April 16, 2024


Candace is a 4-star character with a Spear and a Hydro element introduced in version 3.1 of Genshin Impact who stands out mainly for providing an interesting percentage bonus to the Normal Attacks of the character on the battlefield (the effect is maintained at change character).

For the rest, it must be said that it does not stand out too much apart from the fact that it can imbue the weapon of its companions in Hydro (something that does not seem to me to be especially useful given the cast of characters that we have right now, not to say that there are loads of Main DPS characters that have their own imbue and ignore this kind of thing except for exceptions like Keching for example ).

I don’t think he’s a bad character, just that he’s pretty stuck in his niche and also competes against other very powerful characters and the truth is that apart from the already mentioned and interesting percentage damage bonus in Normal Attacks, he doesn’t contribute much more to the team.


These are Candace’s statistics at level 90, the truth is that in general terms they are quite regular:

  • Base Health: 10,875.
  • Base Attack: 212.
  • Base Defense: 683.
  • Life %: 25%.

The truth is that to be a character that goes to Life, one would expect a little more Base Life, at least it compensates a little since through ascension he obtains Life % . The Base Attack is very low, as expected in a 4-star character that makes better use of Life than Attack and the defense is quite mediocre in a character that ironically carries a shield.


Let’s see your talents or abilities.


Typical of most Genshin Impact Spear characters:

  • Normal Attack : 4 hit combo, the third hits 2 times.
  • Charged Attack : Typical charged attack with which the character launches forward.
  • Descending Attack: Air attack in which we dive towards the ground and cause enough damage when hitting it.

The truth is that he has quite decent normal attack scaling, the pity is that he can’t take advantage of them well because these attacks scale with Attack while the rest of his kit is oriented towards Life and since it is much better to focus on Life …his normal attacks will do lousy damage no matter how well they scale (since they scale with Attack).


  • TdE: 6s
  • TdE maintained: 9s.

When pressing the skill we will hit with the shield, but the best thing is that if we keep it pressed Candace will raise the shield and we will be able to mitigate a large amount of damage that we receive while we are in this state (the more Life% the more damage we can absorb while we maintain the shield and also more damage we will cause). Mitigation will have greater efficiency absorbing damage from Hydro. Very good option to better resist those bubbles that explode in the levels where there are many creatures of the Oceanid in the Abyss.

In addition to this, when we hold down the skill we will also deal more damage (a very noticeable increase). The key will always be to do the ability held  to get the most damage, you’ll have to hold it down until the shield starts to kind of glow a lot (it doesn’t take long).


  • Energy Cost: 60.
  • TdE: 15 sec.
  • Duration: 9 seconds.
  • Normal Attack Damage Bonus: 20%.

Candace will perform an area slam based on her Max Life and trigger the following effect on the active character (if you change it stays):

  • Infuses his weapon with Hydro (Spear, Claymore, or Lightsaber characters only)
  • Increases your damage with Normal Attacks.
  • When changing characters you will perform a Hydro hit in the area (maximum 3 times in the duration of the effect).

The damage bonus for Normal Attacks is interesting and unlike Yun Jin this is a percentage bonus and not flat, so it will be better to take advantage of it on characters that already deal good damage with Normal Attacks.

And when it comes to imbuing Hydro, the truth is that it doesn’t seem to me that there are characters that take real advantage of this, since in the end we have a lot of Hydro characters that apply their element out of the world a lot. countryside.

And if you’re wondering if you can take advantage of this to imbue herself to be the main DPS… it doesn’t sound like a good idea because of what I’ve already said about her Normal Attacks scaling with Attack and the character is oriented towards building with Life .


When receiving an attack while holding down the Elemental Skill, it will be charged immediately (you save a bit of time if the stars align, without further ado).


Increases the damage done by the character on the field while the Ulti effect is active by +0.5% per 1000 Health points . If for example you had 30K it would be +15% damage.


Reduces the stamina cost of scaling by 20% for the entire team.


