April 15, 2024


We are already in the final stretch regarding Ender Lilies bosses ! Today we have to talk about Myriel , the one who at the moment is the biggest boss that we will see in our adventure, although I already tell you that despite his intimidating appearance (he is a huge and quite amorphous impure), because in the end it is not such a big deal .

At this point in the game you’re probably already quite cheated and that’s something that is already being noticed. In any case, he is a dangerous boss who can delete you in a very simple way, so as always I will leave you his guide here with advice and others. Let’s go there!


We can find Myriel in the Laboratory area, specifically at the Checkpoint called ” Underground Lab S5 “.

I’ll leave you the specific location of the boss encounter and also mark where you can get the “Heretic’s Mask” Relic, an item needed to take much less damage from the impure mist that is everywhere in this area. Without the mask you are lost.

Map of the Location of Myriel and the Mask of the Heretic

To get to Myriel, we will have to unlock the elevators in that large vertical room that you can see on the map. You can see the connections on the map itself, you will have to go from top to bottom.


This fight consists of three phases, for a change. I’ll tell you in advance that his attacks, whatever their phase, do a lot of damage. Every mistake here is heavily penalized, so you’ll have to be very careful and try to dodge as much as you can. That is why later in the build I will recommend damage reduction items.


Things start relatively quiet. Few attacks, relatively easy to dodge, but huge damage.

  • Claw Strike : If you get close to her, she will strike you with her claws in an attack with a brutal range. The idea is that you are never too close to prevent yourself from this attack.
  • Explosive Ball : It will launch a ball that will roll around the screen, it is easily dodged by jumping. But there will come a time when it will stop and explode with a huge area of ​​damage. As soon as it is going to explode, get away as much as you can or you will suffer the consequences.
  • Throw Balls : From time to time he will throw several balls into the air that you will have to dodge.

As usual, when you lower 33% of his life, he will change phase.


He keeps his attacks but acquires a somewhat annoying one:

  • Summon Spikes: It will summon some spikes that will emerge from the ground for a while. You can dodge them by jumping and dashing to get away from the area where they appear. But be careful because while you dodge, he might want to make another attack.

We will have to continue until he has 30% health left, where the salseo will begin.


It does not acquire new attacks, but two of the attacks that we have already seen will be greatly improved and it will complicate things.

  • Summon Spikes + : Same, but will spawn multiple spikes in a row.
  • Throw Balls + : The same but it will throw many more balls and it will stay for a long time throwing them.

Here the boss gets very intense, priority 1 go dodging him, when you can you hit him. Be careful, dying is very easy here if we get lost.


As always I leave you the build that I used (which was great for me):

  • Skills (at the highest possible level):
    • Black Knight .
    • Dark Executor : To go hitting him without problems, between what we dodge or ultimately when we want, this ability is tremendous.
    • One-Eyed Royal Shield : By the time you get a bit close, you put this on it to take a lot of life out of it, hit it a tad with the Black Knight and run away or get busted.
  • Recommended Relics :
    • Cracked Magic Stone + Flower Bracelet : Both reduce the damage received, vital in this boss.
    • Impure Finger + Giant’s Ring + Dragon’s Claw : To greatly increase our damage, which has life cloth.
    • Frithia’s Ring : The parry, it’s free.
    • Ring of Lycoris : Increases the arcane bar by 1, ideal for more extra damage, you are also immune while doing this attack.
    • Uncorrupted Holy Water + Maiden’s Earrings B. : Increases healing and we get another cure.

As always, this is an orientation; you do it how it suits you. I recommend that you come quite cheated.


This is what we will get by defeating Commander Julius:

  • Ability: Fadden Heretic . Similar to Dark Witch Irène but instead of attacking quickly we will launch several balls at once.
  • Action: Undo Stamp . We can finally open those damn doors that are everywhere, you will find interesting things there and it will be necessary to unlock the True Ending of Ender Lilies .

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