April 16, 2024


Let’s move on to the next Ender Lilies boss : Hoenir of the Abyss . Yeah, another game using the concept of the Abyss, it seems to have caught on or something (which I don’t mind, but it would be nice to innovate a bit).

I’m not going to say the usual: “This boss seemed the most complicated”, because the thing is going to become a meme in the end. But it is true that this encounter is especially annoying, above all due to one factor: In addition to having to defeat the boss in question, we will also have to deal with the boss’s minions that will appear constantly and endlessly whether you kill them or not; is very annoying.

But hey, it is what it is, so nothing. I already clarify that in the end it is not such a big deal, but… let’s go with the guide!


You can find Hoenir of the Abyss in the canal area, specifically at the checkpoint called ” Ancient Scaffold “. Anyway, as always, I’ll leave you here the image with the map and such so as not to complicate ourselves too much with explanations.

Map with the Location of Hoenir of the Abyss in Ender Lilies

I have marked the starting area with an arrow to make it more indicative. As you can see, there is a pretty nice route to reach that area.


This fight consists of three phases, but we are going to simplify it as only 2 since the first and second are more or less the same.


From the outset, he will adopt a rather cowardly attitude. She will be constantly moving away from us and at most he will attack us from a distance if we get close. As soon as we get close he will go to Cuenca, and so on…

What he intends with this is that his minions annihilate you, in general you should ignore him as much as possible (there will be times when they will be in the way and you can do little). As you try to get close, watch out for the minions. Let’s take a look at his attacks:

  • Knife Throw : A ranged attack with which he will throw a knife at us, he will do it when he has us within range (he cannot throw it diagonally, only forward) and we can easily dodge it with a little jump or a dash. It does not have a heart attack distance, but the same eye.
  • Whirlwind : He will begin to use it in phase 2 (when you drop 33% of his life) and basically it is a frontal attack (it will only hit you if you are very close to him) with which he will push us to send us to the basin.
  • Jump and Knife : He also uses it in phase 2, he will jump to get away and in the process he will throw a knife at us.

That said, we will have to chase him and attack him as much as we can, taking care of his attacks while we are also on the lookout for the minions, which are quite annoying. Focus on chasing and attacking him while trying to avoid the minions.

Regarding the attacks of the arcane bar, be careful because since it does not stop running away it is easy for you to waste them. When he has 33% health left, he will enter phase 3, the last one.


Here he totally changes his attitude and will go from fleeing to constantly chasing us, it will be easy to die if we are not careful. The strategy of throwing attacks from a distance worked very well for me (in the build below I’ll tell you better), the idea is to damage him while now we flee because the guy is quite dangerous in melee. If you have to heal yourself, go very far because he will not stop his attacks.

The same attacks but with a new one, which is quite annoying, everything is said:

  • Offensive Somersault : Hoenir of the Abyss will perform a jump while non-stop hitting around him in a parabola until he falls to the ground. He will do this very often by chaining attacks. It will damage you up close, if you jump too, it will also catch you from a distance… salvation is the hole it creates in the jump itself or the strategy of running away and throwing things at it from a distance that we will see below.

What is certain is that in this phase it will be a little easier to nail an arcane attack.


This is the build that I used, this time I used 2 different sets (you know you can move from one to the other whenever you want):

In Phase 1 and 2

  • Skills:
    • Black Knight : The higher the level the better, I had it at 4 by then.
    • Dark Witch Irène : Again, the higher the level, the better (as in all of them, come on), ideal to hit him from a distance. Remember that you can hit in the air, so you can prevent the minions from walling up and stopping some of your attacks.
    • Merchant of the West : My favorite raven, he will do some random damage without you worrying. It is true that he will also attack minions but hey, foolishly he will dispatch some by himself… or at least it will bother them.

The typical ranged build, quite effective to hit him from afar since if you get close he tends to run away. It will do it in the same way, although at least you will be able to hit it a little better. Of course, many times the henchmen will make a wall for him, you will have to deal with that.

In Phase 3

  • Skills:
    • black knight
    • Guardian Sigrid : Ideal for when she approaches us, she likes that a lot, that way she eats her attacks.
    • Dark Enforcer : It’s great because this warrior teleports to the enemy’s back to hit him, so we can run away while he’s beating him up. He sometimes messes around and attacks minions, but hey, it works fine.

And as for Relics …

  • relics:
    • Broken Music Box : Slightly reduces damage taken.
    • Frithia’s Ring : It allows us to use the parry, although I hardly used it at all, but… it’s free!
    • Giant’s Ring : Increases our ground attack damage. Essential.
    • Dragon’s Claw : As above, but for attacks in the air. Essential too.
    • Ring of Lycoris : Increases your arcane bar by 1, which is always great.
    • Ring of Manyssa : Increases the skill usage limit so you can cast more.
    • Corrupted Rosario : Slightly increases maximum HP.
    • Ring of Kyrtis : Reduces the recharge time between abilities, something that we will especially appreciate with the phase 3 set.


This is what we will get by defeating Hoenir of the Abyss:

  • Ability: Hoenir of the Abyss . We will throw knives forward (several in a row) that have a medium range, the truth is quite good.
  • Action: Rope of the Dark . With this we can grab a kind of… torches with the hook? I don’t know, some things that hang in various places in the game. As always, it will allow us to reach new areas and collect objects that we couldn’t before, which has a Metroidvania come on.

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