April 15, 2024


Gold is the most valuable currency in the Lost Ark and is used for a large number of tasks: buying from the market (engravings, collectibles, gems …), buying jewelry from the auction house, gear upgrades, fortress research, for certain parts of the adventure (for example, to get all the Mokoko Seeds from Gesbroy we will need Gold) and we can even exchange Gold for Crystals to be able to buy things from the store without having to spend money out of our pocket.

As you can see, this coin has infinite uses and therefore it is something very valuable and the amount that we can get is quite limited; That is why in today’s post we will see the best way to obtain this wonderful resource.


Raise Affinity in Lost Ark

There are several characters in the game that will reward you with Gold upon reaching a certain level of affinity with them (especially in Punika , almost all characters give you Gold); certainly this is a method in which once we consume the friendships we will have nothing to scratch from, but if you are in a hurry it may be a good idea to prioritize these characters (remember that buying legendary affinity items from Traveling Merchants can speed up the process):

Thirain (Eastern Lutheran) :

  • Friendly: 500 Gold Coins

Neria (Eastern Lutheran) :

  • Confident: 600 Gold Coins.

Sasha (Arthetin) :

  • Friendly: 500 Gold Coins.
  • Confident: 1,200 Gold Coins.
  • Affection: 1,800 Gold Coins.

Neria (Arthetine) :

  • Confident: 600 Gold Coins.

Mercenary Zeira (Arthetine) :

  • Confident: 200 Gold Coins.

Ealyn (North Bern) :

  • Affection: 800 Gold Coins.

Avele (North Bern) :

  • Friendly: 500 Gold Coins.
  • Confident: 900 Gold Coins.

Jederic (Feiton) :

  • Friendly: 900 Gold Coins.

Lutia (Feiton) :

  • Friendly: 900 Gold Coins.
  • Confident: 1,800 Gold Coins.

Nia (Punika) :

  • Cordial: 1,400 Gold Coins.

Shana (Punika) :

  • Confident: 2,700 Gold Coins.

Nagi (Punika) :

  • Confident: 2,200 Gold Coins.

Yom the Squirrel (Punika) :

  • Friendly: 800 Gold Coins.

Berver (Punika) :

  • Friendly: 800 Gold Coins.

Albion (Punika) :

  • Friendly: 800 Gold Coins.

Hariya (Punika) :

  • Cordial: 700 Gold Coins.
  • Friendly: 400 Gold Coins.

Sapiano the Fox (Punika) :

  • Cordial: 300 Gold Coins.
  • Friendly: 700 Gold Coins.

Mari (Island of Eternity Isolated) :

  • Friendly: 1000 Gold Coins.

Nineve (Whispering Islet) :

  • Friendly: 1000 Gold Coins.

Blackfang (Blackfang’s Lair) :

  • Friendly: 500 Gold Coins.

Ezrebet (Island of Sublimity) :

  • Confident: 300 Gold Coins.


These orders will be one of our main weekly sources of Gold. Carrying out daily and weekly missions will increase the points of the Una Tokens bar, these tokens will be exchanged later in the Gold Shop.

In this store we can exchange our Una Tokens for the following items:

  • Heavy Gold Sack (80 Una Tokens).
  • Small Strongbox (200 Una Tokens).
  • Large Gold Chest (500 Una Tokens).

My advice is that you always buy the Large Gold Chest, since with the amount of Una Tokens that we can get in a week we can buy two of these and we have a (very small) chance that we will get a Giant Gold Ingot that It can give us 10,000 Gold Coins.


The Adventure Islands are a group of fourteen temporary islands of which three emerge every day at various times and we can only participate in one of them (except on Saturday and Sunday when we can do two).

We will not always be able to get Gold by completing Adventure Islands but from time to time one of them will give us about 600 Gold Coins as a reward at the end of it, to check if any of these islands give them to us as a reward at the end of it, we just have to place the cursor on your alarm to see your possible rewards.

The Adventure Islands are the following:

  • Forpe .
  • Harmony Island .
  • Asura Island .
  • Leafy Reed Island .
  • Lagoon Island .
  • Ghost Butterfly Island .
  • Island of Oblivion .
  • Island of Opportunities.
  • Island of Tranquility .
  • Mount Island .
  • Snowpitch Island .
  • Double Island .
  • Volare Island .
  • Medea .


Masterpieces in the Lost Ark

Earning Masterworks is certainly one of the best ways to get a copious amount of Gold; Of course, it will not be easy for you to collect them because many of them are subjugated as a reward for other collectibles that are very difficult to obtain, such as Island Souls and other works that are obtained randomly as a reward from Cubes or Boss Avalanches , so that we will depend exclusively on our luck.

In total we can get about 49,000 Gold Coins through the Masterworks, if you want to know how to get each of them we have a post on how to obtain them.

  • 10 Masterpieces : 3,000 Gold Coins.
  • 30 Masterpieces : 5,000 Gold Coins.
  • 34 Masterpieces : 8,000 Gold Coins.
  • 38 Masterpieces : 13,000 Gold Coins.
  • 52 Masterpieces : 20,000 Gold Coins.


It is one of the main reasons why people usually have so many alters, since we can overcome them once a week and those that are equivalent to the level of objects that we have will give us gold; for example, if we are Tier 3+ and do the Oculus of Aira on Hard we will get 900 Gold Coins and by completing Oreha Preveza we will get 1,200.

The same happens with the Assault of the Abyss when performing Argos , we will also obtain Gold as a reward although part of it is spent if we claim the reward chest when overcoming it (both the Abyssal Dungeons and the Assault of the Abyss can be carried out with 6 characters per week , if we do it with more characters we will not receive the Gold).


It is vitally important to always do the Chaos Dungeons , since after passing the second phase of this we will have a chance that the vortex will be golden and send us to a room where there will be a Tuki King or a kind of chest with legs or well the vortex can be purple and send us to fight a special boss.

In either case, by defeating the enemies in these special rooms, we will obtain around 200 Gold Coins, so I recommend doing the Chaos Dungeons daily (apart from the fact that it is crucial to continue developing your characters) .


In the Market we can get Gold by selling Engravings that we have to spare or that are of a class or type that do not interest us, collectibles that we already have repeated, gems that we have left over or do not want, equipment improvement materials that we have left over from Tier 1 or Tier 2, etc

And in the Auction House we can get Gold by selling decent pieces of jewelry and we can get Gold with them, the same with broken pieces of equipment that have interesting tripods or with elevation stones that have good engravings like Grudge or Cursed Doll.

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