April 16, 2024


Well, now we are indeed before the Final Boss (more or less secret) of Ender Lilies , the Impure King , who, as you can see in the photo, is a pretty bad vibe with the face of having few friends.

It is a boss that we will have to defeat yes or yes in order to unlock both the bad ending and the good or true ending of the game, anyway don’t worry about the topic of the endings right now because soon I will make a detailed guide of each one of them.

The case, that it is a boss that seems very intimidating, but in the end it is not so bad, something similar to what happened with Myriel . Things as they are, he can kill you very easily and so on, but if you learn to dodge him well and know how to act, he will go down pretty easy.


Reaching the Impure King is not lost since we will simply have to “continue forward” from where we fought Myriel, rather than forward it would be downward, but I will leave you a photo of the same.

Impure King Map Location in Ender Lilies

Be careful because on the way we will have to deal with some bugs that shoot lightning and are very heavy as well as a harmful fog that bothers their own. The nearby checkpoint is called the « Impure Zone » , just so you know.


This time the strategy will be very, very simple, since part of the secret of this fight lies in always staying in the central area, next to his heart (which is obviously where we should hit him). For the rest, we now analyze it in more depth.

Although it really has 3 phases, we will put 1 and 2 together since it is more or less the same.


Pretty easy these phases and actually all the combat. That said, we always stay in the center and we attack him with air attacks in the heart, below I will give you more advice, let’s see his attacks first.

  • Rib Attack : Impure King will attack us with his ribs. These will hit various areas of the screen suddenly, but therein lies the grace, that they will never attack the center (where he has the heart).
  • Summon Bugs : It’s sad but you could say that these bugs are the real final boss of the game because it’s what will really cause us problems. They are those flying bugs that you have found on the way to the boss that launch very fast projectiles. You’ll need to kill them quickly preferably when they spawn (they spawn right on the heart), so make sure you hit a lot when they spam, the idea is to attack both the bug and the heart at the same time. You can resort to the arcane attack when you spam for example so that it falls fast and incidentally you also damage the heart, or when you don’t have the arcane then pull your skills to make it fall fast. If they accumulate, it is easy for you to die because they do a lot of damage and prevent you from healing calmly.

And it’s that he doesn’t have the thing anymore, the truth is that this boss could have worked a little more on it… although on an aesthetic level it’s very good, in terms of mechanics it leaves a lot to be desired with this creature.

When he is at 33% health he will enter phase 3.


For a change, in phase 3 it will enter Rage mode and we will have to be more careful. It will begin to summon even more bugs, which is the most annoying thing… and dealing with them again will be the priority without neglecting to damage its heart as we have already mentioned.

He also acquires a new attack that is very powerful but easy to avoid:

  • Impure Explosion : It will start charging up a mega attack and after a while (gives you plenty of time to get away) it will explode dealing incredible damage. The burst occurs in the heart and will expand far to the sides. You nothing, you go to one side of the screen when it starts to load and that’s it, then you return to the action. If you have those flying bugs out there when this happens, be careful, they will continue to attack; I’m very heavy, you know.


For a change, I leave you the hoax I used. Clarify that my character was at level 98+, I don’t remember exactly, but around there. But come on, I imagine that if you are here you will be more or less on that scale.

  • Skills (given that it is the last boss, his thing would be that you take them to the maximum level or at least close to that):
    • Black Knight .
    • Dark Enforcer : It has become my favorite Skill, it is tremendous to be constantly damaging from a distance without complicating us too much. But obviously it is an extra, we have to continue hitting with other things, it is a help, without more.
    • Orphan Dragon : Ability that comes in handy in this fight. We will summon a huge toxic mist that will damage enemies in a fairly large area and for a considerable period of time. I would throw it away when one of those flying bugs came out and between attacking it and others, they would die while also damaging the heart.
    • One- eyed Royal Shield : I also highly recommend this one as it gives us extra damage to take into account, if you use it in the air the knight will fall to the ground and hit in the area (I think only at a high level, but don’t pay much attention to me ). Surprisingly, the area usually hits what we are interested in (heart and heavy bugs), but obviously it is not as reliable as the Dragon Lord.
  • Recommended relics (I will recommend the same ones as in Myriel because they are the cream):
    • Cracked Magic Stone + Flower Bracelet
    • Impure Finger + Giant’s Ring + Dragon’s Claw
    • Frithian Ring
    • Lycoris ring
    • Incorrupt Holy Water + Maiden Earrings B.

What I always say, you ride it however you want, this is what came in handy for me. Giant’s Ring is perhaps the most you could consider changing since 95% of the time we will hit in the air.


This is what we will get by defeating the Impure King:

  • The glory of defeating the game’s final boss?
  • Unlock the bad or good ending ( Ender Lilies Endings Guide ) and its relevant achievements. In the case of not having for the good ending, then yes or yes you take the bad ending, which is the following: End of the Journey. It seems that in the game they call it Final B, but hey, the bad end of the street.

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