April 21, 2024


Gemino is one of the many NPCs that we can find in Blasphemous and, as usual, he has his own mission that if we complete we will obtain a juicy reward, specifically the Prayer of Saeta Dolorosa and the almighty Bead of Rosario de la Oliva, so it is worth a lot. grief.

It is about a poor being who has been punished by the church, surely for having carried out some kind of act… not very well seen by the church of Blasphemous. Which does not necessarily mean that he is a bad NPC, because if you have already read the Lore of the Bones that I did previously, you will have verified that the church went quite a bit overboard with its punishments… Reason why the Miracle proceeded to punish all those involved (which incidentally also affected innocent people, but that is another topic). I also leave you here the post where I tell you the main Lore of the game .

By the way, this NPC is inspired by the work “San Sebastián” created by the Italian painter known as “El Sodoma”.

Saint Sebastian of Sodom

The resemblance is evident… the tree, the stuck arrows and others.

But we are here to overcome Gemino’s mission right? Let’s go there!


We will meet Gemino for the first time in ” Where the Olive Trees Wither “, the frozen zone of Blasphemous we go. There is no loss, we will find it practically at the beginning of the area and the NPC draws quite a bit of attention… so you will find it yes or yes.

Don’t forget to talk to him to activate his quest. Doing so will give you the “Empty Gold Thimble”, an item that we will need later on.

Important note, Gemino may die before you complete his quest. This happens if you don’t talk to him before killing two bosses, so in any case my recommendation is that you talk to him before killing either.


Gemino will ask us as his last wish to bring him boiling oil in the Empty Gold Thimble and this will again be very simple, we will simply have to go to the Convent of the Dark Face (which is the area you access after overcoming the snowy area ) and defeat its final boss: Our Lady of the Blackened Face .

When you defeat him, continue forward and right in the place you have to interact to talk to that head man… I don’t mean that area you go to, but continue forward a little without interacting with anything. There you will find a… I couldn’t tell you what it’s called, a “raised bowl” hahaha, as soon as you see it you’ll understand.

By interacting with it we will fill the Thimble thus obtaining the « Gold Thimble Filled with Burning Oil «.


Now we will have to go back to Gemino and give him the Thimble full of boiling oil, doing so… well, you’ll see what happens. The fact is that if you change the area and return to him, you will find an object at his feet: The Frozen Olive , one of my favorite Rosario Beads since it will greatly increase our defense when we have little health left and I already tell you that it will save you Of many deaths, it’s a pass.


Next we will have to go to the area where Gemino is, go to the area just to his left, jump over the broken bridge and instead of going up, which would be normal, go down. There you will find a kind of cave in which there is a tomb at the bottom, the tomb of Engracia, who was a girl who was in charge of watering the olive trees, it is said that with her tears. In fact, it was after her death that the olive trees withered.

To interact with the tomb you will need the Dried Flowers Bathed in Tears, the thing is that this object can be lost… it happens to a lot of people, and I don’t know why it happens. In fact, in my first game everything went well, but in NG+ the same thing happened to me. The usual location is also in the Convent of the Black Face, just before facing the Lady of the Black Face, it has no loss, it is in the middle of the road and it is not hidden at all.

The fact is that if you “lose it”, you can find it next to Gemino, a little to his right you will see that you can interact and collect the flowers. The thing is that I haven’t even managed to interact with the tomb in NG+, but don’t worry, there is another method of accessing the area that is activated by interacting with the tomb.

You will need the ” Gold Thread Canvas ” relic . Go to the broken bridge to the left of Gemino and jump into the void with the relic equipped, you will appear right in the area that we would access through the interaction with the tomb and the flowers.

There you will find Saeta Dolorosa, a Prayer that will allow us to restore health with our attacks for a period of time and on the way to a Cherub.

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