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Marine Riches are a type of collectible in which we will have to explore places with our ships after obtaining Personal Adventure Maps in our Lost Ark account to get a series of rewards.

Some of these maps will be obtained by defeating certain bosses, by completing temporary island events, by buying them from merchants who visit our fortress or on ships that we will find in the ports of certain regions.

That said, let’s see how to get each of these Personal Adventure Maps step by step to complete the Marine Riches section.


Raise Affinity in Lost Ark

As if we didn’t have enough that many of the island souls were achieved by uploading friendships as expensive as those of Nineve or Mari, here you have a good handful of characters with whom we will have to upload friendship so that they give us their Personal Adventure Maps.

  • Quest – Crescent Mask : Reach Confident affinity level with Levi (Feiton).
  • Quest – Ancient Staff : Reach Confident affinity level with Jahara (Punika).
  • Quest – Burning Ice : Reach Confident affinity level with Jederico (Feiton).
  • Adventure – High Seas Crag: Reach Confident affinity level with Thar (South Bern).
  • Quest – Ancient Gold Coin : Reach Confident affinity level with Liru (Punika).
  • Adventure – Forgotten Lake : Reach Confident affinity level with Artisan Urr (Western Lutheran).
  • Adventure – Magic Circle : Reach Trusting affinity level with Neth (Hope Island).
  • Adventure – Unicorn : Reach Confident affinity level with Tanay (Peyto).
  • Adventure – Rift : Reach Confident affinity level with Samly (Glacier Island).


Another way to get some of the maps will be to hold an event on a temporary island; Obviously, and as usual in this game, the drop is far from guaranteed (so you’ll probably have to repeat it many times).

  • Adventure – Ghost Butterfly : Defeat Adrinne (Island of Ghost Butterflies).
  • Adventure – Tower of the Moon : Defeat the Golden Chickenrey (Alaker).
  • Adventure – Eye of the South Sea : Open the reward chest after completing the event on the island by defeating other players (Illusion Island).
  • Adventure – Pirate Flag : After finishing breaking the eggs with the pickaxe, defeat Kagros (Spida Island).
  • Adventure – Eye of the Dead : Defeat Sea God Aportas (Isle of Oblivion).
  • Adventure – Pirate Wooden Leg : Play the Song of Resonance within the event (Nana Island).
  • Adventure – Mysterious Chest : Use a chest to transform into a chicken and thus defeat Batuark (Forpe).


They are enemies that need a large number of players to defeat them and they only come out once every three days, in addition we will only have the right to claim the rewards for killing him once (so if it does not come out, you will have to wait another three days to repeat it And so over and over again).

  • Quest – Cloaked Figurehead: Defeat Kohinorr (Yorn – Ironhammer Mine).
  • Adventure – The Hestia : Defeat Sol Grande (Alteisen).


We will get many of the Secret Adventure Maps by buying them from the merchants who visit us in exchange for a large number of Victory, Adventurer and Assault Seals . Keep in mind that to get all of them you will have to have made contracts with practically all the merchants in the game, for this you will have to complete around 70% or 80% of several Adventurer’s Tomes from different regions for the mission that will unlock them and later carry out the investigation in the fortress that will allow us to have said merchant visit us.

  • Adventure – Stardust: Astiel (11,400 Victory Seals).
  • Adventure – Star Fruit : Tuleu (11,400 Adventurer Seals).
  • Adventure – Mandrill : Florr (11,400 Victory Seals).
  • Adventure – Ghost Lizard : Saha (11,400 Assault Seals).
  • Adventure – Llama : Duekhyeon (11,400 Assault Seals).
  • Adventure – Slab of Wind : Flarke (11,400 Victory Seals).


To get some of the Secret Adventure Maps we will need to take part in several Cooperative Navigation events , in these events we will get a key that will be the entrance we need to enter a Sea Gate event.

There are five Sea Gates: Harmony, Wisdom, Guidance, Land, and Resistance . By carrying out the event in any of these we will obtain Pirate Coins and the possibility of getting a Secret Adventure Map.

  • Adventure- Totoiki Ship : Complete any of the five Sea Gates.
  • Adventure – Mermaid : Complete any of the five Sea Gates.
  • Adventure – Ghost Ray : Complete any of the five Sea Gates.
  • Adventure – Aurora : Complete any of the five Sea Gates.