This is what Candace will get through her Constellations:

  • C1 – Heiress of the Scarlet Sands : Increases the duration of the effect of the Ulti by 3s, so fantastic because it is what interests us most about her.
  • C2 – Moonpierce Sheen : Candace gains +20% Max Life after performing the Elemental Ability. With this constellation, it will cost a lot more to do the Elemental first and then the Ulti to have more life and therefore give a greater damage bonus through the Ulti.
  • C3 – Devotion to the Hunt : Increases Ultimate Ability by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels. It’s pretty much irrelevant because the damage bonus doesn’t scale with the level of the Ultimate.
  • C4 – Oath of the Keeper : The cooldown of the Elemental Ability maintained is changed to 6s instead of 9 (the same as the time of the Elemental Ability without maintaining). Another very meh constellation.
  • C5 – Golden Eyes : Increases Elemental Skill by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C6 – Flood Tide : When a character deals elemental damage with normal attacks during the effect of Candace’s Ulti (but Candace doesn’t count because I don’t know) they will deal area damage equal to 15% of Candace’s Max Life maximum once. once every 2.3s (considers Ulti damage).

C1 and C2 are in my opinion its two best constellations, the following ones are already much less relevant. The C6 isn’t bad as it’s extra passive damage, but it’s also not anything to write home about.


The best thing Candace can bring to the team is a huge bonus to Normal Attack damage, so we’re optimizing her as much as possible for this purpose. In C6 she can also help by applying as she’ll have a much more constant and area application of the element, you know… for Bloom and Permafrost teams mostly (although the only main DPS for Permafrost teams currently would benefit quite a bit from going with her it would be Ayato and he himself would be in charge of applying the Hydro, so it wouldn’t be worth much)


Homa Staff in Genshin Impact

These are the spears we recommend to equip your Candace:

  • Homa Staff  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: Mainly because of the Life % that it gives us, it is a waste to equip such a weapon to Candace because everything else that it gives us does not take much advantage of it, everything is said.
  • Spear of Favonius ⭐⭐⭐⭐: To improve our Energy Recharge and provide elemental particles to the team on crits.

The selection of weapons is quite poor, I know, but the poor thing does not have more weapons that she can take advantage of today.


Fury of Thunder in Genshin Impact

As for stats on artifacts:

  • Helmet or Crown : Life %.
  • Clock : Life %.
  • Chalice : Life %.

Substats you are looking for:

  • Priority: Life %, Life, Energy Recharge, Critical Chance (the latter only if you go with Favonius).

And as for the Artifact Set,  the best would be:

  • 2 Pieces of Tenacity: +20% Health.
  • 2 Heart of the Deep Pieces: +15% Hydro Damage Bonus.
    • Alternative: 2 Emblem of Destiny Tokens if it doesn’t recharge you well.

The selection of artifacts is also quite poor, but it seems that they have not yet released the things that she really needs… hopefully things will come out for her because otherwise she will lose a lot of performance.


Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact

These are some of the characters that make a good team with Candace:

  • Ayato : Together they will obtain the Hydro Consonance to obtain more Life % (both take advantage of it) and the damage bonus of Normal Attacks will be very interesting for Ayato since he bases practically all his damage on them.
  • Cyno : Cyno is a character that also deals very good damage with Normal Attacks and therefore will take advantage of Candace.
  • Noelle : Again for having good damage with Normal Attacks.
  • Yoimiya : Same case.
  • Yun Jin : Yun Jin provides a flat damage buff to Normal Attacks and Candace provides a percentage buff, together they can greatly increase the damage of Normal Attacks.


We will need the following materials to upgrade you:

  • Lazurite Varunada.
  • Guialuz Tetrahedron (Semi-Eternal Control Matrix).
  • Scarlet Yearner (Sumeru 3.1 material).
  • Hermit Ribbons.

And as for Talent Books and others:

  • Exhortation Books.
  • Hermit Ribbons.
  • Tear of the Goddess of Disaster ( Almighty Narukami ).
  • Crown of Wisdom (Talent level 10).

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