April 14, 2024


Undertale is a very peculiar Indie Video Game for several reasons and for this reason there are many who usually have doubts when starting their first adventure through the world of the subsoil or Underground.

This is something normal, after all nobody is born knowing, and much more in this case, since it is not a conventional game at all. That is why I have decided to create this post, to try to explain a little better what Undertale consists of and all the advice I can give you to start off on the right foot .


The best thing you can do to enjoy the game in all its essence is above all to try not to eat any spoilers . Some will not spoil your gaming experience as much but there are others that will never have the same impact if you are not caught by surprise, so be careful. (it’s funny that I say it, I have a spoiled blog with Spoilers)

I would recommend that at least in your first game you try not to look at anything else about the game on the internet to avoid spoilers, I will try to ensure that in this post you have everything you need to know and above all that there are no spoilers.


Undertale has many endings and different routes you can take. In fact, this is the biggest point in favor of the game, in addition to its craziness, humor… and Sans . (don’t go to this link if you haven’t beaten the game, rank S spoiler)

The end will depend on the route you take and this is something that you will decide depending on which monsters you kill and which ones you don’t, among other more complicated choices that you shouldn’t worry about at the moment.

As I have already told you before, I strongly recommend that in the game you make the decisions that you would make if you were the main character and that when you beat the game you start looking for information to see how to complete all the routes .

Without using guides it is almost 100% certain that you will take the Neutral Route, since the others require quite specific actions and it is difficult to fall into them in the first game and even with those… it is difficult to discover how to take them without a guide.


The combat system is one of the most curious things that Undertale has, especially because of the concept for which this game was so successful on its kickstarter : The fact of being able to beat the game without having to kill anyone at all .

It sounds a bit crazy in a game that a priori seems to be about “killing monsters”, right? But it is like this. If you are pure in heart and don’t want to harm any of the monsters, you can. And again, you can beat the game without killing ABSOLUTELY ANYONE. I say this because there will surely be times when you doubt this statement, but believe me, you can… It’s just that in your first game it’s almost impossible for you to discover the way, it’s very far-fetched.

In fact, this is known as “The Pacifist Route”, which consists of not killing “anyone” and I put the inverted commas because to really kill absolutely no one you will have to do The True Pacifist Route . Here you have the guide that is a bit complicated to get… But in your first game do not look at guides at all!

To forgive or have mercy on a monster you will have to use the Act or “Act” command. Several options will appear, you will have to find the ones that work with that particular monster, each one has its own way.

When you get it you will see how the monster’s name turns yellow, that indicates that the monster is happy with you, at which point if you give “Mercy” or “mercy” they will stop fighting.

At certain times you may have to spend a lot of time insisting and not attacking certain enemies in order to move forward without having to kill them. This seems silly, but it’s a very good clue for certain crucial moments in the adventure.


Something that can happen easily, if it happens to you you can always use the ancient method of not saving the game, closing the game and continuing from your save point.

Of course, let’s see how I can tell you this without spoiling you… Undertale remembers everything you do and certain actions… I can’t talk about this without spoiling it, so I’d better leave it hahaha.


If you are one of those who is willing to take the Genocide Route  (do not enter the link if you have not beaten the game) to slaughter everything that moves through the Underground, there is something extremely important that you should know.

It is not a good idea to take the Genocide Route until you have seen the true ending of the game (that of the Royal Pacifist Route) since by passing the Genocide Route you will never be able to obtain that ending, which is the happy ending of the game.

For this reason, I recommend that you do not take this route until you have 100% completed the Royal Pacifist Route. Trust me, you’ll thank me one day.

And that’s it! I could add a lot more tips, but the fun is that you enjoy the game without eating spoilers, so I prefer to leave things that way. When you beat your first game feel free to come back to the blog, I have loads of Undertale guides!

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