April 16, 2024
Elden Ring - Guide to the location of all weapons and shields

Elden Ring – Guide to the location of all weapons and shields

In this guide of Elden Ring , the new FromSoftware title of which you can find our review here , we want to deepen where to find all the weapons and shields of the game.

We are talking about a work that, as usual, allows you to enjoy a lot of content in this sense , and which therefore leaves the players to deal with a real arsenal.

We would like to emphasize that the guide to where to find all the weapons and shields in Elden Ring may contain spoilers on the title, albeit minor, and we therefore invite you to continue reading with caution.

the fire ring

Where to find all the weapons and shields in Elden Ring: here is the guide

  • Golden Halberd – Limgrave: The First Step – Si ottiene dalla Tree Sentinel
  • Flail – Limgrave (Gatefront Ruins) – You can get it from the chest at the back of the big carriage near the Agheel Lake North place of grace
  • Lordsworn’s Greatsword – Limgrave (Gatfront Ruins): Located in the same spot as the previous one
  • Forked Hatchet – Limgrave (Stormfoot Catacomb): obtainable from the Stone Imp
  • Twinblade – Limgrave (Dragon-Burnt Ruins): you can get it from the chest in the underground part of the ruins
  • Cipher Pata – Roundtable Hold: Jump from the balcony to the east and follow the corridors to the dead end to find him on a bed.
  • Falchion – Limegrave (Church of Elleh): obtained from the Demi-Humans by going to the south part of the beach and proceeding southwest
  • Club – Limegrave (Church of Elleh): you can get it in the same place as the previous one
  • Broadsword – Limegrave (Church of Elleh): purchasable from the local merchant, it is under an arch
  • Dismounter – Limegrave (Church of Elleh): released by the Kaiden Mercenary near the bonfire found by going to the north part of the beach and going southwest from there
  • Greataxe – Limegrave (Waypoint Ruins): on the back of the chariot which is pulled by two giants
  • Erdsteel Dagger – Limgrave (Mistwood Outskirts): From the north talk to Aight, who is on top of a stone structure and he will call you, asking you to clean up Fort Haight (southeast, after the foresa), then return to the place
  • Torch – Sold by Kale in Chiera for 200 Runes
  • Morning Star – Weeping Penninsula (Bridge of Sacrifice): South of the bridge, in the next open area, inside the chest in the wagon
  • Winged Scythe – Weeping Peninsula (Tombsward Ruins): in a chest at the bottom of the ruins
  • Crepus’s Black-Key Crossbow (Roundtable Hold): through the first door that requires the Stonesword Key going down the stairs, in a crate in the dining room
  • Warhawk’s Talon – Can be obtained from enemies Warhawk and Stormhawk located in Limgrave after the Stormveil Main Gate
  • Hookclaws – Stormveil Castle (Stormveil Cliffside): continue the path after entering the castle, it is downstairs in the black corner, on a corpse
  • Brick Hammer – Stormveil Castle (Stormveil Cliffside): Continue to the area where you will unlock the door and go up the ladder. Go right and jump to the platform to go back outside, then reach the tower that takes you inside
  • Highland Ax – Stormveil Castle (Rampart Tower): Continue in the ramparts until you reach the room with a spider, taking the weapon in the course below the painting
  • Mercy – Stormveil Castle (Rampart Tower): Starting from the room just mentioned, go to the room furthest from the picture, and through the locked door Stonesword Key to find it in a corpse.
  • Pike – Stormveil Castle (Rampart Tower): in this case go to the spider room in the door closest to the painting, ending up in the courtyard, and inspecting one of the bodies in the center
  • Rogier’s Rapier +8 – Roundtable Hold: Talk to Rogier after defeating Rodrick
  • Bloodhound’s Fang – Forlorn Hound’s Evergaol: ricompensa per aver sconfitto Bloodhound Knight Darriwal.
  • Hand Ax – Purchase from Traveling Merchant for 600 Runes
  • Godslayer’s Seal – From the Rampart Towers place of grace, go to the shortcut and enter the courtyard with the enemies outside. Follow the wall to the left and take the stairs to return to the castle, you will find it after the room with 4 rats, through the wall of fog, on the chest
  • Horn Bow   – Limgrave (Siofra River Well Depths): to the left of the stairs indicating the fireplaces to be lit, behind the pillars
  • Caestus – Can be purchased from Gatekeeper Gostoc after opening the main gate in Stormveil Castle for 800 Rune
  • Reduvia – Obtained after defeating the Bloody Finger Nerijus outside Murkwater Cave (in Limgrave, the river north of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins)
  • Icerind Hatchet – Liurnia of the Lakes (Temple Quarter): in the southern part of the sunken town, is a chest in the ground floor tower
  • Nightright Glaive – Liurnia of the Lakes (Converted Fringe Tower): Defeat the giant outside the tower
  • Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword – Liurnia of the Lakes (Magma Wyrm): si ottiene dal boss Magma Wyrm Makar
  • Golden Order Seal – Leyndell, Royal Capital (Minor Erdtree Church): at the foot of the tree, on a body
  • Dragon Communion Seal – Limgrave (Fringefolk Hero’s Grave): obtained from a ghostly enemy with sword and shield, at the top of the path with the statue moving
  • Golden Epitaph – Lyndell, Royal Capital (Auriza Hero’s Grave): Behind the door that requires the Stonesword Key in the same room as the place of grace
  • Dragon Greatclaw – Lyndell, Royal Capital (Auriza Hero’s Grave, upper part): Draconic Tree Sentinel boss drops Cane Sword – Lyndell, Royal Capital (West Capital Rampart): Go south of the room to the site of grace and go down the stairs to on the ground floor, it is located on a building on the corner
  • Pulley Bow – Mt. Gelmir (First Mt. Gelmir Campsite): Continue west climbing the war tower to the top, where there is a corpse with the weapon.
  • Erdtree Greatbow – Limgrave (Fringefolk Hero’s Grave): is obtained automatically after destroying the statue that moves using the fere
  • Halberd – Limgrave (Saintsbridge): purchasable from the merchant on the right after crossing the bridge, is near a hearth and plays an instrument
  • Estoc – Liurnia of the Lakes (Liurnia Lake Shore): it is bought from its place of grace
  • Astrologer’s Staff – Liurnia of the Lakes (Liurnia Lake Shore): purchasable together with the previous item


