April 21, 2024


Once we have our equipment level at 1370 to be able to continue improving our character in Lost Ark we will have to make the legendary armor, so today we will see how to defeat Argos in his Phase One (since he will be the one who gives us the necessary object to create said armor).

The first thing we will have to do to start the assault will be to go to a city and look for the Abyss Assault Statue or in the Find Group option select Abyss Assault, then we will look for a party of eight people with whom we will have to coordinate the best possible in order not to fail, so you will need to learn the mechanics thoroughly.

With that said, let’s take a look at the mechanics that Argos will run in its first phase and how we can avoid as much damage as possible.


As soon as we start the combat we will notice that we will be surrounded by a purple aura that would be that of the Moon or yellow that would be that of the Sun, we have to keep our aura very present throughout the combat since the Argos mechanics that correspond to the color of our aura will not hurt us (but beware, because during combat our aura will change).


Sun or Moon Barrier of Argos in Lost Ark

Sometimes it will create an area corresponding to Sun or Moon around it, we will not suffer damage if we enter this even if it is from the opposite aura to ours but we will have a bar on our characters that if it runs out we will suffer serious consequences.

But this is not a problem, since we only have to leave the area and re-enter to reset the bar and not suffer any damage.


Argos Pizza in Lost Ark

It is the name with which the players have baptized this attack; from time to time Argos will create an area that practically occupies the field which will be divided into eight segments of which four will be Sun and the other four Moon.

This area will explode two or three times and will change its pattern and all we have to do is make sure we are in the segment corresponding to our aura so as not to take damage. The closer to Argos we are, the easier it will be to do this mechanic correctly, since it will take less time to move from one segment to another.


Argos Mini Pizza in Lost Ark

It is the most complicated attack of Argos to dodge, since it will create a mini pizza whose segments will change their aura constantly and if we are not in the right one we will suffer a lot of damage, we have two ways to do this:

  1. Watch a video on a loop until we memorize the area changes.
  2. In the portion corresponding to the sides of Argos the aura will always end in Sun and the portions that are in front and behind it will always end in Moon, so we can stay in one of these segments corresponding to our aura and take a Potion to Stop Time to not take damage from aura changes.

As soon as you see that Argos jumps to the center of the field you will know that he will execute this mechanic, as soon as you see this go running to the place that corresponds to you because being out of the mini pizza will end in death too.


Explosion of Sun and Moon of Argos in Lost Ark

From time to time Argos will create two zones: one internal and one external. These areas do not have any pattern, since sometimes the internal one can be from the Sun and other times from the Moon, but we can detect it through a kind of magic circles that Argos draws on the surface of the field.

In this mechanic you must be very fast and move as soon as you see that the magic circle begins to be created, but don’t worry if you can’t dodge it since it is not one of its most lethal mechanics.


There will be times when Argos stands still for a few moments, we will be able to observe a kind of yellow or purple glow during this moment.

If Argos has a yellow glow, he will execute an area attack but will only cover the area outside of him, if on the contrary his glow is purple, he will create an area attack in an area close to him.


Cardinal Points in Lost Ark

One of the mechanics in which we will die if we do them wrong is this: Argos will create eight individual zones to the north, south, east and west with respect to him (the safe zones corresponding to Luna will be created near him and those of Sun will be in the field boundaries).

We will have to place ourselves in the area that corresponds to us so as not to die when Argos finishes executing this mechanic, keep in mind that if you steal the position from another player, he will die (and therefore you will be flamed).

Obviously it is a chaos to organize with eight strangers to agree and therefore the rules are that in each team number 1 goes to the North, number 2 would be assigned to the East, number 3 would go to the South and finally the player 4 West.


Neutral Aura of Argos in Lost Ark

After the previous mechanic Argos will have a circle around him divided into several segments, in this mechanic all we have to do is move away from him and dodge until this circle is completely erased.

If we belong to the Sun Aura and we hit Argos during this mechanic, the team with the Moon Aura will be wiped after this mechanic ends (so if you accidentally hit Argos during this mechanic, let the other team know so they can try to compensate the damage and don’t die).

At the end of this mechanic, if your group’s aura was Sun, it will change to Moon and vice versa, so pay close attention to this so you don’t take damage from pizzas and other attacks.


These are all the possible rewards that we can obtain after defeating Argos in its first phase:

  • gold .
  • Argos letter .
  • Epic card .
  • Legendary card .
  • Metallurgy – Basic Welding .
  • Tailoring – Basic Mending .
  • Blood of Argos .
  • Legendary Jewelry .
  • Legendary Skill Stone .

As you can see, the rewards are very juicy, so always remember to claim the final reward chest even though it costs gold (since in that chest we will also obtain Blood of Argos, which after all is what we need to create our legendary armor).

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