April 15, 2024


Diosdado is a somewhat strange guy that we will meet in the Library of Negated Words of Blasphemous who carries a large keychain. When talking to him, he will tell us that there is a noise that drives him a bit crazy (after all, in a library there must be silence) and he will ask us to silence it.

It is a fairly simple mission, really, but it is easy to miss it; so nothing, I leave you here your guide. Let’s go there!


As I have already mentioned, we will find Diosdado in the Library of Negated Words , it is very close to one of the Sanctuaries in the area. I leave you a photo so you can see the exact location on the map (it is in the light blue area):

Map with the Location of Diosdado in Blasphemous

In this location we will simply have to talk to him, which is when he will ask us to return the silence to the Library; With this we activate his mission.

By the way, if you don’t know how to solve the Blasphemous Library Puzzle (it has nothing to do with this mission), here is a guide where I explain it to you, which is somewhat far-fetched.


The process will be very simple, in fact I think it’s the easiest mission in all of Blasphemous. Basically we have to go to the next location of the Library of Negated Words since that is where the noise is being generated.

Noise in the Blasphemous Library

There, in the room we will see a person who seems to be a bit insane hitting a wall with a large stone, that is the noise that bothers Diosdado so much. We will have to have placed the stairs well in the room on the left to be able to access this area. The case, equip the Shroud Relic of Dreamed Sins, there is no mystery, it is the first Relic that we get in the game, the one that allows us to talk to the wandering souls that are in Blasphemous.

You must go to the wall that hits the guy with the stone and hit it with Mea Culpa , this will open a new room that you can see in the photo that I have left you above. There you will find one of these wandering souls, you will have to talk to her with the Shroud of Dreamed Sins equipped.

After the dialogue you must go back and you will find Diosdado, he will thank you and reward us with the Wheel of the Young Mason , which is a Rosary Bead that will increase our movement speed.


Keep in mind that this mission from Diosdado is related to the New Secret Ending  (here is the guide to do this ending) of Wounds of Eventide . If you want to do it, I’ll tell you in advance that the first requirement is that you haven’t defeated Ezra , so if that’s your case, you’ll have to leave it for another game.

If you are unlocking the Secret Ending, when you finish Diosdado’s mission you will have to return to the location where we found him for the first time (you have it above, in Diosdado’s Location in Blasphemous) and something will happen that I will not tell you for spoiler issues.

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