April 21, 2024


The Revenant Regal is a very powerful and annoying Elden Ring boss , it is the typical overly aggressive and fast boss that can finish us off in seconds if we get lost.

We already had a series of fairly simple bosses, at this point it is clear that we are already more equipped (unless you go to the sack and do not thoroughly investigate the maps, each one playing as they wish) for which it is noticeable that We already caused more damage and that makes things a lot easier… if it weren’t for the fact that the boss shouldn’t last long, the truth is that this would be a horrible boss.

But hey, I’m not going to get involved anymore, let’s go with the in-depth guide of the boss and with his location on the Elden Ring map.


Ruins of the Royal Domains in Elden Ring

We will find the Revenant Regal in the Ruins of the Royal Domains , which we can find north of the Rennala Academy (you know, in Liurnia, north of Necrolimbo), specifically along the path that goes on the left side, almost north of the all.

At this point you already know very well how the Ruins are going in Elden Ring, you will have to find some stairs down there, which in this case will cost a bit because they are quite large ruins, but they are not very hidden either. As soon as you find the stairs, go down them and you will find the typical fog with the boss wanting to give you a hug behind it.


As we have already mentioned, it is the typical super aggressive boss and therefore it will be a good idea to be aggressive too because if the fight goes on too long, it is most likely that you will die . That does not mean that you have to go crazy without any reason, but you will have to play it a bit because finding a gap in his movement set is anecdotal and maintaining an overly defensive posture will continue to be in danger because he is too aggressive. Come on, delete it quickly, the best strategy.

You should be very careful especially with these 2 attacks:

  • Spit Poison : It will shoot poison from its mouth at a great distance and briefly soak the ground in poison. The idea is that you dodge to the sides to avoid direct contact and that after that you are careful not to touch the poison, it will not take long for it to leave the field. If you are poisoned you will be in serious trouble because the boss is already very aggressive for you to be poisoned on top of it.
  • 800 Hit Combo : When I do it you will understand the name. A very long combo in which he will hit a zillion hits and obviously his thing is for you to move away quickly and wait for the endless streak of hits to end (he will move, so be careful).

For the rest, he has more common attacks that you will have to dodge/block and find a hole to attack him; the best asset you have is that if you have good damage it will last a short time, take advantage of that. There are occasions when he makes a forward blow where he is quite exposed in the face of hitting him or two, but what has been said… that in the end it is best to be very vigilant with those 2 attacks mentioned above and be quite aggressive (not crazy ) with the. Oh yeah, and as strange as it sounds, it’s safer to be close to him than to be at medium/long range.


Defeating him will not give us anything as such, but we will be able to open a door with a chest where we will get something interesting:

  • Frozen Needle : It is a rapier that deals freezing damage and with strong attacks in addition to the blow itself, we will launch ice projectiles from a distance; the truth is that the weapon is quite cool, although I don’t like rapiers very much (to taste colors I suppose).

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