April 14, 2024


Well, today is the analysis and strategy of Torterra , a Pokémon that I personally must say that I like very much in terms of aesthetics and others. I’ve always been very cool with turtles, I don’t know why, I would have to have one as a pet, that would be cool… although having a cat and a dog at home, I really don’t dare much.

The thing is, that while it’s true that I personally really like this Pokémon, in terms of Competitiveness and others… well, I have to be honest: It’s not the best Pokémon, in fact it’s quite mediocre in that sense.

It doesn’t stand out offensively. Defensively, it’s fine, but it doesn’t quite reach the level of great defensive players like Toxapex , Ferrothorn or Snorlax to name a few examples. Plus he’s really slow and has a x4 weakness to Ice… and he doesn’t even have good abilities; The poor guy has everything to stay far behind in Competitive. But anyway… here we don’t make the Pokémon ugly because they don’t perform very well, so let’s go with their strategy and analysis.


Its stats add up to a total of 525 points , which is more or less what all the initial Pokémon have, which must be said that in terms of stats they are quite sucked.

  • Health: 95.
  • Attack: 109.
  • Defense: 105.
  • Special Attack: 75.
  • Special Defense: 85.
  • Speed: 56.

Pfff, the stats are quite mediocre really, but we are going to analyze them in depth: Offensively it is not so bad with that 109 Attack; it’s fine and such but it’s not to go crazy either. What does weigh heavily on it is that low Speed, but it’s a huge Turtle, what did you expect.

Defensively he’s a bit better, but since he’s a Turtle you’d expect him to be a bit more tanky. Anyway, not bad, a health shooting to high (rather mediocre-high), a Defense that is good and a Special Defense a little lower but passable.

Total, that does not stand out too much neither in the offensive nor in the defensive section, and that is something that in Competitive Pokémon is not very cool.

It should be noted, however, that for Rare Space teams it comes out quite a winner given its low Speed.


Torterra is a Ground Grass Type , which gives it the following weaknesses and resistances:

  • It is immune to Electric and also to spores, dusts and drains.
  • It is resistant to Earth and Rock.
  • It is weak to Bug, Fire and Flying.
  • It is very weak to Ice.

Immunity to Electric, as I always say, is cool; so a plus point. Also, we have resistance to two interesting types in Ground and Rock, which are some of the most bloody competitive types out there, so that’s nice.

However, it has some weaknesses that weigh heavily on it; the Fire weakness is a pain, but it’s overshadowed by that x4 Ice weakness. Any weakness x4 is really horrible, but Ice is pretty damn bad because Water Pokémon abound a lot in Competitive and almost always have Ice moves (and if it’s already an Ice Pokémon like Weavile , Darmanitan Galar , Abomasnow or Mamoswine well you can imagine ).


Now let’s take a look at his abilities, which are certainly quite poopy:


When at 1/3 health, our Grass-Type moves will deal 50% more damage. It is not bad as such, but it is true that it is difficult for us to coincide that we are in that health stretch; On top of that, as we are slow, it will cost even more to take advantage of it.


Carapace will prevent you from being hit with critical hits (if a critical jumps, it will be a normal attack). Which again is not that bad, but there are much better defensive skills, although you have to admit that if it jumps you it must be a joy.


The perfect Iv’s, seldom will it be like that… let’s get to the interesting thing, which are the EV’s and Nature:

  • EV’s : Offensively it’s a bit F, so we’re going to make it Defensive, which is where I think it will stand out the most (more being Plant on top). His thing would be to put all the EVs in Defense and Health, the few that you have left over you can put them in Special Defense.
  • Nature : Agitated (+Defense, -Special Attack). We will not use special attacks, so we do not care if we lose points there, and thus we continue to improve its Defense.


These are the items I recommend for Torterra:

  • Remnants : The quintessential defensive item. Each turn we will recover a little health, so it is great for us to endure better.
  • Big Root : An alternative if we are already using Scraps on another Pokémon. It will increase by 30% the health we receive through Drains, Gigadrain, Life Suckers, Drain Punch and these types of movements in general.
  • Serrated Helmet : The alternative to the alternative. It does not give us healing, instead the opposing Pokémon will lose 1/6 of its health when making a contact attack, which is actually quite good for wearing down rivals.


The movements that I recommend the most for Torterra:

  • Drainers : We will put some plants on the rival and he will lose 1/8 of his total health each turn and we will heal the same amount. If the Pokémon is changed they disappear.
  • Giga Drain: STAB Plant, Special, 75 power, 100% accuracy and we restore 50% of the damage done in health. Grass is good against Rock, Ground, and Water.
  • Synthesis : It will heal us for 50% of health. Be careful because it will be 66% in Sunny Weather and 25% in Rain , Sand or Hail Weather.
  • Earthquake : STAB Ground, Physical, 100 power and 100% accuracy. Be careful, in Grass Field it causes half the damage. Remember that the Ground Type hits Steel, Electric, Rock, Poison and Fire hard.
  • Rock Trap : We will put a trap on the rival team that will damage the Pokémon that enter the field. The damage will be higher or lower depending on its resistance or weakness to Rock.
  • Toxic : Seriously poisons the opponent, he will lose more and more health for each turn that passes.
  • Protection : We will avoid the damage we receive that turn with the highest priority. If we use it twice in a row it is almost certain that it will fail.


Now I will assemble some strategies that I consider to be very worthwhile, you can assemble yours with all the data that I have given you, but it can serve as examples:


  • IVs: Perfect.
  • EVs: All in Defense and Health, remaining in Special Defense.
  • Nature: Agitated.
  • Object: Remains.
  • Ability: Shell.
  • Movements:
    • Drainers.
    • Gigadrained.
    • Toxic.
    • Protection.

Extremely stall set with the combo of Toxic + Drain and Protection which will allow us to damage enemies while protecting ourselves and restoring health (+ the rest on top); for me one of the best combos of all the Competitive Pokémon.

As cherry on the cake we also have Gigadranado, a more offensive movement that also heals us; Since they don’t have a Pokémon with which they can get a lot of health from us, it will be practically impossible for us to die.


  • IVs: Perfect.
  • EVs: All in Defense and Health, remaining in Special Defense.
  • Nature: Agitated.
  • Object: Remains.
  • Ability: Shell.
  • Movements:
    • Gigadrained.
    • Earthquake.
    • Drainers.
    • Rock trap.

With this strategy we will lose a lot of stall but we will gain a little more support for our team thanks to Rock Trap and we will also have our beloved move Earthquake to wreak havoc, thus gaining coverage and more offense while still having restoration tools like Remnants, Draining and Gigadraining.


It doesn’t matter how defensive we make a Torterra because at the end of the day having a x4 weakness weighs a lot and it will be practically impossible for it to resist an ice attack .

Since practically all of us always carry a Pokémon with an Ice move, even if it’s with a Water Pokémon or the typical Ice Fist as coverage (with an Ice-type Pokémon, let’s go hahaha) we will destroy it. On top of that, it is very slow, so it will be even simpler.

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