  • Brass Shield – Limgrave (Gatefront Ruins or around Limgrave): obtained from shield wielding soldiers
  • Bear Crest Heater Shield – Limgrave (Warmater’s Shack): Follow the path east of the enemy camp, it is found in a chest in a large stone structure
  • Large Leather Shield – Sold by Merchant Kale at the Church of Elleh in Limgrave for 600 Rune
  • Great Turtle Shell – Weeping Penninsula (Castle Morne Rampart): Jump into the nearby Spiritspring and use it to get to the top of the tower
  • Gilded Iron Shield – Weeping Penninsula (Church of Pilgrimage): just outside the church, in the cemetery, on the west side of the body
  • Marred Leather Shielf – Stormveil Castle (Stormveil Cliffside): after the path starting from the place of grace, once again on a corpse
  • Hawk Crest Wooden Shield – Stormveil Castle (Rampart Tower): from the room with the spider enemy, exit the door furthest from the picture and take the locked door for which the Stonesword Key is needed, it is on a body
  • Wooden Greatshield – Stormveil Castle (Rampart Tower): from the room with the enemy, go out the door closest to the painting to the courtyard, it is located on the wooden platform in the west
  • Riveted Wooden Shield – Dal Traveling Merchant per 600 Rune
  • Blue-Gold Kite Shield – Purchase through Traveling Merchant for 1,000 Runes
  • Jellyfish Shield – Liurna of the Lakes (Foot of the Four Belfries): a nord del corpo vicino al four spirit Jellyfish
  • Inverted Hawk Heater Shield – Limgrave (Siofra River Well Depths): After taking the elevator to the new area, pass the place of grace and continue until you pass the 3 enemies, it is on a body
  • Buckler  – Purchase from Gatekeeper Gostoc after opening the Main Gate in Stormveil Castle for 1,500 Runee
  • Blue-White Wooden Shield – Liurnia of the Lakes (South Raya Lucariara Gate): Go south to the area with the soldiers, then to the west corner of the platform behind the structure to find it on a corpse
  • Carian Knight’s Shield – Academy of Raya Lucaria (Debate Parlor): Continue into the courtyard and up to the stairs in the next area. Defeat Moongru, Carian Knight to get it
  • Dragonclaw Shield – Lyndell, Royal Capital (Auriza Hero’s Grave, top): Released by Draconic Tree Sentinel boss
  • Kite Shield – Liurnia of the Lakes (Liurnia Lake Shore): purchasable from the Nomadic Merchant at the site of grace

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