April 14, 2024


Las Sierpes is one of the new bosses of the third DLC of Blasphemous (Wounds of Eventide) and it must be said that The Game Kitchen has taken it out with this boss because it has everything: It is epic, fun and complicated (as it should be, that for something they are some Sierpes that don’t even fit on the screen); Come on, I loved it.

As always, I bring you his complete guide and with great enthusiasm because when I said that “Blasphemous needed a more epic boss and that it was really a challenge”, I meant exactly this. Although the Sunrises and Lauds in my opinion were also very beautiful. But come on, for me this is the best boss of Blasphemous (and I still have one of the DLC left, I’m working on it, to see if they surprise me again).


You will be able to find the Sierpes in a new area called « Mourning and Havoc » which you can access from Madre de Madres and watch out because it is an extremely bloody area and I highly recommend you to have the Prayer of Tento to your Thorny Hairs to spend it.

Location on the Map of the Serpents in Blasphemous

The orange arrow at the top right is where you should access this new area. The room (lower left) painted is the exact location of the battle against the Serpents and the little arrow below the nearest teleport (indispensable to avoid having to do all that tedious journey again).


From the outset, comment that the Sierpes have a very hard shell and will be invulnerable to all our attacks except for their only weak point, which is their tongue , so when their mouth is closed, forget about attacking. When you are attacking him, keep in mind that you must be close to his mouth but not too close, otherwise closing it will do a little damage.

This time I have separated the combat into 3 phases and to vary each phase it will cost a little more than the previous one:


In this phase we will face the Serpent on the left:

  • Charge : The Wurm’s head will snap back and charge forward with its head (as if it’s going to bite you). It gives you a lot of time to see the attack, timing is very easy , it will be enough to do a parry when it launches towards us and that’s it. After this she will go back to her place with her tongue half out and you can take advantage of it to give her a few hits (or a good deblazo) between which she repositions herself because in the meantime she will not make any attack. Note that this is the first attack she will do at the start of the battle.
  • Electrical Currents : This attack is going to be something very constant. Throughout the battle, those electric balls that we have been finding in “place” will appear that generate electric currents between them and that of course we must avoid if we do not want to last at all. Always be aware of these balls and be careful never to be between two of these so as not to receive a download.
  • Thorns : Thorns will emerge from the body of the Serpent that will move from the furthest part to the head of the Serpent until they reach the head. You will have to jump when they approach you (you should be in the head to hit them on the tongue) to the opposite side in which they move in order to avoid said attack. It is very easy to dodge this.
  • Tail Attack : Very occasionally we can see how its tail appears in the upper corner of the screen and it will launch some electric balls that act in a different way since they will chase us (you will have to avoid them) and if they reach the ground they will explode creating a lightning vertical. Another similar attack but very different at the same time will be one with which it will point us with a kind of “electric laser beam” while it will move to get closer to us, avoid it at all costs and if you see that you do not have space to move away, use some item/skill/action that gives you immunity.

It will switch to phase 2 around the time you get it down to 33%-40% health, which is when the Right Wurm will spawn.


Here the head on the right will begin to appear, which has the same attacks, only they will be a little more bloody and therefore you will have to be more attentive, in addition to having much thicker spines that we are going to do now. From this phase both heads will be interspersed.

  • Semi-Permanent Thorns : Some super long thorns that will emerge from its body and will stay there for a long time. These will prevent us from moving comfortably (you will only be able to move between the thorns with a dash, if you walk normally you will receive damage) so it will be more difficult to avoid the hits of the Serpent. Very key that you play a lot with the immunities (in the advice section below I tell you better).
  • OP Thorns : Similar to the thorns attack of the Left Serpent but much more OP since it will do it with these mega-thorns that it has. You will have to do a dash at the right moment between one thorn and another, but if you can roll immunity better, it is difficult to dodge it.

Around when he is at 33% health is when phase 3 will begin.


We have little left and here more or less things will remain the same (although some attacks will be a little more annoying still) with a change that is quite annoying, and that is that in this last phase there will be a quite hardcore wind current that will push us and therefore therefore it will make it very difficult to dodge some attacks. This wind will also change, sometimes it will come from the right, sometimes from the left and sometimes it will stop. You can tell its direction by looking at the rain.

Give it all you have little left, keep playing a lot with immunities and fill yourself with determination; the glory will be yours.


As I have already mentioned, it is essential to have things that immunize us from damage in order to hold out well in this fight. My recommendation is that you join the Debla brotherhood, because that spell is so powerful that it’s scary.

If you pair Debla of Lights with Penance of True Guilt (to get Bile Flasks of Fervor) and wear Smoky Heart Incense to greatly boost the damage of the spells (and their cost of Fervor), not only will you have a very powerful attack, but on top of that while you channel it you are immune to all damage and you even have a time after launching the attack in which you are also invulnerable (it seems not, and it really is a long time ).

Then you have other things such as Pelican Effigy, to gain immunity while pulling the Bile Flask (also essential) and of course the Frozen Olive to save our lives (which is also great). Both things are Rosary Beads .

It’s basically what I already told you about in Isidora’s Voice of the Dead post (another Wounds of Eventide boss who is also very handsome, but nothing, the tremendous Serpents), but I must insist, this build is tremendous and it works exaggeratedly right. Another option would be to throw a lot of Tento at your Thorny Hair, which in itself gives us temporary immunity and the truth is that it is another prayer that is very broken.


This is what we will get:

  • The Echo and Shadow Aspect . A skin of a copper tone that is quite cool. I think I like it more than Isidora’s, but I have doubts, both of them are quite beautiful.
  • Sinister Broken Gaze of the Betrayer : A key item needed to obtain Blasphemous’s New True Ending .

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