April 21, 2024


This time I bring you the Greatsword of Guts from Elden Ring . The name as such is “Espadon”, but come on, it’s Guts because it looks a lot like it.

Guts Greatsword

We are also facing one of the most powerful greatswords in the game and of course we are facing a weapon that is tremendously powerful for all those who go to Strength Build. This Greatsword has a very good damage, a good scaling in Strength and as a counterpart it has an exaggerated weight, so we will require a certain amount of Stamina if we do not want to go through the Elden Ring map practically naked.

It is also a weapon that we can easily get from the beginning. It is true that it is in a more advanced area of ​​the game, but going there will not be a problem and we can obtain it by avoiding combat. I would not recommend that you go at the beginning, but when you have cleared the first area of ​​Necrolimbo a little more. If you’re one of my people and you like Greatswords/Claymores, I recommend that at the beginning you carry the Sworn Greatsword (  or the Greatsword, which you have linked below) and when you advance a little more you get this or the Blade Greatsword Grafted , which is also very good and is a Game of Thrones reference.


These are his stats:

  • Base Damage level 1: 164 physical.
  • Weight: 23.0.
  • Critical: 100.
  • Protections:
    • Physical: 67.
    • magic 50
    • Fire: 50.
    • Lightning: 50.
    • Holy: 50.
    • Stability: 38.
  • Attribute Scaling:
    • Strength: c
    • Dexterity: e
  • Necessary Attributes:
    • Force 31.
    • Skill 12.

The Greatsword has a high base attack, good Strength scaling, and pretty bad Dexterity (but since it’s for Strength Builds, we don’t care); In fact, a good tip is to use the Ashes of War to apply the “Heavy” affinity to him to make his Strength scaling even higher.

Its requirements are quite high, mainly due to Strength, which is 31 is quite a lot, although it will not cost us too much to get it if we focus on it. Although it is true that at the beginning we will not be able to take it, a pity. The Dexterity that it asks of us is negligible so it is not a problem.

It also has very good defensive attributes and also good stability, which is always appreciated to receive less damage in a game where the enemies hit quite hard and so that they do not stun us with the attacks (essential in bosses like the Hound Knight Darriwil ) . The only drawback it has is obviously its weight, that 23 is outrageous and therefore what I have already mentioned at the beginning, we are going to need a lot of stamina unless you want to go practically half-naked through the Elden Ring, which is not a good idea for reasons obvious.

It should be noted that it is one of the weapons with the greatest reach in the Elden Ring and that is something that is greatly appreciated, for the moment (what I have seen so far), at least in the category of Colossal Swords (the billet Greatswords) only the Greatsword approaches him a little (which I also find very interesting).

If you went with the Great Ax , the truth is that this Greatsword is more worth it. And if you’re more into hammers, check out Warhammer .


Lookout of Rot in Elden Ring

We will find this area with a more brown / reddish earth tone to the Northeast of Necrolimbo . In itself, it is the area that is further Northwest of the entire map and be careful because it is an area designed for high levels so do not face anyone if you are at the beginning because they will delete you.

As you can see, it is all the way, your first objective should be the “Mirador de la Putrefaccion” bonfire (the one that appears in the photo) and immediately afterwards you will only have to follow the path to the Northeast. Be careful because on the way you will find a huge troop of undead that you should avoid if you value your life and later on it is where we will find the typical wagon dragged by trolls that will have a chest, this time with this Broadsword. There you will find a kind of huge deformed dogs that you will have to avoid by stealth and sneak in without being seen to take the chest; It seems that they are going to see you, but you will see that if you go in stealth nothing happens, they are distracted.

To get to this area I recommend that you go from the northern area of ​​Necrolimbo, past the Storm Gate and from there follow the path to the East, as soon as you see an area of ​​brown / reddish land you will be there.

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