April 15, 2024


As you already know, we already have the new and priori last free DLC available for Blasphemous : Wounds of Eventide in which of course we will have new content that I will mention in this post.

I have to say that this last DLC is enchanting me especially for its new bosses and some other additions; although it is true that there is a specific topic that has not been cool for me at all, something that I will comment on below. Other than that, it’s bullshit.

Clarify that at the outset you will not see everything new in the DLC more than anything because I am still on it, I will update it as I discover more things. If you have discovered something that is not on the list (or I have forgotten, which can happen too), leave me a comment.

And nothing, let’s go with the news of this DLC. The most relevant things, we won’t go into bug fixes and that sort of thing, here’s the chick.


Luto y Estrago is a fairly complicated new area that will drive you a little crazy that you can find in Ecos de Sal (it has two entrances), although in the end you have to end up entering from Madre de Madres. I leave you the same location:

Location on the Map of the Serpents in Blasphemous

You enter from where the orange arrow at the top marks. The other little arrow is the closest checkpoint to the Boss that you will also find in this area, which is higher up, the room painted orange.

This new boss is the Sierpes and I can already tell you that it is a piece of boss (it has cooled me). 


Isidora, Voice of the Dead in Blasphemous

In the Osario del Albero (where you deliver the Bones and others) you will find a new NPC with whom you can talk and if you have a certain number of bones (I don’t know the number at the moment, I only know that they are not all because when I did it I 2 were missing) will open a door to the right where Isidora Voice of the Dead awaits us (who also linked you to her guide).

This boss is also very handsome (the Serpents are too cool, Tier SS) and he’s also quite complicated, so be careful; but hey, for that you already have your guide.


And this is the part that has bothered me a bit because to unlock the new secret ending we will have to start the game again… those of us who have been playing since the beginning and have kept up with the DLC have already beaten it 2 times, so it will play a third.


We also have the following new prayers :

  • Mirabrás del Regreso a Puerto : A very useful prayer since it will return us to our checkpoint, something that the truth is that was needed. It is achieved in Mourning and Havoc, it is very easy to find if we access from Ecos de Sal.
  • Tirana del Bastion Celeste : We will create a kind of electrical zone that will hit for a long time. It is achieved in the new area that they have put in the Brotherhood of the Mute Lament.


We will also have new Skins :

  • Echo and Shadow : Copper tone appearance that we will obtain by defeating the Serpents.
  • Singer of the Dead : This Skin is gold and blue (very paladin vibe) and we will obtain it by defeating Isidora.
  • Exemplaris Excomvnicationis : We obtain this by obtaining the Secret End of Wounds of Eventide.


And of course, new Rosario Accounts :

  • Burnished Alabaster Scale : In Ecos de Sal, for the new part they have added. It allows us to block attacks that come from behind. Wasn’t this already stock? I’d swear I’ve done back parry before.
  • Luz de la Farolera : In Mourning and Havoc, from the entrance of Madre de Madres. From the checkpoint (in Mourning and Havoc) you go to the room on the left and it is in the upper right, there you will find a new room with the object. This will increase all our defenses (normal and elemental) when we are without bile flasks.

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