April 21, 2024


Once we reach Tier 2 we can see that we will start to get Gems when doing the Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark . And what are these Gems?

Gems are equippable crystals with an effect that will improve the potential of our character’s abilities.

So today we will see how exactly the gem system works , how to obtain them, their different types, etc.


We only have two types of Gems:

  • Damage Increase Gems : These gems have a triangular shape and will make the damage of our abilities increase significantly.
  • Cooldown gems: These gems are round in shape and will reduce the cooldown time of our skills.

Within these Gems we will have those of Tier 2 that will be blue and those of Tier 3 that are red.

It is not advisable to try too hard with Tier 2 gems, since when you go up to Tier 3 if we have them equipped they will give us half of their bonus (but we can always pass them to another Tier 2 alter to take advantage of them).


There are many methods to obtain Gems, some quite effective and others that will only give us a few.

  • Avalanche of Bosses : This way will be without a doubt the most effective, since if we finish it without problems, they will give us many chests and all of them with several Gems.
  • Chaos Dungeons : Doing these dungeons daily will get the occasional Gem, but nothing extraordinary.
  • Secret Maps : When making a Chaos Gate we will obtain a Secret Map of the area in which we have made it; by completing this we will get some gems (if we are looking for a party and everyone consumes their maps when entering, the reward will be greater).
  • Market : In the market we can buy Tier 2 or Tier 3 Gem Chests in exchange for Gold .
  • Auction House : Here we can search for specific Gems of any type and level, but they will be worth an inordinate amount of Gold and we will also have to spend some Pheon.
  • Assault of the Guardians : Another activity that we must do daily, we can also obtain a Gem in this way.


We can have a maximum of 11 Gems equipped on our character, so we must carefully choose the Gems that are most useful for it.

For example, in a Mecha Sorceress , the cooldown Gems for her most damaging abilities are very important (since they have an exaggeratedly high cooldown) but the Gems that increase the damage of said abilities are also very important.

However, in the Bard ‘s case, the cooldown Gems are much more important than the damage increase Gems, since the point is to have their abilities as soon as possible to provide constant support and shields to the group.

Therefore, when equipping your character, you must keep in mind his role, the waiting time of his abilities, the most damaging abilities and the way you play him.


Gem Fusion in Lost Ark

The Fusion of Gems is the only way to raise the level of our Gems , for this we will need to have three Gems of the same level (it does not matter what effect they have, since when they merge the effect that comes out will be random).

It’s a very simple system and all we have to do is click on the diamond-shaped symbol in our inventory and select the level of the Gem we want to obtain or manually drag them one by one and hit the merge button.

The effect obtained from the fusion is always random, the only thing we can do if we are looking for a damage increase gem is to always fuse that same type of gem and never mix it with a cooldown one, since simply having a different one there is a probability that it comes out of either of the two types.

The maximum level a Gem can reach is 10, but it takes an inhuman amount of Gems to achieve this (basically it would be focusing on a Gem for a long time or taking out the credit card).


Lost Ark Gem Expert

The Gem Expert is an NPC that we will find in most cities, we will recognize it on the map when we see a kind of red diamond. We will go looking for it when we have a Gem with an effect that does not work for our build or does not match the skills we have equipped.

This NPC will allow us to change the effect of a Gem for another randomly in exchange for a relatively high amount of Silver (for example, a Tier 3 Gem at Level 5 would be 30,000 Silver while a Tier 2 Gem of the same Level would cost 10,000 change it).

Personally, I would only recommend changing the effect of the Gems from Level 6 or higher and it is also not advisable to insist on changing the effect many times even if we do not have exchange limits, since we will spend large amounts of Silver uselessly and it may be better to sell it in the House of Auctions and with the obtained Gold to buy one that serves us.

And lastly, keep in mind that if we change the effect of a cooldown gem it will never change us to a damage increase gem.

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