April 21, 2024


Muffet is a Spider that acts as a Miniboss that we will meet during our tour of the hot lands of Hotland in Undertale .

And as you must know very well, Undertale has always stood out for being able to decide what to do with your enemies (among other things). You can beat the game without killing a single monster, you can eradicate them all, or you can be more neutral, depending on what you feel like.

You decide what you want to do with Muffet, but whatever fate you want to give this money-obsessed Spider, here I will leave you a guide with the best methods to both end her and forgive her.


If you are taking a Pacifist Route or if you just for whatever reason do not want to finish Muffet, I will explain how you can do it.

But first of all, know that there are a couple of tricks to get rid of even fighting against her :

  1. The first and the cheapest is to have bought something from the Spiders in the ruins (Area where you fight Toriel ). If during the fight against Muffet, we take one of these objects (Spider Donut (7g) or Spider Cider (18g)), the fight will end at that moment.
  2. This is much more expensive, but it is also valid. Basically you will have to buy something from Muffet at her stop, which you will find before reaching her fight.

I recommend the first method for obvious reasons, but if you didn’t know all this, it’s very likely that you don’t have the necessary items or that you can’t (or don’t want to) buy anything at the Muffet stall. In that case you have no choice but to eat the fight.


If you have to go through his battle yes or yes, know that it will be a purely resistance fight. You are going to have to endure a total of 17 of his attacks from him, which are not few, but it is also true that he is not a particularly complicated boss.

Anyway, here are some tips:


This combat has the particularity that Muffet will turn our soul purple , this will cause us to only be able to move along purple lines in parallel. We can change the rail by moving up or down.


During combat, when our turn starts; A little spider will appear that will show us certain drawings, it seems to help us. These drawings will warn us about what Muffet’s next attack will be like :

  • Spider Poster : We will have to dodge spiders that will move along the rails.
  • Poster with two Spiders : The same, but there may be two spiders in parallel at the same time.
  • Donut Banner : The donuts will go off the rails and instead bounce off the walls of the battle screen diagonally.
  • Sign with Croissants : The Croissants do move on the rails, but they have a Boomerang effect. That is, they will go one way and return the other. By the way, these Croissants are a reference to the Magic Bracelet that appears in some The Legend of Zelda (It was very similar to this one and even if we buy it from Muffet and inspect it it will say something like: “It’s a magic bracelet… oh no, it’s just a croissant.”
  • Poster with Muffin : It’s Muffet, so the Muffin’s attack has to be special to the force, right? In fact, he is the most dangerous of all. It will start as a more or less normal attack, but we will end up encountering a monster Muffin that will chase us. We will have to run away from him by moving up while avoiding lots of spiders. If the Monster catches you he will make you pupita.

As the combat progresses, the Attacks will gradually become more difficult to dodge. And not only that, you will also start to find that the spider suddenly shows you a poster that shows two of the elements that we have already discussed above.

This means that both attacks will be mixed, so you may for example have to dodge donuts and Spiders at the same time. You’ll even come across a three-item banner, so be careful, especially with mixups and the Muffin.


They say money doesn’t buy happiness (tell that to Muffet), but in this case at least it keeps you alive.

In the Act options we will find a curious option: Pay. If we decide to pay Muffet we will get a bonus during his next attack and we will take less damage.

This comes in handy during Muffet’s most dangerous attacks, something we’ve already covered above. But be careful, every time you pay Muffet he will ask you for more money, so it’s not worth paying like crazy. Pay only if a certain attack causes you a lot of problems and on an occasional basis, not as a constant.


If for some reason you were worried about the fight against Muffet on the Genocide Route , which is partly normal since you’ve already seen Undyne become incredibly powerful on this route… fear not, as this is not the case with Muffet.

Muffet will still have the same stats and you will instead have an incredibly higher power than Muffet after defeating Undyne the Undying (one of Undertale’s Most Powerful Characters ), so I think you can imagine what will happen when you attack Muffet.

It will basically go down in one hit. In fact, it falls so fast that it’s even a little sad, no more sad than killing Papyrus (the most innocent and good-natured being in all of Undertale), but enough to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. … is what the Genocide Route has, which makes you feel like the worst person in the world.

It is curious that this does not happen in other games in which we also do terrible things. But you know, the magic of Undertale, a video game that takes emotions to the highest level and full of epic moments .

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