April 21, 2024


The Draconian Soldier is a boss of the Elden Ring that we can find in the Siofra River (an area that is also somewhat hidden and that is optional, I will explain below) and that is very intimidating due to its large size; luckily the area where we fight is quite wide, Miyazaki has taken pity on us this time.

It is a huge humanoid dragon that goes on all fours and is even equipped with a kind of armor (it even has a cape). The most notable thing about the boss is his powerful attacks with an impressive range, something that can make it difficult to battle him. But as always, we have analyzed it thoroughly to bring you a strategy with which it will fall very easily, so let’s go there (but first I’ll tell you where you can find it, below the guide).


The Siofra River is a very particular area of ​​Elden Ring since it is a map that we can find in the subsoil of the usual map (you know, Necrolimbo and that); come on, it is a different map that is at another level of height.

Location of the Siofra River Well in Elden Ring

In order to unlock it we will have to go to the East of Necrolimbo, next to that large tree that is drawn on the map in that area (in the photo you will see it well); there will be a round building called Pozo del Río Siofra , it will have an elevator that will take us to the Río Siofra.

Once we are already in the Siofra River we will have to go specifically to this area:

Map of the Siofra River in the Elden Ring

The Draconian Soldier is not in the area marked by the peephole, but there you will find a portal that will take us to him ; he is in an elevated area further north.

The teleport (portal) in question is found by going up that collapsed column through which we can climb in which we have one of those ghost archer centaurs that delete us with huge magic arrows (note that there is one in the area). The closest bonfire is Forest of Devotees.

After using the portal, we will see it in a flooded area, it is easily seen, it is a huge bug.


The Draconian Soldier has powerful attacks with his arms, which are extremely long and can hit you from far away; Sometimes it almost seems impossible what this creature achieves with its arms. He has different attacks with his arms, charges and that kind of thing… but the important thing in this fight, beyond knowing his attacks, is knowing the strategy so that he falls easily, I’ll tell you.

The first thing is that we must use the horse to have better mobility. We have to go around him running with the horse to avoid his blows and when an attack ends (if you dodge it successfully) he has to get between his legs and stay there hitting him (his thing is that you stay between his legs but from the back for added security). In this particular area he will not be able to do anything, so you can attack him safely; if it eventually hits you, which can happen, you quickly retreat with your horse to heal up while running; don’t trust yourself, get far away.

It will end up moving away and others, but you continue with the same strategy; You go around him, when you dodge an attack or streak you sneak under his legs and lynch him.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Dragon Halberd : A halberd that is quite good since it has its own Ash of War with which we will deal a powerful blow with which we will also imbue our weapon with Lightning for a while.

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