April 21, 2024


The Dark Witch Irène  is the third boss (you don’t have to follow this order, but it’s the one I recommend) of Ender Lilies and although with the previous boss I already said that a difficulty rush was noticeable, well here again note another; not too exaggerated compared to Gerrald, but if something is noticeable, or at least it seems to me.

He is a magician and like the good magician that he is, he will spam us with spells and will teleport from time to time to annoy us a bit (typical of magicians). But nothing, you know, in this post I will give you several tips to defeat him easily; It is complicated, but with the strategy that I will propose you will see how much simpler it is.


You will find the Dark Witch Irène just below the checkpoint called « Magic C. Room » (that C only makes me think very badly), but I leave you the exact location below so you don’t get lost.

Map with the Location of Dark Witch Irène

I have also left you the location of Veteran Gerrald since I recommend that you go there first if you have not done so. As you can see, to go to the Witch Irène you will have to take the path below at the fork on the left of the photo.


This fight consists of three phases:


As usual, things will start quite relaxed; although beware because it has a rather annoying spell that we are now commenting on:

  • Burst Spell : It will launch several balls towards us that will move quite slowly and that it will not be too difficult to dodge. You can go under, jump over, dash… the usual stuff.
  • Spell Ball : The annoying attack that I mentioned, will shake the cane and shortly after it will launch a magical bolote that will move very quickly towards us. Luckily, with the flash-before-attack mechanic coupled with his signature move, it’s easy to anticipate a dash and dodge as soon as he launches it. Forget jumping, I’ve done it and the most normal thing was that I ate the attack, use the dash. The idea is that when you see that he is going to launch it, you prepare yourself, wait a bit (it takes a while to launch it) and as soon as he launches it, dash quickly.

The strategy for it to fall easy is as follows: You wait for it to attack with whatever it is, dodge it (in the direction of it), jump and hit a combo. After this he will teleport or move, attack again and you repeat the loop.

As soon as you lower more or less 25% of his life, he will enter phase 2.


In this phase he maintains his attacks, only you’ll have to be careful because when he casts the Ball Spell, he’ll cast one first and then another, so you’ll have to be careful to dodge both. You will also get a new attack:

  • Red Swirl : It will summon a whirlpool that will cover the entire vertical part of the screen (it is not very wide) that you will have to avoid touching to avoid taking damage. After a while it disappears.

Same strategy as before but now taking into account that when he casts Ball Spell he will do it 2 times in a row and watching with the Whirlwind. Here I recommend that you start using Guardian Sigrid ‘s ability in the air to deal more damage to her. You make your combo of blows in the air and at the same time you summon the Guardian to have more burst. When he summons the Whirlwind (it’s usually quite high up) you can also take the opportunity to hit him with the Guardian in the air.

When you lower another 25% of his life (he will have 50% remaining) he will enter phase 3, which is where things get tricky. But you’ll see that I have a trick that will come in handy.


The Dark Witch Irène will become a kind of amorphous monster as ugly as it is powerful. From her She maintains her attacks (with Hezhizo Bola x2) but this time she will constantly try to deceive us, I’ll explain how it works so that you’re the one who deceives her:

  • Burst Spell : The same, it will launch several small balls; only that she will wait for you to dodge to catch you unexpectedly, teleport to your side and make a “melee” attack (it sticks out like tentacles, I don’t know, something like that, very ugly). What you have to do is dodge the balls and be prepared for him to teleport; as it does dodge with dash and start hitting (if you add Guardian Sigrid to cause more damage better).
  • Ball Spell : With the Ball Spell the same thing, you wait for him to throw the two balls (dodge them) and get ready because he will teleport to your side again to pup you. But since you know he’ll do just that, you dodge when he teleports and then give him a good thrashing (along with Guardian Sigrid for more damage, you know).

Don’t attack him, just wait for him to do that and fight back, it’s the easiest way to defeat him. In addition to this you will get

With a little patience it will fall, cheers.


This is the build that I recommend (it’s the same as in Gerrald, it comes in handy), if you don’t have these items you can always mold it to your liking:

  • Skills:
    • Guardian Sigrid : As we have already mentioned, it will come in handy to do extra damage and the aerial attack is very good. I raised her to level 3 for this fight and it helped a lot.
    • Merchant of the West : The crow that throws pellets, comes as a joke to do passive damage. I also raised it to level 3.
  • Relics :
    • Broken Music Box : Slightly reduces the damage we take.
    • Manissa’s Ring : To be able to use more skills.


This is what we will get by defeating the Dark Witch Irène:

  • Ability: Dark Witch Irène . She is again an “auto” attack ability. This time we can cast spells from a distance. She has the peculiarity that she is not infinite like the Knight or Gerrald. They also give it to you at level 2.
  • Action: Bubble Witch . It will allow us to dive, something necessary to discover new areas and others.

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