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Godrik the Grafted is the second main boss that we will face in Elden Ring and it would be the first that we could consider as a boss of the fat ones since this will give us one of the Great Runes, an object that the most powerful in the game possess and that we will have to collect facing the end of it.

As with Margit , this one is not short on difficulty. I must say that Godrick has seemed somewhat simpler to me, but I think that in part it is thanks to the training that defeating Margit himself meant, that you want him to not be the boss who prepares us for this type of bosses and it shows that after defeating him we already have more experience (I don’t mean levels, I mean player experience).

Of course, as with all the main bosses, I recommend that you go with a suitable level (I did it at about level 38) and with the most powerful weapon you can. If it becomes very difficult for you, you can always go around the world, go up a few levels and come back for it being something more powerful.

The case, we go with his location and after that his guide to defeat him in the easiest way.


Hidden Cell in Elden Ring

We will find Godrik right next to the Celda Recóndita bonfire in his castle, in the map photo you can see in detail where he is; but basically we will have to get to the end of the castle, we will eventually get there in a tortuous route.

In case you have not yet reached the castle in question, there is no loss; It is located to the northwest just after passing the Storm Gate.


We will do what we always do, keep our distance and attack right at the key moments when he leaves a gap in his defense. If you risk more or you risk less it is up to you, but with caution and patience it will fall.

From the outset, I highly recommend the Igneous Dragon Talisman (given to us by Farum Azula’s Beastman boss ) since it reduces the fire damage we receive and yes, it has Godrick fire damage; only in the second phase, but he has it.


Godrick has powerful attacks but is somewhat slow, although it is true that he has some combos in which we could not hit slow at all. That said, keep your distance, shield up and ready to dodge if necessary; if at any time you see a small gap give it a tap or two (depending on your weapon speed, I was going with the Greatsword of Guts and therefore one and thanks); but only if you see it very clearly.

These are the most key attacks in order to counterattack:

  1. Furious Wind and Air Charge : Very often it will start to blow like wind in an area that we must block or dodge and after this 2 things can happen:
    1. That launches a kind of mini-tornadoes, which in that case we will dodge.
    2. Let him start doing somersaults and end up taking a big jump to fall on us. We dodge just before it hits the ground and after this jump + strong attack and quickly back away.
  2. Earthquake : Godrick will embed his weapon into the ground and raise the surrounding earth causing damage. Their thing is to get away so that it doesn’t affect you, with your shield up just in case you don’t have time (which should give you time since the idea is to keep your distance). Be careful because it is an attack with 2 streaks, he will raise the ground and after a while he will do it again; after this second time you run towards him, jump and attack hard; after this we quickly moved away again.

When you lower 40% of health more or less you will see that it stops and hits itself, an ideal moment to take advantage and give it a tap; but beware, when he hits himself, just at that moment, he will cause us damage if he hits us indirectly. After this, phase 2 begins.


From now on he will have powerful fire attacks . From the outset, stay away and heal if necessary; very attentive because it usually starts with the “flamethrower” attack (which I’ll tell you about below); after his attack is the best time to summon Cinder’s sync pairs to distract him a bit so you can carefully hit him in between kills (which won’t take long).

He will keep many of his moves, you will have to counter him in the same way; yes, Earthquake will change a bit and sometimes he will do 3 streaks instead of 1, so be very careful when launching to attack him with this. Otherwise more or less the same but we can not leave aside the flamethrower attack already mentioned, let’s do it:

  • Flamethrower : Probably your most dangerous attack, it will launch a flame across the field with an impressive range and move it around. The idea is to run towards him while dodging the flame so that when the attack ends we can hit him and quickly back away. Keep your shield up just in case, it could hit you with fire if you don’t do it right. If you inevitably have to eat the fire (which can happen with so much range) at least have your shield up to receive less damage.

If you hit him with the “jump + strong attack” that I have been telling you about, it is possible that in this phase you will stun him and that is a blessing from heaven because you know, if at that moment when he is stunned we stand in front of him and We press R1, we will give it a tremendous blow that foolishly lowers 20% of the life of the pull. After this blow on him he will fall to the ground, so you can make a strong charged blow without problems; that yes, do not trust and prepare to run after the blow that one never knows and maybe you did not just kill him and it is he who kills you for getting lost.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Godrick’s Great Rune .
  • Remembrance of the Grafted .

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