April 21, 2024


Hello all dear pokemaniacs, we are back with the strategies of this wonderful franchise that has given us so much. Well, you see, I’ve been thinking about what I could write about and I wouldn’t be a good fan if, now that the fourth generation remakes and the Arceus Legends game have been announced, I didn’t talk about this starter.

Before you tell me anything, I know in advance that this Pokémon is not in Sword and Shield, but Infernape ‘s strategy is geared towards new games (although we don’t know if they will put all the attacks back in) and the stragglers that they still continue with Pokemon Sun and Moon.

As you may know, Infernape is based on Sun Wukong the Monkey King from «Journey to the West» and if you didn’t know, then what you have learned today with me, so let’s take our flying cloud and go see its characteristics.

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The sum of its statistics gives a total value of 534 points , being one of the initial Pokémon one of which has the highest statistics along with Charizard and Swampert:

  • Health: 76.
  • Attack: 104.
  • Defense: 71.
  • Special Attack: 104.
  • Special Defense: 71.
  • Speed: 108.

Well, to begin with, we already see that it is a Pokémon that exceeds 100 speed points, so that will be one of its strong points to enhance along with its attack and special attack, which will make us opt for a more offensive Infernape on the physical side or an Infernape prepared to be a special attacker.

Although we see that it is not bad, we have to take into account that there are much faster Pokémon such as Gengar , Weavile or Raichu to tell you some examples of Pokémon that could coexist with it in the new games, but we will still have to wait to know who will be together. to our Monkey King.

As far as the defensive part is concerned, we are a little short since we have 71 points in both defenses and 76 health points. We have what has been the classic Pokémon that is purely offensive but when it comes to defending it is purely on paper and its weaknesses are going to make us have a hard time.


The  Fire and Fighting Type are a very good combination, especially since both types can hit several types of Pokémon very well, thus giving us greater power and very good coverage.

But besides that, it has quite a few resistances, the only problem is that it has fucking weaknesses, but you can’t have everything in this life… and Infernape already has too many good things hahaha.


Let’s take a look at their strengths and weaknesses:

  • It is immune to burns.
  • It is very bug resistant.
  • It is resistant to Fire, Grass, Ice, Dark and Steel.
  • It is weak to Flying, Water, Psychic, and Ground.

Let’s start with their resistances, from the outset to say that being immune to burns could not be better for us since they  won’t even be able to burn us to stop us, crazy. We also have quite a few resistances, the only thing is that except for Fire and Dark there aren’t any that are especially interesting… but hey, less of a stone.

What is certain is that the resistance to Grass is going to be useful against  Rillaboom , because it will appear after beating the game, as it happens with all remakes. But he’d better kill us in one hit (as long as we’re not low on health I highly doubt it) because otherwise he’ll turn into a fried ape.

As for weaknesses they are certainly annoying:

  • Flying : Quite common because in Dinamax (it is not clear if we will have this mechanic in the remakes) it enhances speed, be careful with  Talonflame  that can blow us up with its priority in flying attacks.
  • Water : One of the most present types in competitive and therefore it is not a good idea to be weak to them.
  • Psychic : More problematic in doubles due to the high presence of  Vast Force .
  • Earth : One of the worst weaknesses you can have… Type very present in competitive, also widely used as coverage and Earthquake is something that we should fear a lot. More so now with the return of the almighty Landorus-T and of course  Excadrill  will be a problem in sandy weather.


Let’s continue now with his abilities:


We have the characteristic ability of all fire-type starters. When our health has dropped to 2/3, the power of our fire-type attacks will increase by 50%. Not bad, but the next ability is what we’re really going to look for in our Infernape.


This ability will increase the power of punch-based movements by 20%, something that will make us choose an Infernape that hits on the physical side and also with this type of movement to cause destruction wherever we go.


Typical of a physical offense, we want to hit harder and be faster:

  • IVs : All perfect.
  • EVs : All in Attack and Speed, the rest in Defense.
  • Nature : Steady (+Attack -Special Attack) or Cheerful (+Speed ​​-Special Attack). A little more attack or a little more speed, both are fine by me, you decide.


