April 21, 2024


That Sans is strong is something that is so and I very much doubt that anyone would question it, especially if that person has come face to face in a confrontation against him in the Undertale genocidal route .The question that surely we all ask ourselves is the following: Why? why can a character as mundane as Sans have so many powers and be so extremely strong? And there is a huge difference in power between this and the other underground monsters, too huge.

Taking into account that Asgore under normal conditions would be the most powerful, only being overtaken by Undyne in the Genocide and by Asriel thanks to the almost unlimited power he obtains after obtaining the 7 souls… Sans is far beyond in terms of power.


Sans has so many powers that he almost seems like a god , he even has a certain omnipresence, something closely associated with gods. These are the powers that Sans has:

  • Teleportation : Sans can teleport wherever he wants and very often. This even allows you to run several hotdog stands at once and you can also get out of work very quickly to go have a good burger at Grillby’s. It seems that he can even teleport people or objects with him, like when he invites us to the date and makes us enter the hotel room through a place where there is no door and wham, we suddenly appear there.
  • Go through walls : In his appointment, at the end, we could see how he goes through a wall without problems. Technically we don’t see him do it, but it gives that feeling at least. Although perhaps he simply teleported, that we do know 100% that he can do it.
  • Some Omnipresence : Sans seems to be everywhere at all times as he knows everything that happens. We could say that he is always spying on us, but it seems difficult to watch what we do 24 hours a day, maintain a business and go lazing around as he likes so much at the same time.
  • He Knows Too Much : He is one of the few characters who are aware of the various Undertale timelines and our ability to save and load games. He even teases us about it. In fact, he knows so many things that he lives in a very sad situation .
  • You can read our LOVE and EXP : As you show us in your judgment, how can you read this data?
  • Karma : Sans is the only monster that uses this power, with it he does us an enormous amount of damage supposedly due to the weight of our sins. This damage accumulates and will damage us an extra amount to the normal damage after receiving the impact. In addition, it completely cancels the temporary invulnerability that we have when suffering damage.
  • Telekinesis : This is capable of throwing us from side to side through telekinetic powers, one of his most representative attacks.
  • Modify space-time : Do you remember the second phase of the fight against Sans ? When it seems that time is stopping, does he attack you, another, another in a row and all that? What he’s doing is altering reality and even messing with time, it’s crazy that he can do something like that.
  • The Gaster Blaster : Those masks that throw us so annoying energy beams.

That’s a few powers huh? In fact this is something that reinforces my thought that Sans does fit very well with the image of a megalomaniac person. Here are more details (link pending).


Now comes the most difficult part and something I can only theorize about since the absolute truth is only known by Toby Fox and he doesn’t want to tell us.

It seems very unreasonable that Sans could have achieved such power by himself and especially taking into account the fame he has as a lazy person, a fame that comes from the fact that as he himself knows that everything he does is not going to be of any use since in any moment a human can undo everything.

In that aspect, perhaps Sans in his day would train constantly to be stronger, but such power, I doubt very much, could come merely from effort. Everything points to something else, a much more powerful source of power.


Despite the fact that in Undertale there is no real evidence that can link Sans with WD Gaster , there is something that we cannot deny and that is how curious it is that one of his most recognized attacks is called precisely Gaster Blaster . And not just any attack, it is precisely one of his most powerful attacks.

This in itself is already something that relates both characters because, after all, Sans is using an attack that bears the name of the famous ancient royal scientist. Why does it have that name? Is it a Gaster attack? Did he create it?

Well, this, added to the fact that we know that Sans quite likes science because of the chain of science books and comics that he has in the house that he shares with his brother Papyrus , and also adding how extremely rare it is that he has so many powers and that he knows so many things that he shouldn’t know… is the reason why it is believed that Sans and WD Gaster met and had some kind of common contact.

Think about it, how could Sans know so much about the timelines without having a priori determination? WD Gaster was perfectly aware of this and could have explained it to him, and why does this one have a fit that references the doctor? Well, because perhaps WD Gaster is partly responsible for the enormous power that Sans has, perhaps it is Gaster who has provided him with the powers or the understanding necessary to obtain them.

Obviously, you can only theorize about it, because there is no other clue about it except for the famous photo of “Don’t Forget” that Sans has hidden in his secret workshop where three people are shown. Many theories believe that one of those people could be Doctor Gaster.

But now that Deltarune has come out … the truth is that I’m starting to believe that those three people could be Kris , Susie and Ralsei , something that would be very interesting and would connect Undertale with Deltarune as well as confirm something that seems obvious but we can’t be sure 100% and it is that Sans knows much more than it seems again in Deltarune .

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