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Cleofás is a character from Blasphemous who belonged to the Order of the True Burial, in fact he was even a friend of Lvdovico (it’s still hard for me to put the v instead of the u…), but he had to leave the order since according to his own words: “The Miracle had claimed him”, that’s where Socorro comes into play , another NPC who will be very involved in his mission.

You have to be especially careful with this NPC’s mission since there are several ways to “spoil it” and get a much worse ending than it could be; but don’t worry about that, I’ll explain how you can get the good ending of this quest (even if you messed it up a bit). Let’s go there!


Our first meeting with Cleofás will be in Madre de Madres , precisely in the following location:

Location of Cleopas in Blasphemous

You will find him there next to Socorro (who is suffering quite a lot) and you will have to talk to both of them. Ok, very careful here, since they will give you the option to kill Socoro, DO NOT DO IT. You talk to them and that’s it, as soon as you do it you will have to leave and continue with what I will tell you next.

If for whatever reason (it happened to me in my first game) you kill it, don’t worry, I’ll explain below how you can solve it and continue obtaining the Relic that we got at the end of the mission (which is very op).


Now we will have to collect the different Marcas del Amparo that are all in the area of ​​the great elevator (the one that takes us to the Crisanta area ), specifically in Altos de la Archicatedral. There are three brands and you can find them here:

Location of the Marks of Amparo in Blasphemous

Each of the 3 Marks of Amparo are in the areas that I have colored red.

I recommend that you go well prepared because you will have to face a few enemies and things can become somewhat complex. Especially since among the enemies there will also appear a kind of false Esdras with the same kit of movements but luckily somewhat weaker than the original. Anyway, at this point in the game (you’re practically in the end zone) this battle shouldn’t give you too many problems, just know that you have to be well prepared.

After this we must return to Madre de Madres to give all the marks (all 3) to Socorro and after this you will see how it will suddenly “disappear” (as is), you will have a dialogue with Cleofás, and nothing, we continue with the guide.


Next we must go to Albero and go to the right to talk to Lvdovico (the guy you talk to from a window next to Albero, which is right where we can make donations in NG + if you download the free Stir of Dawn DLC ).

This will give us an object called « Cord of the Genuine Grave » that we must deliver to Cleofás, the problem is that this will have been moved to another place, now I will tell you where it is, but I have to warn you of something VERY IMPORTANT.

Do not even think about talking to Cleofás in this place unless you have followed the entire guide and therefore have the Cord of the Genuine Sepulcher; basically because if you do this he will throw himself into the void and die (and therefore the mission goes to hell); he speaks only when you have the Cord of the Genuine Grave. Clarified this, let’s see the location of it:

Location of Cleofas in the Heights of the Archcathedral

There you must speak with Cleofás and give him the Cord of the Genuine Sepult, this will literally save his life and will make him not make the decision to jump into the void.


We’re almost there! Now comes an extremely simple part, you will simply have to go back to the Albero (again to the Lvdovico building), but this time you will have to enter inside. You will meet Cleopas there; talk to him and after the dialogue he will give you the Prayer of Tento to your Thorny Hairs.

Be careful because this is one of the most OP Prayers of Blasphemous and therefore it is very worth doing this mission. Basically when we activate it, we will be invincible for a few seconds, something that is great to be able to hit our enemies for that period without any fear. In my opinion fundamental in a build based on physical damage or Mea Culpa .

By the way you will also get the Rebirth trophy .


Ok, luckily there is still a possible salvation for you if you decided to end Socorro’s life (I won’t judge you Penitent in clemency, I did it too because it seemed that the girl was suffering and I felt sorry for her).

After eliminating Socorro you will have to talk to Cleofás and in the same way later you will have to talk to Lvdovico so that he gives us the Cord of the Genuine Sepulchre. On this occasion, however, he will go to the Wall of the Holy Prohibitions , specifically in this location.

Cleofás in Wall of the Holy Prohibitions

But, keep in mind that to access here you will need the Inquisitor’s Key , which you can buy from Candelaria  (in the link you have all its locations and what it sells in each store in addition to its cost).

In this location you will have to give him the Cord of the Genuine Sepulchre and after that he will go to the area of ​​the cliff of Altos de la Archicatedral, from here the whole process will be the same as if you had not killed Socorro and therefore you will also obtain the Prayer of I tempt your Thorny Hairs and the Rebirth achievement.

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