Through collecting numerous Souls from Islands that we visit throughout our adventure we can get a couple of Secret Adventure Maps, we can claim the rewards of these in Opher, the Lonely Island.

  • Adventure – Seafood King : Reward for obtaining 60 Island Souls.
  • Adventure – Ice Statue of a Woman : Reward for obtaining 85 Island Souls.


They are also sometimes included as a reward for completing a high percentage of Adventurer’s Tomes from different regions, let’s see those regions and the percentage they ask us to complete.

  • Adventure – Mokoko Mushroom : Complete 70% of the Adventurer’s Tome of Tortoyk.
  • Adventure – Sea Flower : Complete 70% of Anikka’s Adventurer’s Tome.
  • Adventure – Red Camel : Complete 60% of the Adventurer’s Tome of Arthetine.
  • Adventure – Polar Mammoth : Complete 60% of the Adventurer’s Tome of Sushire.
  • Adventure – Five Colored Parrot : Complete 50% of the Adventurer’s Tome of Rohendel.
  • Adventure – Dragon Fruit : Complete 60% of Yorn’s Adventurer’s Tome.
  • Adventure – Mute Island : Complete 50% of Feiton’s Adventurer’s Tome.
  • Adventure – Red Sea Turtle : Complete 50% of Punika’s Adventurer’s Tome.
  • Adventure – Snow Sledding : Complete 50% of the South Bern Adventurer’s Tome.


In the ports of various regions of Arkesia we will find some of these ships that will sometimes sell us Secret Adventure Maps in exchange for Gienah Coins, Sun Coins, etc.

  • Adventure – Shipwreck : Arid Route – Marine Hunters Guild Ship.
  • Quest – Spear of the Gods : Harbor of the Swell – Marine Hunters Guild Ship.
  • Adventure – Whirlpool : Chang Chung Port City – Marine Hunters Guild Ship.
  • Adventure – Common Dolphin : Krona Harbor – Marine Hunters Guild Ship.
  • Adventure – Eye of the North Sea: Frozen Sea – Marine Hunters Guild Ship.


In this section we will see some of the Personal Adventure Maps that are obtained in some way different from the ones we have seen so far.

  • Adventure – Lost Merchant Ship : Reach the highest Reputation level in the Commission of a “Bernese Magical Society”.
  • Adventure – Statue of Gineah : Complete the mission “search for Marine Wealth”, this mission will be completed in Opher, the Lonely Island.


If we compare the rewards that the Marine Riches give us with those of the Masterpieces, the truth is that they fall a little short; but anyway there are some interesting things like the Epic Rune of Wealth and Masterworks (Silver was very interesting until the game started giving it away everywhere).

  • 2 Marine Riches : 100,000 Silver.
  • 4 Marine Riches : Unusual Sailor Request Form – Mikeel.
  • 6 Marine Riches : 200,000 Silver.
  • 8 Marine Riches : Epic Sailor Application Form – Vanderwal.
  • 10 Sea Riches : Attribute Enhancement Potion .
  • 12 Marine Riches : 400,000 Silver.
  • 14 Marine Riches : Epic Sailor Request Form – Shirley.
  • 16 Marine Riches : 400,000 Silver.
  • 18 Marine Riches : Legendary Sailor Application Form – Eungwang.
  • 20 Marine Riches : Title – “First Officer”.
  • 22 Marine Riches : 1,000,000 Silver.
  • 24 Marine Riches : Transformation into Seagull.
  • 26 Marine Riches : 50,000 Pirate Coins.
  • 28 Marine Riches : Legendary Sailor Application Form – Edward.
  • 30 Marine Riches : Great Masterpiece 23.
  • 32 Marine Riches : 2,000,000 Silver.
  • 34 Marine Riches : Epic Wealth Rune .
  • 36 Marine Riches : Title – “Wester Guard”.
  • 38 Marine Riches : Great Masterpiece 39.
  • 40 Marine Riches : Tears of the Abyss.
  • 42 Marine Riches : Legendary Talisman Rune.
  • 44 Marine Riches : 2 Tears of the Abyss.
  • 46 Marine Riches : 10,000,000 Silver.

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