  • Sword Dance : Boost with which we will increase our attack by 2 levels to be incredibly damaging.
  • Fire Slam : STAB Fire, Physical, 120 power, 100% accuracy. Movement that hits very hard with the only drawback that we will receive 33% of the damage we do as recoil, it also has a 10% chance of burning the enemy. Fire is good against Ice, Grass, Bug, Steel, and Ice.
  • Point Blank : STAB Fighting, Physical, 120 power, 100% accuracy. Another tremendous move but this time the downside will be that when we use it our Defense and Special Defense will drop by one level… but it doesn’t matter because the idea with this Pokémon is to wreak havoc and kill before being killed. Remember that fighting is very effective against Rock, Ice, Dark, Normal and Steel.
  • Earthquake : Ground, Physical, 100 Power, and 100% Accuracy. Another incredible move that will offer us coverage. Be careful, in Grass Field it causes half the damage. Earth will give us coverage against Electric, Poison, and Fire-type Pokémon.
  • Solar Beam: Grass  Type, Special, 120 power and 100% accuracy. A great move to save us from Ground, Water, and Rock-type Pokémon, but with the big flaw that it’s a two-turn move.
  • Thunder Punch : Electric, Physical, 75 power, 100% accuracy, and a 10% chance to paralyze the target. Less powerful than other moves shown, but gives us cover against two guys we’re actually weak to, Water and Flying.
  • Protection : We will avoid the damage we receive that turn, it also has the highest priority. But if we use it twice in a row it is almost certain that it will fail. It will come in handy to boost our speed for free and being safe with Impulse.


I’m going to leave you a couple of Infernape strategies here, one more physical and another more oriented to the special side. Let’s go with the first!


  • IVs: Perfect.
  • EVs: All in Attack and Speed, remaining in Defense.
  • Nature: Cheerful.
  • Item: Life Orb or Choice Scarf.
  • Ability: Iron Fist.
  • Movements:
    • Sword dance.
    • Igneous Envy.
    • To Bocajarro.
    • Earthquake or Thunder Punch.

The main idea will be to get Sword Dance especially taking advantage of a clear change in the opponent (taking it out in a turn where the field is without traps against a Pokémon that you know will be forced to change would be ideal) and proceed to annihilate.

The only advantage that I see in this Strategy is that we gain more coverage, but that is something that never hurts, of course. The question is whether to throw Earthquake (more coverage and a more powerful attack) or Thunder Punch (less coverage but of types to which we are weak, that is important to avoid being “one shot” in the case of being faster than us, and an attack with much less power), he could even offer you Increase Punch with which every time we hit our attack will go up, so we have a bonus every time we hit with said movement.


  • IVs: Perfect.
  • EVs: All on Special Attack and Speed, remaining on Defense.
  • Nature: Fearful.
  • Item: Election Scarf or Lifesphere.
  • Ability: Sea Flames.
  • Movements:
    • Machination.
    • Accurate wave.
    • Flare or Flamethrower.
    • Void Wave or Solar Ray.

Same idea as with the previous strategy, enter the field and if we know that the opponent is going to make a Pokémon change, throw Machination at us to increase our Special Attack by +2.

True Wave will be our fighting-type STAB move with great power but low accuracy that could make us lose the turn and a 10% chance of reducing the opponent’s Special Defense, something that comes in handy with this moveset.

We continue with our movements with STAB, in this case it is a fire type and both have a 10% chance to burn the opponent. We have Blaze with more impact power but low precision or Flamethrower with a power of 90 but very good precision, although I would propose a third movement that would be the intermediate between the 2: Fiery Wave with 95 power and low precision but that in double matches hit all rivals.

Finally we would have Void Wave, Fight Stab and attack with priority but with a power of 40 something that can come in handy if we have enemies faster than us, we will take some of their life but we will not KO them (these types of movements come from luxury to top it off) and on the other hand we have Solar Beam, the devastating Grass-type attack that is great for coverage but with the disadvantage that it needs two turns to use it.

Regarding the objects, you can verify that in both Strategies I propose the same ones, since that will depend on whether you want your Infernape to be much faster or to hit harder. Honestly, what interests me is hitting the first one since, as chess taught me, with the first move you know if the victory is yours or not, even though fate takes many turns, but what I want to say is that I would choose the Scarf Choice. Another option we have if we want to make our Infernape a wall breaker is to put the Ribbon or the Choice Glasses on it, which increase our Attack and Special Attack by 50% respectively, but in exchange for being able to use a single movement.

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