April 16, 2024


Well, I’m a couple of days late because basically I just found out that we finally have the new Blasphemous DLC : Strife and Ruin available from February 18, 2021 (what a disaster I am, I don’t know, I have to look more at the networks…).

Look, I wanted this DLC because Blasphemous seems to me without a doubt one of the best Metroidvania that we have today and leaving aside its genre, it seems to me one of the best indies that there is today… but I I know, I’m a breaded, life.

The case, that in this post I will make you a compilation of all the news that this DLC brings; what an eye, it’s free again just like it happened with Stir of Dawn (great The Game Kitchen hahaha); and these days I will also go up in more detail because the usual, more in-depth guides of each aspect and others.

But before getting into the mess, comment that this DLC is a collaboration with another Metroidvania called Bloodstained (a game that I once wanted to try, but in the end I didn’t play it for who knows what reason… probably because I can’t cope with so much game), so those who have played it must be cool about it.

And nothing, I’ll stop rolling up, to the mess with the most relevant news!


A mode that is basically a Boss Rush a bit in the style of what was seen in Hollow Knight Godmaster , in which we will have 5 different tests with two difficulties each. We will have a timer (the speedrunners are going to have a blast) and we will have to try to beat it in the shortest time possible since depending on the time and other factors such as how many flasks we have used will depend on the grade they will give us in said challenge ( typical ranks: S, A, B… all that).

Oh by the way, this mode is unlocked by reaching the end of Blasphemous at least once. You can access it from the main menu of the game, I mean the one before entering our game.


This is where the collaboration with Bloodstained comes into play . We will have a new chain of missions (which I will now tell you how to start) in which we will meet Miriam, who is the main character of Bloodstained, we will have to try it one of these days to see how it goes… if you have already played it, you will say for comments what did you think of the game.

To start with this mission, we will have to go to the south-east of Madre de Madres since there we will have a new area unlocked in which the whole thing will begin. I am not going to spur things on, I will soon bring you a detailed guide on this chain of missions related to Miriam.


We have a quite hidden hidden area where we can find an arcade machine with which, in exchange for 2,500 Tears of Amendment, we can play a minigame called « Alcazar of Grief » that the truth is that it is quite cool.

It’s such a short 8-bit style minigame, but it’s quite nice and entertaining and it’s inevitable that nostalgia will surface a little under the skin if you lived through that time. In this post I tell you in detail how you can find this minigame and all the secrets in it (which you can unlock a couple of new skins ).


Lovers of Achievements/Trophies will be happy (especially those who play on Switch) because a list of the game’s achievements has been added to the main menu (well, the typical ones, with the ones we have, the ones we are missing, the hidden ones from turn… and others) and also when we achieve one, the typical icon will appear during the game notifying us that we have unlocked said achievement.

And these would be the most relevant news! The rest are things like some art improvements (which was already great anyway), Korean language, bug fixes, voiceovers for Miriam, new animations… you know, that sort of thing.

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