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Laudes , First among the Dawning, is the final boss of Blasphemous ‘s Stir of Dawn and in fact is the one that stars in the promotional art of the new Blasphemous DLC, that kind of skeleton covered in gold that has several faces as if fused to represent all of them. the Dawning included in the game.

It is a complicated boss, but luckily you will already know all its attacks and mechanics; Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, that comes later. What I have no doubt is that he far exceeds the real final boss of the game in difficulty: Escribar and Son of the Last Miracle .

So nothing, if you’re here it’s probably because this boss is giving you problems (which wouldn’t be something strange at all, it’s pretty bad), so let’s go with the guide, you’ll see how it will come in handy.

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To unlock the encounter with Laudes; The first requirement, which is not easy at all, is to have previously defeated all the Dawning. There are four and they are as follows:

  • Dawn of the Golden Blades .
  • Dawn of the Jeweled Arrow .
  • Dawn of the Wrought Steel .
  • Dawn of the Molten Thorn .

In each one I link you to their guide, where you will also see the way to unlock each of these bosses, in case you have one left.

Once you have defeated all of them, you must go to this location, which is new to the DLC:

Location of Lauds in Blasphemous

Right where the pointer marks is where the combat takes place. This area can be accessed both from the Patio de los Caminares Deaf and from the Muralla de las Santas Prohibiciones. But remember that you have to defeat all the Dawns first!


Normally I would make a guide to all her attacks, but it turns out that Laudes uses the same attacks that the other Amanecidas used on themselves . At this point you will already know them and it makes no sense to name them all again, for that you already have the guide of each Dawn linked above.

So let’s be more practical. I’ll explain exactly how combat works and give you some tips to make it easier for you.

The combat consists of four phases and in each of them we will have to defeat a different Dawn. Every time Laudes loses 25% health she will transform into another Dawn, until reaching 4. The order is as follows:

  1. Wrought Steel.
  2. Molten Thorn.
  3. Jeweled Arrow.
  4. Golden Wires.

Keep in mind that with each transformation he will also recover the purple shield… so you will have to destroy it 4 times during the entire fight.


Here the parry is very important for both offense and defense. I will give you a couple of tricks that will come in handy:

  1. When he attacks us from the ground with a “normal blow” is the best time to nail him with a parry because if we do so, we will not only hit him hard with the riposte, but he will also be stunned for a while and we can take advantage of it to hit him with everything .
  2. If you have him at a distance, it is a good idea to cast him the Mea Culpa de Sangre Fervorosa ability, by doing so many times he will teleport to your side (since he makes the dodge that leaves a bomb clone), at which time you can hit him from what pretty.
  3. Quickly clear the beams he throws with his sword so they don’t bother.


For some reason, this phase was the easiest for me and it was the one that passed the fastest. Again, the parry is very useful to defend yourself against many attacks, be very careful with the columns that the screen will put up, you know.

A good trick here is when the boss does that attack where he does a spiral jump from the ground and when he reaches the ground he launches himself at you like a charge, which he repeats several times. It is very good to throw Fervent Blood at him when he is going to fall and then parry and follow this pattern.

For the rest, as usual, know his attacks well (don’t forget that we have a complete guide for each one) and hit him as much as you can. You will see that this phase is actually quite simple.


Here the combat changes a lot, especially because we will be on a platform without walls on the sides, we will even have to move to other Radiance-style platforms in the middle of the battle, very epic.

Thing is, with no walls, the Dawning will no longer throw those annoying attacks where it would stick arrows into walls or bounce them off. She instead she will not stop spamming arrows all the time, either from a single arrow or launching several at the same time.

Here the trick is to know that absolutely all the arrows he shoots can be blocked with the parry , so if you get the timing right and between gaps you hit him, he will fall very easily. Do not get distracted because it is a constant thing to spam arrows, but you will see that some moments it takes a few slight breaks to flutter around.

That yes, when he makes the attack in which he prepares several arrows in a fan that after a while he launches them all at once; there the best thing is that you position yourself well so that they don’t hit you and then start hitting him.

At the end of the phase I recommend that you dive in with the Mea Culpa ability (the one to attack downwards in the air) to hit the next Dawn. This when you have already made the explosion of the shield, obviously hahaha.


This is the worst phase because this Dawn is one of the worst and on top of that at this point you are probably already on your last legs and a little nervous, especially if it is giving you a lot of problems hahaha.

The best advice I can give you here is to finish him off quickly, don’t act crazy either… that will be certain death for you, but you have to be very offensive because you don’t care if this fight goes on too long.

Why do I insist on it so much? Well, maybe you’ve already forgotten about Dawn of the Golden Blades, but… remember that annoying attack where he levitated his axes? Well, it still has it and it is easy for it to destroy you with it if you already have few health recovery options left. Remember that when he does this attack you can spray him with Fervent Blood to keep hitting him.

After defeating this… congratulations, you’ve done it!


Here are some general tips :

  • Debla of Lights + Smoky Heart of Incense is a phenomenal combination for just about any boss and Lauds is no exception. You will deal incredible damage, well suited for True Guilt and Zeal Penances. More if you wear the Rosary Bead that increases the damage of prayers .
  • When they are charging the shield (only when they are going to transform) take the opportunity to beat him up until you see that the attacks no longer cause him damage.
  • Just as it transforms into another Dawn, you can take the opportunity to hit it with a powerful ranged attack to quickly start breaking down its purple shield. See the Debla (which also gives you immunity to damage while it’s cast) or Fervent Blood for example.
  • Remember that Rosario Beads like Pelican Effigy or La Oliva (the latter not in Bleeding Heart), can save you on more than one occasion.


By defeating the Laudes we will obtain the following:

  • 100 Tears of Amendment… 100 Tears of Amendment alone!? It doesn’t make sense, it has to have some meaning. Is it because we already obtained the ones from Las Amanecidas? Could it be that the Miracle did not really want this? How weird isn’t it?

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