and Critical Chance are very interesting for Xiao , since he is one of the best DPS who use spear and they are from Liyue (in addition, Xiao when ascending gains Critical Chance, with which he gives us this spear we will hardly need search the artifacts and we can focus on looking for Critical Damage and even more Attack).

One of Xiao’s best teammates is Zhongli and with him we will already have two characters for our Liyue team, so we will already have a good base to build our team to get the most stacks for the Passive Ability of this spear. (provided you are lucky enough to have these characters).

Other characters that also take advantage of this spear:

  • Xiangling : She is the goddess of the spears and of course being from Liyue it will be great for her (in addition to the fact that Xiangling fits practically in any team); but I still really prefer her to Capture her and would only recommend her if you’re running Capture on another character.
  • Zhongli : In the event that we take Zhongli with a burst build (2 pieces of Archaic Petra and 2 pieces of Ancient Nobility Ritual ) this spear will help us a lot to increase the damage of his powerful Ultimate Ability and we will be interested in the Chance of Critical that it gives us since with this build the impact of the ultimate must always be critical.

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